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Suspected polyps in womb

14 May 2019 22:14

Hi all I was diagnosed with suspected polyps in my womb. I’m due to have them removed at the end of this month. 

A few things that are concerning me are that I’m bleeding every day, sometimes I bleed very very heavily soaking threw a pad every hour this will happen for a few days then stop and start spotting again. I also get server pelvic pain not period pain but pain pelvic pain. I feel sick, I don’t have an appetite. I also pass very large blood clots every week the size of a 50p if not bigger I feel them coming away which is how I know they’re going to be big. This happens as I said every single week when I’m bleeding heavily. I pass clots every day but very small ones. This has been going on since the 4th of January this year but has got excessively worse over the last 2/3 months! I need an opinion on if this could be a sign of womb cancer? They’re testing to see if they’re cancerous but this is just driving me insane I’m so low because of this. I’m only 22!!

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 17:29 in response to KLKXO


I have been seen by my gp and during a routine smear test my gp thinks he saw a polyp in my cervix i have had my referral appointment today for next wed. Im not bleeding heavily like you. On periods im quite heavy . If you would like to chat with me anytime feel free i dont mind



Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 19:20 in response to KLKXO


I went for a routine smear and I got told I have abnormal cells high grade. my heart sank hearing this as I fully expected to be told it was normal. I then had to have a biopsy taken this was 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for results, I also got told yesterday that a mole on my foot looks like cancer so I have to have that removed in 3 weeks! Then wait for results which could take up to 2 weeks!! I completely get where your coming from I’m so low and the wait is unbearable. It’s so scary. I bleed sometimes like you not as bad but I spot mainly after sex. I no it’s hard but we have to be strong. The only advise I can give you is don’t think the worse even though it’s so hard keep positive. 

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 20:09 in response to Sugarbabe

Hi thanks for your reply. Do you clot? Have they said anything else to you? I went back to a&e today as the bleeding was very bad last night and passed another huge clot this morning. They have said they don’t want to say anything as of yet as what I think is a huge diagnosis so that’s why they’re doing the hyscopospy I think it’s called.. but they have said it’s verg abnormal what I’m experiencing which is giving me reasons to worry 

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 20:30 in response to KLKXO

hi, no I don’t clot mine is mainly spotting after sex but sex is painful as well and they really haven’t told me much I got letters through saying urgent to tell me I needed a biopsy but since I have had that done I have heard nothing. It’s so scary being told things are abnormal and worrying by doctors isn’t it and the wait is awful. Have they not told you if they think it’s cancer or told you anything? 

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 20:32 in response to KikiD

Oh no really? It’s being left in the lurch that’s awful. Do you mind me asking how old you are?? 

No they haven’t when I mentioned it they froze and said that’s why we want to take samples of the lumps .. that’s all 

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 20:35 in response to KikiD

Because of my age they don’t like suggesting that but polyps are common is women postmenopause and I apparently may have them and also the symptoms I’m experiencing are rare even in people who have polyps .. so they can’t rule that out and say I’m too young 

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 20:42 in response to KLKXO

I’m 27. Okay well don’t think the worse if they haven’t said anything to you that maybe a good thing as they do normally say what they think it is. How long do you have to wait for? 

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 22:17 in response to KikiD

3 months now 

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 22:55 in response to KLKXO

3 months wow! That’s a awful amount of time to wait. Have they told you how much longer you will have to wait? 

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 23:15 in response to KikiD

Well it’s just waiting for my hysterocosopy now and then from what that says and then it’s going from there .. scary process! 

I’m more worried that I’m going to be awake when it happens! I’d rather be put to sleep 

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 23:16 in response to KLKXO

It’s very confusing because I got told they were polyps and then today another consultant said that they aren’t actually sure if it’s defiantly that .. 

Suspected polyps in womb

15 May 2019 23:32 in response to KLKXO

I think you can maybe ask to be put to sleep if you say your very anxious about being awake. No harm in asking. It is scary I no how you feel the not knowing and waiting. I keep ringing to see if they have any cancellations to fit me in sooner is this something you can do as well I haven’t had much luck but you never no.

Suspected polyps in womb

16 May 2019 11:11 in response to KLKXO


Just wanted to say that the hysteroscopy isn’t anything to worry about. When I had one it wasn’t painful at all. I had no warning I was going to have one, so didn’t have time to worry in advance, but it really is a simple procedure and it didn’t hurt in my experience. Hope you find it as straightforward. x

Suspected polyps in womb

13 Jun 2019 11:14 in response to KLKXO


How have you got on so far? Have you had any news? 


I'm 26, and had a baby 5 months ago. A large polyp was found at my smear test in March 2019. My smear came back clear.

Had hospital appt last week and said I need to have it removed during  day surgery by hysteroscopy (if that's how it is spelt lol). I am terrified after doing alot of googling and have gave myself the fear!! 

Had no other symptoms at all.

Also, I had my period from 4th-10th June. It stopped for a day then seemed to come back last night but today I have had alot of bleeding with fresh blood and noticing clots coming away, just small ones. I've called the gyno hospital and left a message with the secretary to call me back as want to hopefully speak to the dr xx