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Stomach Cancer Newbie

22 Apr 2019 12:30

Hi, I am Molly 28 and new to this forum. I have recently been diagnosed with operable stomach cancer and been fast-tracked through all preliminaries. My worry is that my age (82) may go against my chances of surviving the op, the removal of the entire stomach, and the immediate aftermath though my surgeon deems me fit enough. I will have to decide shortly which route I want to take. I Ihave been explained, and understand, the different options. My thoughts pull me this way and that? What would you do in my place?.   

Stomach Cancer Newbie

22 Apr 2019 23:06 in response to molly28

Hi there Molly. .

Unfortunately no one can tell you what you should do .. everything has to be your decision. . What l did on my journey was find out all the facts .. how much longer it will give you .. what the side effects will be ..  what you feel honestly ... you know how fit you feel .. what the outcome is of doing nothing .. 

Do you want quality over quantity ... or do you want to try anything ... l said yes to my masectomy after being told it would soon come through my breast ... I said no to radiation... as my bones are really weak from stenosis and scoliosis and arthritis. . Said yes to tamoxifen for the next 5 years ..

But that was my decision for me ... l listened to others ... but in the end stuck to what l wanted ... and was lucky all my family supported me ... so listen, to others ... but please do what you think is right for you ... let us know how it goes ... always here if you want a chat ... Chrissie xx