Together we will beat cancer



26 Jan 2023 20:00

Our mum has been diagnosed with Lung, Colon , Brain and shoulder cancer. I have also just started a new job and finding hard to focus. Just feel so numb and if I'm honest it's breaking me, my sister is staying with our mum and I feel so helpless as I feel that I am not doing my part. Our mum has been so strong and is optimistic but deep down I feel that she knows. How can I support my mum and my sister.


27 Jan 2023 13:46 in response to Liney

I understand your anxiety after loosing my Dad, Granda and other members of my family to cancer in the past 3yrs and now fighting it myself.

To be very honest with you, all you can do is provide as much emotional support as you can but remember you need support too. It's all to common for one or more individuals to try to carry the rest of the family but it's important to your Mam to remain healthy yourself by sharing the anxiety & stress. 
Please consider talking to your boss and if you have a local charity organisation that you can speak to someone completely impartial can be a help too.

Make as many memories as you can and lots of pictures also. Here if you want to talk x