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24 May 2019 15:15 in response to Dor06

Hi Girls, Hope they were able to sort Normans foot at James Cook.  You are so lucky to have a spare Norman that is so handy.  The family day sounds like fun.  I'm not entirely sure they should be talking about vegetarian's at school when they are so young.  They should be eating a wide variety of foods while they are still growing.  Later on if that's what they choose for whatever reason, that's fine.  Cass's eldest (Tia) for a while was a vegetarian (she was 15, I personally think still a little young), and it was so difficult for Cass preparing meals for the whole family, trying to just prepare 1 meal rather than 2.  Luckily it didn't last any long than 12 months, she cooked bacon and eggs one Sunday morning and Tia apparently couldn't resist the bacon.  That was the end of that.  Tia from all accounts suffered the whole time, just not feeling well, headaches.  Nothing serious but constantly complaining of various ailments.
I think Eli is really adorable, I am probably biased a bit though.  I can understand why Lisa would want you to move, but also understand why you won't., Despite what family may want you to do, you have to do what's right for you.  Hopefully you didn't get a parking ticket.

I went to Melbourne today, had a yummy lunch with Bree then went to the bank to try and pay of the house mortgage.  Why can't it just be a simple process, but no, they've sent an email to head office and I'll hear back from them.  I embarassed myself though, when I was leaving (we'd been sitting at a table with a bench seat attached to the wall, I thought it went the whole length of the wall)  I slide across the bench seat to get past the table to stand, but the seat ended just past the table.  I ended up on my rear end on the floor.  Of course I find it difficult getting up because of my knees, so an incident report was filled in, just in case I've hurt myself.  I'm fine, was just so embarassed., firstly at going over edge then at the ungainly way I get up.  At least I was wearing pants.  Apparently I'll get a phone call next week just to make sure I'm fine.  They were good though, even offered me tea, coffee or water.
Quiet day tomorrow, hopefully get some cooking done.

Take care, and love to all.  Sue xx

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24 May 2019 15:58 in response to AusSue

Hi all, talking about pants Sue (you poor thing, it's the type of thing that happens to me, I hope you're alright!) apart from a bra that's all I'm  taking tomorrow, clean knickers and a bra, Faye says I can borrow everything else from her, at least if I get run over in London, or mown down by a moped I'll be fine!  It's really hot here and I've just sat down as my feet are protesting.  House clean. Shopping done and hubby has gone for another haircut, since chemo and losing it all he now has growth spurts, also on his arms which he's not happy about.  So I'll be missing for a few days and will catch up when I get back.  Love Carol x 

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26 May 2019 18:58 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol.
Enjoy your weekend away.  And a bonus that you are able to pack light and that Fayes clothes fit you.  I couldn't do anything like that with my girls, we are all different sizes.
After my fall (what else can I call it), I was fine Friday night, Saturday night I noticed the left side of my back was really sore to touch, so when I went to bed I had a look in the mirror and I have a massive bruise, no wonder it's sore to touch.  But then today I've noticed it's swolen, and sort of aching, and very sore to touch.  So will try and get an appointment at the Drs.  I wasn't even aware I'd hit my back at all. but must have, although it didn't hurt at the time.  Even with that I feel fine   so don't think it's anything other than a nasty bruise.  But will get it checked just to be sure.
Deana and Nick came today and we started sorting out my garage.  They've put racks on wall to hold most of Neil's fishing rods.  Nick took a load to the tip and we have a huge pile that Deana and Nick will add to their garage sale in a month or two.  Another day clearing the garage and I might even be able to get the car in.  It's a double garage too, so that tells you how much stuff there is that was never unpacked when we moved here.
Bed time now, but hope you are having a wonderful time in London.
Take care and love to all.  Sue xxx

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29 May 2019 19:01 in response to AusSue

Dear all I'm back!  London was marvellous and the show took me back to my teen years, happy times, no illness, lots of dancing and boyfriends, a carefree time.  Elaa jumped on me when I got to hers and Faye and I drank a bottle of wine!  The journey home was good and Kate took us out for lunch.  I found hubby waiting for us eagerly but he had eaten nothing but rubbish for the two days I was away, crisps, ki kats, bread and bacon, he's so lazy as I had bought proper food to cook.  Of course the weather changed so we never sat in the garden but the family fun day was very good, punch and Judy kept the little ones entertained with no political correctness!  I'm pretty tired now as my mornings since Saturday have been six thirty starts.  Oh Sue I hope you're alright, make sure you get checked out, are you keeping Neil's fishing rods for the children?  Ella wants to live here and go to school here, bless her she is so sweet and didn't want to go home, Auntie Sue can come another day she says, despite the fact she'll have driven nearly 400 miles to see them.  So I hope you all are doing OK.  Love Carol x 

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30 May 2019 17:43 in response to Dor06

We had to be up early as the window fitter Wass coming at 9am, its like getting up for the children he grumbles, not forme, I've had an hour lie in u till 7.30am, then its all go as Sarah comes as well.  Yesterday I tried to order an. Inhaler for hubby, you've had your lot she tells me, but he's got lung cancer and is really wheezy, I'll talk to the doctor she says and slams the phone down!!  So today a phone call from the surgery telling him he can't have more, but I'm struggling he says, can you make an appointment for me, no you'll have to do it, can the doctor who's decidesd this call me, no you call the surgery, I can see he's getting angry so I hover in the background, in the end he says, fine I'll suffer then and hangs up.  No one has called us back.  I'm off out tonight and I'm wishing I could stay home but I will enjoy it when I go.  I forgot to tell you about 1st class travel, I got on the train and there was a dirty coffee cup on my table, I hand it to the lady, ask for coffee and she fills the dirty one up, that's not my cup I explained. Well thanks for letting me fill it up before you said that, she then filled a clean one so full it all went down my front as the train was doing 100. Mph.  I'd only been on the train for five minutes, the people on the opposite table said to me, how rude, so much for first class service.  Needless to say I've written and complained.  So trying to keep clean for two days, as I only took a toothbrush and a pair of knickers went down the pan after five minutes!!  See you soon.  Carol x

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31 May 2019 18:31 in response to Dor06

Not a particularly good night out, the food was OK but we shared starters, some had naan bread despite having put on 7lb Alida decided as she'd lost 2lb at weight watchers she could eat more!!  Some had wine so at the end of the night I suggested we just divide the bill because it was too difficult to work out, but Jan wasn't happy (this is the one who ordered her own drinks on our last night out, ignoring everybody else) so she was arguing over two pounds, it's not often I get cross but I was tired, hubby is not well, the surgery are playing silly buggers with us, so I said for God's sake let's just split five ways and call it a night!  Back home hubby is in pain again and looks terrible, did you have a good night he asks, I tell him the tale, don't bother going anymore he says bluntly, yeah that's going to look really good with my other friends I say, I give up and go to bed.  Dorothy was in the same restaurant with Ray, she finally came over and said she thought it was me, she'd sent me a text saying, where are you as your double is sat in the Raj Indian!!  Hilarious.  So hubby is in a bad frame of mind today, we go to buy bird food, nearly get wiped out crossing a junction because to be honest he's not concentrating properly, he gets cross with the car in front of us because he says it never indicated before turning right, it did I tell him, big mistake on my part as he's in his I say black he says white mood, I was pleased to get home in one piece.  Anyway he's fed and watered, I've had a gin and tonic and think I'll stay in here tonight out of his way!!  Love to you all, Carol x

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1 Jun 2019 13:35 in response to Dor06

This cancer battle is like living in a war zone at times, mai ly for me.  I seem to spend my time and energy on keeping everyone happy by not complaining about the bad days as there is nothing anyone can do.  Last night I went to see how hubby was, he had gone into the conservatory and fallen asleep, it was 9.30pm, I watched him as he breathed, listening to him wheeze as he breathed in and out, then my dark thoughts start, is he getting worse, has the tumour grown again as it grew so fast the first time round, but he looks peaceful so I let him sleep.  Today is cold and wet and he seems a little better but his cough is back which is harsh and ear breaking to hear.  I was going to visit Mary and have coffee with her but I too am a little depressed and can't be bothered.  I think I'll stay home get through this on my own and Monday can be a new start.  Hope you are doing OK, love Carol x 

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1 Jun 2019 15:19 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,  Knew you would have a great time in London.  It was carefree when we were teens.  You can still enjoy yourselves even when the weather isn't being kind.  Punch and Judy would have been great, haven't seen one since I was a kid.  I'm fine.. I did ring to make an appointment for Monday but couldn't get in till Tuesday and as I have Eli Tuesday, thought I'd wait and see how it was later.  It has imporoved somewhat, still looks nasty and a fairly largish hard lump where the bruise is, but it is slowly getting better, the lump has got smaller and the colour is now more red/purple with edges very dark almost black, the ache has stopped, still sore to touch but not as sore as it was.
Neil's fishing rods are all being kept, Deana and Nick often go fishing, although they will never use all of them.  There are 23 fishing rods, all different and for different purposes apparently, some for surf, some for rivers most have reels on them.  We now have half of them on racks on the wall in the garage, need another two racks to get them all up.  Bree's children each wer given one which I think Bree took home with her.  But I'm sure if any of them have an interest in fishing when they are older, they will get some of them.

When you say inhaler, do you mean ventolin.. you don't need a script for that here.  Or do you mean a nebuliser that you put little vials into that you use a mask with.  I've not heard of anyone being told you've used your lot.  Your 1st class experience on the train doesn't sound like 1st class.  Hope you hear something back from your complaint.

Hopefully Norman's cancer isn't getting any worse and it's just a virus which can be so much worse for someone in his situation.  Still can't believe the surgeries attitude.  What a shame your night out wasn't as good as it could have been.  Although I did have a chuckle over Dorothy texting you.  

Most people have no idea how hard it is for the family of someone with cancer.  You deal with a lot, the worry, their moods, the illness.  It's a hard road with many bumps.  Take it easy tonight and remember Scarlett O'Hara's words, "After all, tomorrow is another day!"

I've had a busy week.  Had Eli on Tuesday and Rotary Tuesday evening.  Wednesday was busy out and about paying bills and things.  Wednesday evening I was at Deana's to look after Eli Thursday morning as Deana went to the flower market.  So I got him up, fed, washed and dressed ready for daycare.  Came home and watched movies and knitted all afternoon, then was so tired Thursday evening, went to bed really early.  Then Friday evening went to Melbourne for a dinner with Neil's work mates as one of them is retiring and moving to the country near the NSW border.  Had to buy a pair of shoes while I was out as the pair I'd worn separated at the sole and as it had been raining my foot was getting wet.  Then today, Deana rang to say she was making gyoza for tea did I want some...So she ended up making them here, friends of theirs came also so the 5 of us had gyoza with Asian style salad and Vicki make a pecan pie and custard for sweets. I cuddled Eli till he went to sleep and they played Uno, then once Eli was asleep, we put blankets on the rug for him and he slept and I joined in playing Uno.  It was a lot of fun.  Neil would never play things like that.  Deana did offer to clean up before they left but I said leave it, so I'll a day of cleaning tomorrow.  All worth it though.

Hopefully Norman will be feeling and sounding at least a little better and you will be more rested tomorrow and it will be a much better day for you both

Take care and love to all.  Sue xx

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1 Jun 2019 15:27 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol, I've just written a really long reply to your posts, hit "post now" and it came back page not responding and it's all gone.

Even after such a short time since it was written I can't remember what I said.

Edit: It wasn't there but now is.. not even going to try and understand  why it's taken so long to post.

Sue xx

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1 Jun 2019 15:54 in response to AusSue

Sorry @AusSue ‍  - we're having some technical glitches today. It's really frustrating! 

Thanks for bearing with us Wink

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1 Jun 2019 16:54 in response to Moderator Jenn

It's fine Jenn..Glitches happen occasionally.  I'm thankful it posted eventually. Wink

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2 Jun 2019 18:40 in response to AusSue

Hi Sue, eventually got your post, things are slow this weekend so difficult to connect.  You are having such a busy time and it's so nice that everyone is still inviting you to meals and other events, sometimes we get forgotten when men have been involved so they must all think a lot of you.  I've had a quiet weekend as very tired and uninterested in anything, I'll get back to normal tomorrow. I just needed time to unwind and get my breath back.  Faye rang to see how we were as she saw first hand how her Dad is struggling, she is applying for a teaching assistant post and needed her school maths and English certificate to prove her competence, this was mentioned weeks ago as she insisted they were here, I knew I'd given them to her as I bought a new bed and cleared all the drawers out making sure they both got their own certificates, but she insisted I hadn't done that, she's a bit like her Dad if she thinks she's right so I gave up telling her I didn't have them.  So last week she had all the drawers out, all the boxes with stuff in, all the boxes in the loft and still didn't find them, you must have thrown them out she says, I wouldn't have done that I replied.  So after a good chat on the phone yesterday she finally admits she had found them in her garage filing system, I'm sorry Mum she says for turning your house upside down!!  So today we have popped for a drink to our local Pub, I didn't really want to go but we needed a break from the house.  On the way I spot two road signs that have been flattened and comment on them, I pointed those out to you last week he says have you forgotten already, what a cheek. I point out he's not remembered many things I've told him in the past few weeks, and excuse me for pointing out that I have a hundred and one things to remember on a daily basis whilst he has nothing to think about, he shuts up!!  I've just had tea and for some reason am watching the Christmas edition of Call the Midwife, why do they do that, put Christmas stories on in the middle of summer, it's bonkers!!  So take care, love Carol x 

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2 Jun 2019 19:35 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol ...

Just popped by to see how your doing ... the London trip sounds fab ... just what you needed ... I'm sure hubby eating rubbish, was just showing you how much he needs you ... lol ..

Sorry he's going through chemo again ... cancer never let's up ... you think it would have a day off now and again .. but no, its too crule ... 

Grandkids are really amazing .. and punch and Judy show ... the old version ... never did us no harm ... how things change ... well Carol .. sending you a vertual hug... you don't realise how amazing you are ..

Chrissie xx

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3 Jun 2019 16:13 in response to Chriss

So today I've got toothache, it's going to have to come out, last time they tried to do it they lifted me out of the chair as its a capped tooth and must be stuck in with super glue!  I'm not going through that again, my face is swollen and I've got an emergency appointment tomorrow, oh joy, another problem.  I've mowed the lawn, tied back the roses without getting lacerated by them, the wind is vicious today.  Hubby is suffering from chronic indigestion as I forgot to order his medication due to the fight with the salbutamol inhaler, or lack of it.  We seem to have dropped off the radar concerning his health and lack of concern.  I even rang my McMillan nurse the other week and still no one rang back, I did leave a message saying I'd sorted it myself, but a call to see if we were OK wouldn't have gone amiss.  I can understand why people feel left in limbo on this forum because you're still dealing with cancer on a daily basis but with no support.  I'm very lucky as I have good friends, a wonderful family but some are all alone.  Harry rang from  Mummy's car this morning, they were going to see Godzilla, I hope it doesn't have naughty words in it Grandma he says, like Rampage did when we saw that. Yes replies Mummy I maybe should have checked it out a little better!  He makes me laugh and tells me he loves me, he cheers me up so much.  So Chriss thanks for the virtual hug, we're not going through chemo again, he's not allowed it again. I do very little compared to the help you give others, let's just agree we're both Amazing!  Love Carol x 

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3 Jun 2019 18:22 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol ...

There's a lass on here goes under "angry " and been on a couple of threads .. but she wants to know how to change her user name from angry to something else ... I know you managed it .. if you get time could you pop on her thread and tell her how ..

McMillan are letting so many people down lately .. they shouldn't put on that advert saying how much they do .. I used to volenteer for them, and visit people with cancer or take them to their treatment ... before I got it ... I think Marie Currie are far better now .. 

Well can't make out how I got it , hubby was having chemo .. I do get a tad mixed up ... it's me age .. I'm a pensioner now .. who doesn't qualify for a pention till I'm nearly 66 ... great .. lol ..

Take care ... Chrissie xx