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Suspected Gynaecological Cancer Clinic

10 Feb 2019 21:17

Good Evening! 

I was wondering if anyone has attended this clinic? 

I had A scan on Thursday and have been referred as the lining of my womb is thickened; I have been having pelvic pain, heavy  periods and odd bleeding since September. 

I have had a letter for an appointment next week but no details other than the time and hospital. I’m not sure what to expect at this appointment and if I need to take anything with me?  If anyone has attended an appointment like this I would be really greatful to know what to expect. 

Thank you 


Suspected Gynaecological Cancer Clinic

11 Feb 2019 00:39 in response to Belgianbun85

Hi I’m also having to attend a clinic like this on 26 Feb this month, like yourself I do not know what to expect as I had a liver scan due to pain then had a scan of pelvic scan which showed thickened endometrium, had a phone call from my go next day to say I was being referred to a gynaecologist, have not been told much about what will be done, so I know how worried you must be feeling too hope all is ok for you let me know please if you can.

Suspected Gynaecological Cancer Clinic

11 Feb 2019 10:57 in response to wendy1212

Thanks for replying to me. Happy

Sorry to hear you are going through this too.  I’m going to see if I can get hold of anyone at my surgery to find out what I can expect. Will let you know as soon as I know.x

Suspected Gynaecological Cancer Clinic

11 Feb 2019 19:19 in response to Belgianbun85

Hi @wendy1212 ‍, 

how are you doing? I’ve tried to keep myself really busy today. 

I called the gyney department where I have my appointment booked but they didn’t have any info for me about the appointment.