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11 Aug 2019 08:41 in response to Juliebmatilda

Hi Julia,

We do get snow here, we have 3 snow resorts in Victoria.  I avoid them, it's too cold for me.  Near where my eldest lives has been blanketed in snow, outer Melbourne and it doesn't usually see snow. The weather is quite extreme at present.  Weather bureau said it's a normal occurrence which happens approx every 5 years, I'm not so sure.  I've added a pic of my brother and sister in law taken today on a trip to find snow.  Tina is Philipino and hadn't seen snow.

Glad to hear Dave is recovering well,  Would have been better if it didn't happen anytime but now especially.  When you're on anti coagulants you can bleed quite a lot even from just a small scratch, Neil would bleed for ages even after a shaving nick, when he was on them.  

Happy Anniversary for tomorrow.  Make an effort tomorrow.  We never did for our anniversaries but I really wish we had now.  We nearly made our 35th Anniversary.  Neil said when he first started treatment that he was going to do things differently when he was better.  He always put work first,, missed family functions, all sorts of things,  He wasn't going to put work first all the time and do more with family, see more of the grandkids etc.  He missed that chance.  You and Dave have been given a 2nd chance, don't pass up an opportunity, do all that you want.

Things aren't too bad really, I think I'm coping well.  I do keep myself occupied.  Don't ever feel guilty "moaning" (as you say), it's always good to get it off your chest.  I think it helps us cope with what we're going through.  12 months ago I was "moaning" about Neil's treatment, and his symptoms, setbacks.  I was so given so much support, love  and even my sanity at times.

Lots of love

Sue xxx

Stay Strong

13 Aug 2019 15:07 in response to Juliebmatilda

Hi my girls, what traumas have been occurring whilst I've been gone!  As I said to hubby this morning when he kept mentioning the news, having been with Harry for four days my TV has been Captain underpants and Horrible Histories!  So he managed to stay in one piece, despite the terrible storms and thunder and lightening, needless to say he's very happy I'm home and today is lovely, apparently I've brought the sunshine home.  We did have torrential rain on Friday in Surrey, Lisa and I walked the hill to fetch Harry from his summer club and the rain was going in the front if my sandals and running out of my heels, great, as I only had them with me.  So H was very happy to see me, lots of love, hugs and kisses and we didn't go to the theme park as Lisa's twisted foot is still playing her up, so we did the pictures instead, Hirrible Histories, it was hilarious.  Lots of food, drink and laughter, I feel quite refreshed.  Julie, I hope Dave is on the mend again, this cancer maalarky is a lot of ups and downs and quite often 80% of down and little up!  But as you said you've got to cope, giving up is not an option.  Gloria, you sound a little better, it is a long haul, Norman is still suffering from the treatments but he would have died without them.  Did the move go OK for them?  Sue, when I was struggling to get my bra on this morning after zumba and mowing the lawn, I was praying for cooler weather so my contortions would be over!!  I've just sat down as I had washing, ironing and the garden to see too, last night we went and got a take away as hubby said I should relax!?  It's nice to be back though, there's no where like your own bed.  Lisa has two cats Elvie and son Eddy, my bedroom is their day room but I shut them out when there, yesterday as I was packing Elvie sauntered in, jumped onto the window ledge, gave me a snooty look and promptly jumped out the open window, I nearly had a fit imagining her on the drive way, all four paws splayed out like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, I peered out with trepidation and the little horror was sat on the pitched roof, looked up at me and I could have sworn she was saying, that'll teach you to lock me out!!  So all well here at the moment, taking my sister in law for lunch out tomorrow.  Speak later all of you,  love Carol x 

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13 Aug 2019 16:28 in response to Dor06

Hi Ladies,

Carol, Love your TV selections while you have been away.  Actually Horrible Histories sounds pretty good, don't think I'd say the same for Captain Underpants though.  Can understand why Harry would love it.  Glad Norman stayed in one piece while you were gone.  Can't you visit here and bring the sunshine with you, I'm sick of our miserable weather, apparently this past weekend we had the heaviest snowfalls for 11 years.  Just lots of rain and a biting wind and very, very cold.  We had 3° the other morning.  Found out tonight we actually had a light snowfall Sunday night/Monday morning.  It didn't last long, but quite unusual for here.  Even though you are hoping for cooler weather I don't hink you want what we've had.  The worst part about going away is all the work you have once you get home.  Although it's always good to come home to your own bed, there really is nothing like it.
You have to love cats.. Elvie probably was saying that'll teach you to lock me out.  She probably doesn't think much of you locking her out of her day room.  Enjoy your lunch tomorrow with your sister in law,

A busy few days for me.  Yesterday I went to Geelong with Deana for Eli's hearing check.  The poor little mite has a naty cold so he had fluid in his ears, so another check in Dec.  Today I've made a pot of cauliflower and cheese soup.  the cheese will be added when I reheat to have for tea.  Went to Rotary tonight, then tomorrow I'll have Eli, and staying over at Deana's tomorrow night as she is off to the market Thursday, then Friday I'm off to Melbourne.  It is Jamie's Birthday (Bree's hubby), so we are out for dinner.  Should be good.

Remember when I said my Solar water panel on the roof burst with the frost we had.  I heard back from Rheem and they are replacing it under warranty.  Really pleased as the panel is roughly $1500-1600, I do have to pay for the plumber. but they are using the one I called and I don't mind paying him a couple of hundred to install it.  Just have to wait to hear from him once he receives the panel from Rheem.

Hope all are doing as well as possible.  Take care.

Love Sue xx

Stay Strong

14 Aug 2019 19:22 in response to AusSue

Dear friends, a good day here although the weather leaves a lot to be desired, so popping to Australia would just bring wind and rain to go with the snow.  We're pretty used to cold winters and rubbish summers so not such a shock for us Brits!!  My dance class was good, hubby seems good and my lunch out with Sue was very nice.  We meandered around Barkers upmarket store and then I bought a navy striped longline top for Autumn, its getting chilly on a night now.  Then we went to their furniture shop and ummed and ahed over the expensive sofas and tables, I spent the grand sum of ten pounds on a new light shade which had originally been twenty five it looks very nice in my spruced up conservatory.  Hubby has just ordered me a new Dolce gusto coffee machine, it's funny as mine has been leaking for ages but he's ignored my complaints until today, he'd made me one before I went out but I had no time so I suggested he drink it, guess what? It had leaked all over the worktop meaning he had to clean it up, the new one comes tomorrow!  Sue said that at the WI the other night they had a Burlesque dancer and fifty women turned up compared to the usual 17, they had to pretend their chair was the lover they were enticing, apparently at the end when they flung themselves over the back of the chair because of the age of most if them they struggled to get back up, she said she nearly wet her knickers laughing so much.  So we're fed and watered, hubby is shouting at the news and I'm watching The brides of Fu manchu, it's hilarious but obviously in 1966 it was scary.  See you soon, love Carol x 

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15 Aug 2019 13:16 in response to Dor06

Hello ladies

It's really windy here today and cool - might need to dig out a vest before I go visiting this afternoon.  Dave is fine but still in hospital as they want to restart the anti coagulant drugs while he's an in patient.  He's understandably frustrated as he feels almost back to normal, but better to be safe than sorry.  He'll have been in a week tomorrow (this time).  I'm getting used to sleeping on my own and watching what I like on TV.  Does that sounds like I don't want him to come home?  That's not the case!!  If he comes home tomorrow we might be in a position to have Matilda for a day or two.  She'll have to spend all week at her other grandparents otherwise as there are no spaces at holiday club.  It would be lovely to have her to stay for a little while.  Would cheer Dave up no end.

I must make more of an effort to see my friends.  We keep in touch via phone calls and texts but my world has shrunk to visiting Dave and the occasional trip to my parents and the supermarket! Maybe I'll join the WI, sounds like fun!! It's good to hear all about your busy lives especially when things are going smoothly for a change!

Well I'll sign off now and get ready to go.  Keep smiling.




Stay Strong

15 Aug 2019 14:47 in response to Dor06

Hi Ladies,

Carol, Shame your weather leaves a lot to be desired.  We had sunshine today, still cold though but the sun was very welcome.  I can't wait for summer, I'm so over cold weather.  It's good to hear that Norman seems good and your dance class and lunch out were enjoyable.  Your buying things for cooler weather, I bought sandals the other day in preparation for summer. I love looking at furniture, and could wander for hours just looking.  Funny how men do that, Neil used to also, I'd complain something wasn't working properly, but until he acutally experirenced it fail he was never in a rush to replace it. What a great WI meeting that would have been.  Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall watching the audience participation,  A girlfriends daughter does burlesque/pole dancing.  You need good core body strength to be able to do it.  She says it's a lot of fun.

Julie, I thought Dave woujld have been home by now but its probably best they know he is ok before they send him home, especially if they are going to restart the anti coagulants.  It will be great if you can have Matilda for a couple of days when Dave comes home.  With meetings like that one the WQi sounds like a lot of fun.  You should still make time to see friends, even if it is just for a cuppa. Of course fitting in with Dave's good days, and appointments.  It can be hard to do at times.

I spent the night at Deana's last night.  Eli was so sweet this morning, he didn't mind that it was me that got him up when he awoke.  He usually has a bit of a grumble when I'm there of a morning rather than Mum or Dad.  It doesn't take him long to get over his initial disappointment.  After he'd been dropped at day care I did Deana's banking for the shop.  Got in the garden this afternoon for a bit and pulled some weeds out.  Best time to do it after we've had rain.  So much easier.  Tomorrow I'm going to Melbourne for Jamie's Birthday dinner.  Saturday will be a quiet day.  Then I'm on the BBQ at the market on Sunday so an early start.  My cold or whatever it was is finally clearing up, I don't sound like a honking seal anymore, still have a bit of a cough buy nothing like it was.

Take care, lots of love to all.  Sue xx


Stay Strong

15 Aug 2019 16:48 in response to AusSue

Dear girls, it's been very windy today, up at 8.30 and did loads of chores before he came down, rang Faye to discuss wedding anniversary somehow she thought we were having a night out with them all, but it's Sunday lunch, the wind blew the door open and before I could close it hubby came in, have you got the back door open he asks, it's like a wind tunnel, is that your first moan of the day I ask.  So it would seem a bad neck, a sore eye and numerous other problems have altered his mood.  I've got too much to do to try and cheer him up, things stack up on all sides so I leave him alone.  Poor Dave stuck in hospital I'm afraid we do end up coping on our own and as time goes by it becomes the norm.  I miss my time with the grandchildren so I know what you mean Julie, everything is geared to the cancer there's no other way to do it, is there?  Sue you sound busy again, you've done so well since Neil died, I'm proud to know you and your strength of character.  Enjoy the meal out, its my son in laws birthday today, he loves our family as his is a little fractured as his Dad has married three times, he's the first born, like me, so when a new family comes along we get forgotten, I'm over it now but he's 47 and still holds out hope!!  Off to see Educating Rita now so signing off.  Love to you all xx

Stay Strong

16 Aug 2019 17:19 in response to Dor06

Hi girls, Educating Rita was so good I nodded off, or it could have been down to the large glass of wine and very little to eat!  Hubby said was it worth the money, not really I struggled with the the Geordie accent, isn't Rita meant to be Liverpudlian, well if she was then they've altered it for a Northern audience I add, he just shakes his head at me, he once took me to see the comedian wee Bobby Thompson a true Geordie, of course I was brought up in Essex, let's just say never the twain should meet.  So met Mary for coffee, we've finally found a new coffee shop we both like after Coopers closed, then I bought two new books I'm fed up reading charity shop bargains that I don't enjoy.  Hubby took me, guess what, no moans today, he's gone to see Don whilst I make a curry for tea.  My spare Norman has just been in as my TV is going belly up, we're going for a 40 inch, have you got a tape measure he asks, I pass him my dress making one, he looks at me as if to say Really!  This man has every tool in the world, listen I tell him, don't laugh at mine, it's made dresses, measured curtains, blinds, cookers and never let me down, another man who shakes his head at me as if to say, what am I dealing with.  I forgot to tell you that when we had lunch last Sunday in this posh pub there was an almighty crash, we all jumped out of our skins, one of the big overhead lamps which were tied up with yellow electric cable in a fancy knot had come undone and crashed onto the two table behind us, thank god no one was eating lunch on it!  The funny thing is not one member of staff came to see what it was that had crashed down and when they finally did they just knotted it back up!! Remind me not to sit there next time I come I say to Lisa.  So hope you're all well, Julie is Dave home yet, I do hope so, hospital visits are the worst, so tiring for the visitor.  See you soon, love Carol x 

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17 Aug 2019 08:25 in response to Dor06

Hi Ladies,

You're not supposed to fall asleep at the movies.  Maybe not the best recommendation for the movie though.  Glad you and Mary have found a new coffee shop.  I buy a lot of 2nd hand books but only buy titles that interest me, usually authors I already know or ones that have been recommended.  Good to hear Norman is bestter today.  Sounds like we both had curry for dinner last night.  I ordered what they called Bombay pasta last night, it was really good.  Chicken Tandoori with pasta and veggies.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sewing tape measure, mine works perfectly well and it was usually easier to find than Neil's Stanley tape measure.  (I still haven't come across it.)

The lights at the Posh pub sound dangerous, I would have thought they would have to be  done properly (a health and safety thing).  Imagine if there had been patrons sitting, eating a meal.  Could easily have been hurt by china or glassware that had broken.  

Jamies birthday dinner was good and Bree had made a lovely Geode cake for him, which was really good.  The kids behaved really well too.

Take care, have a great weekend.  Love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

17 Aug 2019 16:45 in response to AusSue

Hi girls, so pleased you had a good night Sue, what sort of cake is that?  I'm trying to sort out a golden wedding anniversary cake for us at the moment.  It was the theatre I nodded off in Sue, a live production good job I don't snore!  So my TV finally went kaput so we went to buy a new one at Curry's.  I said I'd go alone but his lordship decided he would come as well.  I hate him being there because he huffs at the questions I ask and lo and behold he did that today, he said my mind was playing tricks and he'd only coughed but his lying made him feel guilty and he's been very pleasant since!!  So my lovely spare Norman came in and set it all up for me, I'm currently watching the 101 dalmatians on a 40inch screen it's like being at the movies.  I can also get all the catch up programmes which is brilliant.  I did smile though as my Norman said I should read the instructions and my spare Norman laughed at him and said No One reads the instructions, what goes around comes around!!  Julie I hope Dave is getting better and home by now, I'm assuming that he is as you haven't posted.  Just drank a large white wine spritzer as I had gone into the garage to count to ten, decided wine was better and I was right!!  Lisa is packing for Greece, Anthony has taken H to see his other Grandma, she said she'd never seen two more reluctant people leave the house as they did this morning, poor Anthony he does keep trying.  So take care all of you.  Love Carol x 

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17 Aug 2019 22:54 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,

I've copied a picture of a Geode cake, (not the one Bree made but this one is similar and similar colour).  Inside were three layers of raspberry cake sandwiched with vanilla buttercream.

It is just as well you don't snore, it can't have been a good production though.  The movie is good and it is set in Liverpool.

The new TV will be great.  Getting the catch up programmes is great.  I often do that.

Have to start getting ready for the BBQ stall at the market.

Take care, Love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

18 Aug 2019 16:25 in response to AusSue

That looks gorgeous Sue, I'm a terrible Baker so admire such concoctions.  Had a look on the M & S website last night for egg free cake for our wedding anniversary as Ella always misses out and they do them!  Norman started saying we should invite Debbie and Norman but there are already sixteen of us and as I pointed out if you invite them you've got to invite others!  At least he's thinking ahead now because up to now it's been ignored by the other half.  He's tired today after a bath and says he can't concentrate but apart from that is doing well, smartly dressed as he always is, he hates people who stroll around in baggy shorts, unironed T shirts and scruffy shoes, I must admit I'm the same, on Friday when it was raining a lady walked past me in thin grey leggings, soaked with rain that showed everything she was made of!!  Last night when watching TV there was an almighty crash from the kitchen, he'd broken another crystal wine glass leaving me with one left, his crestfallen face said it all so today he sent me out to buy more, thank goodness for TK Max, so six red wine and four white wine for the princely sum of seventeen pounds.  Hubby is sleeping now, we were looking at going out but the wind is ferocious, so staying home where its safe.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Love Carol x 

Stay Strong

19 Aug 2019 14:33 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,

Bree does a wonderful job on any cake.  She didn't get that from me though I'm not the best baker either.  It's great Norman is interested in your upcoming anniversary celebrations.  I love leggings, but you have to have good quality thicker leggings, the thin ones are only good as a layering piece under a dress, with boots.  Your poor crystal, are you sure it's safe letting Norman do dishes.  At least he doesn't mind you buying more.  It's been cold here again today, but better than a lot of days recently.  A lazy day though with not too much done.

Tomorrow I get my nails done and have Rotary in the evening.  

Take care and love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

19 Aug 2019 15:16 in response to AusSue

So off to the tip with old TV, as usual he's more interested in getting out of way of strangers behind him than me half in half out the car lifting a heavy TV, he tried to drive off again, he got a tongue lashing as he nearly broke my wrist last time, not sure if the Golden wedding is still on!!  He's gone out in a huff, so a peaceful afternoon for me.  This cancer malarkey sucks, its getting harder each day to stay up beat and keep a smile on my face, its more bad moods than good as he's unhappy with the life he's leading, who can blame him.  I've finally taken the fly door mesh off as it's broken and Banging against the glass door, talk about stuck on well, I had to use a knife.  It's very wild again so I'm off to rescue my washing. Roll on tomorrow when I see friends!!  Take care, love Carol x 

Stay Strong

20 Aug 2019 23:26 in response to Dor06

I wasn't sure if I would be posting today as neither of us is in a good place, we're both fed up and tired.  Today we had to go to Jamea Cook so I knew I would have to sit in the waiting room watching people in wheelchairs and drinking coffee and because of the way the parking works end up running back and forth to the car.  We never said a word all the way there and even the radio was down low.  He didn't want anything to eat and I couldn't be bothered to encourage him so I had left over pasta and ate two Belgian buns which means I'll have to work harder at my class tomorrow.  Everyone else is on holiday again or going away, visiting places and having a lovely retirement which we could have had. We'd worked and saved all our lives, where has that got us.  He even said yesterday that vaping is worse than cigarettes, it took all my strength to not punch him for that remark, cigarettes Kill, the times I see someone smoking in the street I want to knock it out of their hands and stamp on it.  I'm on the verge of ringing Faye and driving down for a few days but she's going to be so busy as the children go back to school in ten days and I'll end up on the sofa bed in the front room in the way.  I hope everything is OK with everyone else.  Love Carol x