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Step dad has been given weeks to live

2 Jan 2018 12:00

Hi all, my step dad has been given 4-6 weeks to live. He has a brain tumour which is very aggressive, he got diagnosed December 2016. He had chemotherapy and radiotherapy to try and help but they weren’t successful. He was then given 4 months to live as no treatment was successful but i then then read online about cannabis oil and he has regular injections of that into the brain. We then raised enough money for him to receive immunotherapy treatment and have a booster bag of that also, the doctor said the tumour was beginning to break up the which we believe to be great news. They decided to give him another round of immunotherapy treatment but a few days later he suffered with a heart attack and got rush up to a hospital in London to have a biopsy which revealed the original tumour itself is still very aggressive and growing and it’s spreading as well. The doctor said his body would be to weak to take anymore immunotherapy - or if he was to have it it’s a 50/50 chance of survival. He’s not allowed any chemo as it would kill him. A doctor did mention operating but there’s a 0-10% chance of surviving as the tumour is around a main artery.

We don’t really have any options left and we’re desperatly trying to not give up - it’s not an option. 

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please please feel free to help!!!!

Re: Step dad has been given weeks to live

2 Jan 2018 16:00 in response to lau_m

Hi there ... so so sorry your going through such a hard time and you sound such a brave lass / lad an he must be so proud of you .... all I can add is , what does your dad want , a hard question to ask him, but giving him some control, maybe what he needs ... we just want them to live forever, and that's natural, but sometimes they want to say, enough is enough ... and for me, my family and Drs have given me all info on treatments and odds, but they have all given me the right to choose what and where and how I want things done... it gave me peace of mind, and at a time we feel we loose our control, it can give us back the things cancer takes away ...

I have gone for making everyday count ... we have lots of hugs, listen to all we want to say, now while we have the chance, admit wer scared sometimes ... occasionally cry together ... but we still find life has funny moments if we look for them ... 

Whatever you do, be kind to your heart, and pack every moment with hugs and saying what you need too, whatever that is ... hold on tight to each other and you will look back and see how amazing and brave you really are ... sending you caring thoughts .... Chrissie xx