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Stay strong

15 Jul 2017 16:05

Well my phone has bit the dust so purchase new one, has to be unlocked, to do this I need to sign a twelve months contract, I don't think so I say!!  Refund given, timed out of top up card so more tap tapping of computer and oh look I will get a cheque through the post.  What a waste of my precious time,I keep my cool,,cancer is enough to deal with anger doesn't help me.  Off to EE and finally get a phone, so I can fully communicate with everyone.  Off to Aldi for weekly shop,I accidentally run over someone's foot, he's disabled he tells me brandishing a stick in my face, so sorry I say, not good enough for this young man  an obvious chip on his shoulder.   Get out of his way he tells me, open my eyes, look where I am going and next time I might not hurt some disabled person.  What does he want from me, blood.  I  walk away tears filling my eyes, I don't need the hassle.  I forget half my food so I can escape.  He has other ideas and follows me to the door, saying he's sorry for having a go at me but as a stupid woman I Should still open my eyes, is that his apology I ask him.  Yes that's all I'm getting he tells me and climbs into his BMW and drives off!!  Hubby knows I'm upset and gets angry himself, people need to realise we all have problems.  I get home and a friend calls to say can she come round,yes hubby says so a good sign.  He's not sleeping well,  subconsciouslying worrying about Mondays results.  One more day to our personal D day, I hope my new phone will be transmitting good news.☺

Re: Stay strong

17 Jul 2017 01:35 in response to Caz07


Hi Carol,

Here's hoping that all goes well tomorrow.

Please let us know how the appointment goes.

Thinking of you both.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx