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14 Sep 2019 16:30 in response to Dor06

I've had a rubbish day, hubby wanted to take me to Tesco to save me the hassle, I hate to tell him I'd really like to go alone.  The new cars complete info system has vanished so the whole journey was spent pushing buttons to see if it worked, it didn't!  In Tesco I pick up a tub of custard not knowing it's split down the back so I get covered in custard, after borrowing some wet wipes I set off again, pack my shopping push the trolley to the car, not realising he's not altered the boot yet so my bag topples over into the car park and of course it's got the wine in it.  After pushing a trolley dripping wine everywhere begging a new bag and some cloths the cleaner arrives, they kindly get me two more bottles of wine, hubby has moved as everyone was honking at him, I pack the boot again, we set off, a car comes from our right causing him to break suddenly, oh get out he says all the shopping has fallen over, I open the boot and the bag with the wine in, topples over again smashing all over the road, I spend the next five minutes kicking broken glass into the gutter, have to take my shoes off and we drive home at 20 miles an hour, everyone will think I'm driving slowly because I've got a new car he states, me, I'm past caring!!  I've spent the afternoon reading the paper, drinking wine and not moving.  Let's see if I can manage to cook tea without setting the house on fire.  See you tomorrow. Xx

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14 Sep 2019 17:52 in response to Dor06

Hi Ladies,

Your drive out last Sunday sounded wonderful.  Poor Lisa with her broken bone.  Hope it heals quickly.  I did something similar when my girls were only small.  It was really painful for a week or two, I do remember wearing shoes was almost impossible.  Have they finally fixed the problem tooth at the dentist or is it likely to flare up again?  It's funny when someone else takes a class.  We are used to doing things one way and then someone else comes in and they do it completely differnt.  Doesn't mean it's wrong, it's just different to your normal.  You've done what we are still doing... having a massive cleanout.  We are getting there slowly.  Linen press is next so we can fit in Deana's towels and bed linen.  We have a huge bag of things ready for charity.  

I'm like you, I wouldn't have ordered cake and eaten it in front of someone not having any.. it's just not fair to do when they are dieting.  The coffee and day out would have been nice though, even without the cake.  Have you tried to make an egg free cake, there are some lovely recipes around for them.  

What a day you've had.  I would have been spitting chips if I'd been covered in custard from a split container.  Then the wine to top it off.  The afternoon sounds better, sitting reading the paper with a wine.  I'm sure you will get tea without setting the house on fire or anything else.

We've had a lovely day today.  I did some ironing.  Nick did the lawns in the back yard and cleaned up all the lose grass.  Deana tidied up and prepared tea as Jan and Harry (Nick's Mum and her partner)  were coming for tea as it was her birthday yesterday.  Had a lovely Greek style chicken with a roasted tomato salad, with lemon delicious for desert.  It was lovely and Eli amused all through dinner.  Then a girlfriend of mine called in for a visit.  It was just a lovely day.  Tomorrow I have the market.  !st birthday for the market and our biggest one yet.  The weather is supposed to be lovely too, a warm 22 before showers late in the afternoon.  It should be a good day.
I took Cookie to the vet on Thursday, she had her shots and claws trimmed but also had her checked as she has a couple of bald patches.  They've put it down to stress, which wasn't a surprise, she runs everytime Eli'is around, he is an active 20 month old and quite noisy.  Cookie likes peace and quiet.  I hope in time she is more comfortable around him.  He love the cats and is really quite gentle with them.  I have to laugh at Mr Higgins with Deana and Nick's two cats.  Jasper tries to play with him and he just hisses at Jasper.  He still does his usual though, nothing much fazes him.
My house is slowly starting to look like it did prior to them moving in.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Take care and love to all.  Sue xx

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15 Sep 2019 19:50 in response to AusSue

Hi Sue. Sorry to leave it so late but I've been to Church at Heighington where I used to live.  I was on the PCC fifteen years ago as I was a regular attender, sang in choir, taught Sunday school, got married there and all mine  and grandchildren were Christened there.  So we discussed many moons ago to put toilet facilities and a new kitchen in to encourage more attenders, however all the old timers refused, I resigned over it and it's taken fifteen years to do. So tonight was a celebration for the new facilities, it was such a beautiful uplifting service, lots of my friends there, wine, coffee and snacks, but Norman and I went for a drink first, he went home and has just picked me up.  It seems like you're all getting it sorted, lots of fun with the animals and Eli, a new start to your life and a very good one by the sounds of it!  We had a drive out in his new car, still no information showing so a visit to the VW garage tomorrow.  So I'm off to have something to eat, a glass of wine, talking of which Lisa laughed her head off when I relayed the wine saga, had to say today I saw the funny side of it.  See you soon.  Xx

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17 Sep 2019 16:11 in response to Dor06

I'm still trying to source an egg free cake!  Today in Newton Aycliffe after picking my enlarged wedding photos up which look brilliant, I popped into a bakers, she's a independent Baker so she said she'd do it.  Great, so an 8inch cake, fondant icing and message. Simple she says, how much I enquire as most of the usual stores charge about £35 for a ten inch, £68 she says without batting an eyelid, you could have knocked me down with a feather.  Needless to say she's off my list.  Hubby has been out in the fresh air whilst he can, his car has to go back tomorrow for its info system to be sorted out, think I'll be his taxi service for now.  Its a glorious day but getting so chilly, but if its dry I don't mind.  Faye said her skin is getting worse after using my gift of natural skin care, but she'll persevere, she's finally got on her teacher training course, it's hilarious really as she's never really been child friendly, even with her own two!!  I'm feeling a little tired at the moment, maybe I need a quiet week, I live in hope, I missed zumba today as I can stand and punch the air in my own kitchen, and twist around doing stupid Indian hand movements, come back Kimberly.  See you all soon.  Love Carol x 

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20 Sep 2019 10:43 in response to Dor06

Hi everybody, a busy few days here, we've just got his car back so I've been taxi driver, because its got built in reverse bleeping, which drives me bonkers, as those of you who know me know I have trimalgic nerve damage in my ear so high pitched noises make me very stressed, so I set too to cut down the hedge that my spare Norman wants to remove but my stubborn Norman won't let him.  So after two hours of chopping and pruning, sweeping up and sweating in what was a very beautiful day its done.  Linda next door shouted through our fence that she had a new gardener who was doing a very good job at a cheap price, send him round I yell back.  So a quote of £120 to cut all my prickly hedge, that if you look at it stabs you, all my trees and take it all away they came and did it, there and then.  The young man, James organised everyone but did nothing himself  so I chatted to him and he's just had an operation on his eye, when he was two he stabbed himself in the eye with a pencil, blinding it, at the age of 19 years its now being removed to put a false one in.  His Grandad has liver cancer and is having chemotherapy so he was understanding of our situation.  He put a packet of unopened cigarettes on the garden table, I need to stop he tells me, yes you do I say, then I tell him hubby has smoking related lung cancer because he wouldn't stop, he left the pack alone.  If I can stop one young person from smoking I will have achieved something.  I have to clean my windows today as I sacked the old guy who treated me like the little woman of the house, hubby said he obviously didn't know me very well!  Hope you are all doing OK.  Love Carol x 

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20 Sep 2019 15:03 in response to Dor06

 Hi everyone. Hope you are all enjoying this lovely spell ofindian summer. My sister has had another stent fitted and thank goodness is now home. I have just come home from a few wonderful sunny days in Llandudno with my daughter Cathy. We had lovely room, more like a bed sitting room. It was huge and an enormous bathroom with double basins and walk in shower. We had really lovely dressing gowns and slippers provided and Elemis shower and Beauty products. Best of all we had a balcony with table and chairs overlooking the prom with marvellous views over ocean. Quite spoilt for a few days. Coming home though on the train we were diverted several times and had to change trains as there was a fatality on the line. Someone had jumped under a train. They must be so so low to do that. Very sad and dreadful for the train driver too. Terrible experience. We have booked to go back to Llandudno in May. You get a better rate if you block early. I’m a bit worried yet again I have another lump on my stomach. Not had anything since March. Think I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security. I last saw my oncologist early June and my next appointment is next Tuesday thank goodness. He thinks these lumps/sores will always appear on the surface and then heal and that the cancer will not go inwards. He did say if more arrived it would be more radiotherapy. I know I could not stand anymore Chemo. Hope everyone is ticking along ok . Lots of love to you all. Gloria xxx

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21 Sep 2019 18:31 in response to gloden

Dear Gloria, so nice to hear from you again.  What a wonderful time you've had, it sounds positively glorious, its so far from here that we've only been that far once, Faye was fifteen months and it took twelve hours by train!  This committing suicide by train is becoming a common occurrence, Lisa has spent many a long hour worrying about getting home for Harry, its a selfish and unpleasant thing for everyone involved, there are so many easier ways without involving strangers.  I'm sorry you've got another lump but it seems like they're keeping abreast of it.  Norman is seeing his oncologist on Monday but apart from a constant wheeze he's doing well.  He's just got home from playing a few holes of golf in this glorious Indian summer we're having.  Another scam call this morning saying my mastercard was being used fraudulently, I'd just made toast and coffee, so that all went cold whilst I rang my bank.  The new paper boy ripped my paper to pieces again so I complained, they said they would sack him!  I felt awful but they brought me a new paper and took the ripped one as he said his parents would probably be round to see why he'd been sacked.  Then I threw my second cup of coffee all over my clean washing and down the cupboards and my carpet, I hate mornings like that so I went retail shopping to calm down.  I came back with two new pairs of loafers in suede, one pink, one navy for the grand sum of £30. TK Maxx long may you reign.  Sue I hope you're all settling in to your new living arrangements, I expect Eli is thrilled to see you every day, what joy for you both.  Lisa and I finally found an egg free cake which we can collect from. Middlesbrough and doesn't cost a fortune, hurrah.  I'm being taken out for lunch tomorrow, I wonder what gin I'll choose! Love to you all.  Carol x 

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22 Sep 2019 06:34 in response to Dor06

Hi Dor hope you don't mind me coming on your string, been struggling a bit this week I've uncurable cancer since 2016 I've been OK with it, but my wife is ill in hospital and it's really getting to me, we've been hitched 46 years always been everywhere together apart from toilet and work, i didn't think it would hit me like this though I've been going to see her about 8.30 and leaving about 8.00 but she's still in bad pain and nobody seems bothered they give me paracetamol it's us. Thanks for listening (hopefully) I just neaded a good rant ease the stress out a bit,, best wishes to all.. Billy 

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22 Sep 2019 09:18 in response to Billygoat

Hi Billy love, of course I don't mind, where here to help each other through and lift each other up so rant as much as you want.  I've had somme really bad days through this cancer struggle we can't be positive all the time.  So poor wife in hospital and this is when it gets hard on you as well, Norman was in for a month once, it was horrible.  

 I see your advice to others and its always solid support so take mine to you.  I know where you are coming from as we've been married fifty years next month, to say I'm grateful is an understatement, apart from a few holidays apart we've been the same so heartbroken to be in your situation and it does seem no one cares, had the treatment, got you to survive beyond predicted so that's it.  We feel exactly the same, paracetamol , how does that help when it hardly gets rid of a headache!  I know you're struggling, when I've been unwell hubby has lost the plot, he copes with the cancer but is terrified of losing me.  I'm out for lunch today, so get in touch tonight and I'll write back.  Love Carol x 

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22 Sep 2019 19:51 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,  We are getting sorted slowly... it's taking time as Nick and Deana both work so not too much gets done during the week.  This weekend didn't get much done either as Deana had a Partrylite party yesterday (Candles) and today a friend of her was visiting and I went to Melbourne, caught up with my girlfriend, saw Bree and also did a bit of shopping.  Have been busy though, Deana got a phonecall from childcare earlier in the week.  They had a confirmed case of slap cheek and Eli woke up from his nap with bright red cheeks and they thought he had it, and they aren't allowed at childcare with it, so he had to visit the Dr to get a clearance before he could go back,  They couldn't get an appointment till yesterday morning (turns out its eczema, which wasn't a surprise, we all knew he was fine... I get it, and Deana and Nick get it also), but in the meantime I had him.  Had to call appliance repair as my tumble dryer broke down.  He has to order a part with a cost of about $2.00, $25.00 to get the part delivered and his service call fee.  So that should be fixed end of this week once he gets the part.  Then next week is busy too, have a formal Rotary dinner on Tuesday and going to the movies on Thursday to see "Ride like a Girl" about Michele Payne who won the Melbourne Cup in 2015 beikng the only female to win the race.  Should be good.  

Sometimes it takes a while to get things done and us older folk don't like change or think its necessary when we have managed fine with what we have.  You wouldn't have been considered old then, but we are older now and tend not to like change, even when it will be good, and have benefits.  I have read furtther down and see you have managed to find an egg free cake, especial after the ridiculously expensive cake you got a price on.  Gluten free and egg free cakes should be made everywhere with so many people allergic to either eggs or gluten.  

Well done on getting your garden done both by yourself and the gardener.  And its good that he left his cigarettes untouched hopefully that continues, he is young enough where it might be a little easier for him to stop without too much trouble.  It's a terrible habit and the earlier you can stop the better.

I'm really enjoying seeing Eli each day.  he is such a funny little boy,  He does high fives now.  And the cats are slowly getting used to each other.  As I type this Cookie and Gypsy are both sitting at the window very unhappy with the cat outside, neither of them like it being there.  And earlier Cookie and Jasper were almost playing together.  Mr Higgins still doesn't like either Jasper or Gypsy and hisses frequently at them if either get too close.  No fights though just the hissing.
Enjoy your lunch out today

Gloria,  It's good to hear your sister is recovering now and home.  Sounds like you had a lovely time in Llandudno with your daughter Cathy.  Your journey homw doesn't sound good, but unfortunately that happens quite often (here too).  The poor train driver, and the effect it has on them, and of course their families.  Hoping  when you see your oncologist next week you don't need chemo and onmly need raditotherapy if anything on these lumps that keep appearing.  Hope you are feeling better and getting back how you felt pre-cancer,

Billy, Have you had any results from tests done on your wife?  I've been reading  the good and bad thread.  It must be hard not knowing what is causing her pain, hopefully they'll find out the cause, so they can treat it.  Take care.

Love to all and take care.  Sue xx

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22 Sep 2019 20:43 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol bit more relaxed now she's sleeping alot better pain still there but not quite so bad hope to see Dr in morning to ask about it see what he says bren should be home Mon night or Tues morning doesn't seem long to get everything fixed, thanks for listening. God bless. 

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22 Sep 2019 21:37 in response to Billygoat

Hi Billy, so pleased you're feeling more relaxed and that Bren should be home soon.  I'm sure you'll smother her with love!  Xx

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23 Sep 2019 01:11 in response to AusSue

Hi ausiesue, no tests they think it's prolapse but no tests that any one told me about and i keep asking, that's what's so maddening they just don't seem bothered.. Thanks.. Billy 

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23 Sep 2019 06:49 in response to Billygoat

Hi Billy,  

The prolapse isn't great but a better option than other things it could have been and it is good that Bren could be home Monday.  Even so, they should still be keeping you and Bren up to date with any treatment plan or options you have to deal with it.  It is so maddening when they don't seem bothered.

Sue xx

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23 Sep 2019 06:59 in response to AusSue

When I got home last night got answer mc message someone said to call them, all i  got a fone no no one there, I'm supposed to wait for this person this morning to sort out a bed hoist but don't know if call was to cancel or not, I'm usually at hospital early but I've got to wait around to find out whats going on they could have left propper message so I've some ideas, talk about getting mad,, there I've let off steam OK now. Thanks,... Billy