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13 May 2019 18:49 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol.
I rang the vets this morning and after explaining why I was bringing her the receptionist asked if I would mind coming tomorrow. So my appointment is tomorrow.  Neither of us thought it was urgent, they are down one of the vets (on holidays).  If there is a chance of Neil visiting, he is here tonight.  Cookie is convinced there is something here.  She was sitting on my lap and all of a sudden she sits up and is trying to see around the wall, she has big, terrified eyes.  I get up and have a look, nothing there, but she is just sitting and staring at the same spot.  Really bizarre for her.  I've had a chat to Neil, just in case.  I like to think it's possible.  Tiddles did a similar thing after we had poopy put down.  

Have just finished cleaning up, I prepped a beef stroganoff casserole,which I'll have cooking tomorrow while I'm at Rotary tomorrow night.  A busy day tomorrow, appointment at the vets at 12.30, then Eli at 1.00 till 5.00, then home for a change and Rotary at 6.00.  Wednesday I think will be quieter.  

What a horrid night you had, hope you don't have a repeat of that.  No wonder you are a little tired.  Enjoy your pedicure tomorrow, feet do need a little pampering after winter when they've been hidden away for months.  I have a nail appointment on Thursday.  I doubt very much you'd spend £40 on bird seed,  Maybe now he'll leave it alone.  

My floors should be dry now, so best get to bed, busy day best get some sleep.

Take care, love to all.  Sue xxx

Stay Strong

14 May 2019 16:28 in response to AusSue

Hi Sue, I missed my appointment as I thought it was today, it was 4pm yesterday!  So now Monday next week, I'll do them myself until then.  Hubby has gone to play golf, he says he's not giving in, I decided to pick Mary up and we went to the garden centre to buy some hanging baskets, the weather is gorgeous but it's so hot I've come indoors.  How scary that the cat is behaving like that, like you I believe in them being around, when we had our dog Bonnie put to sleep I could have sworn she still sat on our bed waiting for me to come home, weird but true.  I bet you're exhausted after your long day, so busy.  I must tell you that I was asked for ID at the garden centre as over sixties get 10% off on a Tuesday, the face cream is obviously doing its job!! Mary and Joe are going to retire this year, they have their own business so it's going to cost thousands in redundancy payments and they own the shop, where it is has practically lost nearly all its shops so not much chance of selling it.  Speak soon, love Carol x

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14 May 2019 18:20 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
What a shame you missed your appointment, although Monday isn't too long to wait.  Hopefully Norman going to the golf club means he feels a little better even though he says he's not giving in.  We are well and truly heading towards winter, although no rain today and we did get some sun, but the wind was icy, so still cold, and I am tired after my busy day.  A busy week it looks like.  I will have Eli again tomorrow from midday, as the lady that usually has him on Wed and Thurs has a sinus infection, so has asked the mum's if they have someone else who can have their children for this week.  Thursday though Deana knew I had a nail appointment so asked his other nan if she could have him, so instead she will work in the shop, Deana will stay home with Eli until I get back after having my nails done., then I'll have him till Nick gets home.  Friday at this stage is quiet, then Saturday I'll go to Melbourne, and Sunday I'll be working at the market (Rotary run it), I did say they could put me down to do something.  So I've got 3 hours on the Sausage Sizzle.  It will be good and I'll have no excuse not to have a wander through the market after my shift.  So I'll be looking forward to a quiet Monday.
Cookie is fine nothing to really worry about, she has been overgrooming, which really isn't a surprise, she is so timid and skittish, frightened of noises and all sorts of things.  She wouldn't come near me for hours.  I actually picked her up to bring her out into the study where she does like to sit, she was trembling, I think she thought I was going to put her in the cat carrier again and take her out.  She ran straight back to my wardrobe and hid.  Came out at 10pm but wouldn't come near me, it's only been the last 2 hours that she has come near me, and only been sitting on my knee the last 1/2 hour.
Cookie's reaction last night did give me the creeps for a little while, until I checked and found no-one there, then I thought, it's Neil so I had a chat.  It was nice to think he is still here.
You should tell me the brand of your face cream.  I'd keep using it though if I were you, that was a compliment and a half.  When Neil and I went to Perth, I would have been mid 50's and Neil was a couple of years younger than me, we went to one of the tourist attractions and the person on the gate said to us "You're over 60, don't worry about ID' and charged us the pensioner rate.  Kept thinking maybe they needed to get their eyes checked.
Best head to bed get some sleep so I can look after Eli.

Take care, love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

16 May 2019 10:09 in response to AusSue

Dear Sue, my day in London is looking like not happening as Lisa is not well, both girls have asthma and Lisa has gone down with a sore throat, wheezy chest and generally unwell. She said Harry came into bed yesterday morning and said, Mummy you look old!  Poor Lisa as she normally looks about thirty, but out the mouths of babes.  I'm off to Richmond with Margaret, she had seen a top she wanted but another customer had picked it up. She stalked her around the shop but they bought it, anyway the lady has ordered her one, so off to pick it up, have coffee and then home, sorry its so cold, it's glorious  here.  Wow you've got a busy week ahead of you, if Norman wasn't my main concern I would have carried on doing my voluntary work.  He seems aa lot better and the fresh air has helped.  Cats are so suspicious when you have them to the vets, ours were the same, we would have to drag them from under the bed.  My friend Fiona texted last night. She had a nervous breakdown and didn't want to see me, so we're now meeting up on Tuesday. I hope her divorce is going smoothly, she never picks the right man and has suffered badly for it.  So signing off as now going out.  Take care, Carol x

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16 May 2019 18:56 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
What a shame if your trip to London is cancelled, understandable though if they are unwell.  Harry saying to Lisa that she looked old wouldn't have made her feel any better.  Kids usually say exactly what they are thinking though. Hopefully they will improve quickly.  How was your day in Richmond?  The weather is warming up for the weekend but then turns cold and wet again on Monday.  At least it will be pleasant driving to and from Melbourne with no rain.  Glad to hear Norman seems a lot better.  Cookie is pretty much back to her normal behaviour, although still a little wary if I go to pick her up, but quite happy to jump on my knee of her own accord and make herself comfy.  Mr Higgins is making it difficult to type, he has got on my desk and gone to sleep, but I have his four paws on the keyboard.  
Have a lovely get-together with Fiona on Tuesday.  It's nice that she wants to reconnect again.  .

Closing now as it really is difficult to type.

Take care, love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

17 May 2019 13:36 in response to AusSue

Once again I am apologising for going AWOL.  Beginning to feel like an ongoing train wreck!  When part the cement surround on the chimney stack crashed down and caught my arm (my right arm again) I thought some rude words and ended up with my arm in a sling.  Typing was difficult - had to take my arm out of the sling but  it was still difficult to type - worse than that I was obviously feeling sorry for myself and worried that my posts reflected that.  And I felt so ashamed of myself!  ANYWAY,  I was midway in a house clear-out, have got rid of some pieces of furniture no longer required courtesy of some of Paul's friends from the pub and have spent my time walking Muffin (have had to get used to holding the lead in my left hand) and also watching the birds at the feeder and eating the food on the ground.  We have loads of small birds and they spilla  lot of food from the feeder; on the ground there about a dozen pigeons that come by regularly to feast and early each morning a lone squirrel comes to eat the little black seeds in the food mix and I love to watch him holding a seed in his paws and nibbling it open to get the nut inside.  Paul says that what with feeding our lone fox friend (only one comes regularly now) every night they will be feeding Springwatch from our garden soon!  I am gradually reading some of the posts that are coming in and hope to get back in the swing soon; I will do a few every day.  Oh, and my neighbour and I have arranged with the local roofer (he does everyone's roofs around here - has done for over thirty years) to recement the chimney stack when we get a bit of fine weather.  The chimney stack straddles the two properties so we are sharing the cost.  Much love to all and apologies again. xx

Stay Strong

17 May 2019 15:42 in response to Annieliz

Hi girls, welcome back Annie, who's the penelope Pittstop now! Sue, I can just imagine you typing between the four paws, I'd have done the same, we are so soft where animals are concerned, our birds now eat from both feeders so Scrooges plan to cut Down has failed, he said they will be walking soon as they are too fat to fly!  He's very much up and down at the moment, in a bad head space and difficult to deal with.. Richmond was beautiful and the weather matched it.  I did laugh as Margaret has a soft top sports car and she put the roof back, crikey I thought it's not that warm and travelling down the motorway at 70 would not be fun anyway, we drove two miles and she pulled over to put it back up. Thankfully she felt cold too.  I said to hubby next time I'll have to take a chiffon scarf and hope it doesn't get stuck in the wheels and choke me, like that famous actress.  Bought a very nice white lace top, coffee and red velvet cake and back home hubby looked totally miserable with himself.. Do you fancy going out for tea he asked, honestly I'd have stayed home but we went out and he just stared into space and previously had been talking about cardboard coffins for when he dies because we're not wasting money on  a wooden one,  chuck me over the hedge he says morbidly, I'm not doing that I retort, it would mean more cleaning up for me, he didn't see the funny side of that.  So today I've got nails done, jumpsuit altered so I can do it up, spectacles repaired and a new watch strap put on for him on his broken watch.  I drove home full of trepidation and low and behold he's shaved put a smile on his face and asked for a hug. Talk about swings and roundabouts, this life of a cancer sufferer is full of daily struggles, love, laughter and worries.  So I'm hoping to make it to London, Faye only lives twenty minutes away from King's Cross, I  could always land on her doorstep for the day, I'll let you know how it goes. Xx

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17 May 2019 17:31 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol and girls. Not been too good last few days. Dreadful back ache and stomach trouble. Always something. Hoping it’s just the after effects of chemo. Then last night my eldest granddaughter Catherine  in the IOM messaged me to say my little great grandson was in hospital . They said he had chest infection. Today they are saying it’s pheumonia and flu and he is in isolation. He is only 14 months old bless him. So very worried and wish they were nearer although as my daughter Cathy says we can’t do anything. Feel so helpless. He is a sweet happy little soul. Hoping for better news soon. Your remark about Norman saying about cardboard coffins brought a smile. My Dennis used to say Don’t spend a lot of money just use cardboard for my coffin. Walkers crisp boxes will do. I’m having a glass of wine while I’m cooking my dinner. Might have another. That’s just how I feel . Love to all xxx

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17 May 2019 17:32 in response to Annieliz

Dear Annie,
Welcome back..So sorry to hear about your arm.  really hope it heals quickly.  Unlike you in that situation I'm sure I would have said numerous rude words rather than just thinking them.  By the sound of it by the tikme you find your next house you wont have much clearing to do.  It would be lovely watching the birds feeding, and the squirrel and the fox.  

Dear Carol,  I tend to do things around them when they are sleeping, would rather not disturb them, but it was very difficult to type, and he isnt a small cat .  At least Cookie if she gets in the same position doesn't cover the keyboard, but she usually gets on my knee.  I love the way both you and Annie feed the birds.  
Normans moods come with having cancer.  Neil was very much the same, and his mood could go up or down frequently.  He was being quite morbid talking about coffins and the like.  Unlike he would see the funny side of anything much in that sort of mood.
Even on a warm day not sure I'd enjoy being in the car with the roof back.  I have a sunroof in mine and rarely actually open it.  
Is Faye feeling better, or you just might go anyway?  I'm sure it will be lovely either way.
Quiet day for me today, although Neil's sister arrived back from Vietnam this morning, and rang as she is worried about her Mum, who doesn't like Allyson travelling and of course there were tears,  Neil's mum had telephoned me earlier, sounded fine.  She is good at making you feel guilty for doing something you enjoy.  
Tomorrow I'll catch up with Bree and them tea and show with Neil's old work mates.  Should be a good day.
Have a good weekend and take care.  Love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

19 May 2019 14:59 in response to AusSue

Hi girls, a marvellous long fifteen hour day, the Eye was brilliant and London looked marvellous from above, but the queue, despite a ticket was like a meandering snake.  Off for lunch at a small Italian. With two tables only, freshly cooked food, expensive wine at ten pounds a glass but hey ho It's my day out, the son in law came to the rescue and Paid the bill!  Off to the British Museum, Mum and Dad are members now so went to the bar whilst Harry showed me the dinosaurs. The whale where they all slept underneath last winter, under his bottom Grandma he tells me, did he poop on you I ask, no he says I turned over in time and he pooped on Mummy.  The lift was out of order so I had to climb five flights of concrete stairs, by the second lot I was out of breath Don't worry Grandma he says I'll go at your pace and starts climbing like a snail, the lovely little boy he is.  We meet Mummy and Daddy, go and see the Moon room, hummingbirds stuck on pins which Lisa and I hated, then back out into the rain and off for another drink.  We get the tube together and they get off at Leicester Square, Harry is now upset at leaving me, so big hugs and tears and two upset people.  I'm supposed to have time at Kings X to get a book and food but as usual this doesn't work out, for some unknown reason we're stuck at Russell Square and I make my train with three minutes to spare!!  Two ladies are sat opposite me, I guage them at about 70 years old and twig they are sister in laws, twenty minutes in we start chatting, they both live near me, one about a mile away, I knew your face she says, how funny, anyway we yakked on for two hours, one of them called Carol kept getting mini bottles of wine out of her handbag and proceeded to get quite merry, at least she shared her sandwiches with me.  Isn't life funny, out of a whole train my booked seat is with women the same age and who live in the same area, loads of drunk men got on at York and proceeded to flirt with is, have a great night they shout as we get off the train.  Hubby is waiting for me and is cross that despite sitting in the drop off spot the police have banged on his window and told him to move, I bet if he was young and drunk they'd have ignored him.  He's missed me he says, it's boring when I'm not there, this is funny because when I am there I come second to the bloody TV!  Anyway a good night's sleep, my swollen feet have gone down and we're going for a drink.  I'll reply to you girls tomorrow.  Much love, Carol xx

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20 May 2019 06:02 in response to Dor06

Hi to all,

Gloria, We were posting at the same time.  Sorry to hear you still aren't feeling better.  Your poor little grandson.  He is in the best place to get better, but it is still worrying, and as helpless as you all feel there really isn't anything you can do.  He's is only a couple of months younger than Eli, my grandson. Hope you gett better news soon.  Enjoy your glass of wine, maybe even have a 2nd.

Carol,  Sounds like you had a wonderful but long day in London.  The eye would have been great.  I want to do the ours (Melbourne Star) that we have in Melbourne at night.  Neil never would, he didn't like them, one day I will.  I would struggle to climb 5 flights of stairs.  So good on you being able to do it even if Harry slowed to a snail pace.  He sounds like such a sweet boy.  When we went to Perth we did a tour of a beautiful cave, had to go down 333 steps,  The caves were well worth it but honestly, I thought I would die coming out.  Never again.  What luck on the train with lovely companyand snacks for the journey home.

Saturday I went to Melbourne, caught up with Bree and then the dinner, which was good.  My drive home was very slow, the fog was terrible, haven't seen it that bad for a long time.  I got home safely though.  I had a great day at the market yesterday.  Enjoyed my stint on the sausage sizzle.  When I finished there, had a wander through the market.  Bought a lovely bamboo windchime.  Nick will put that up for me a some stage.  My old one, while it still sounds lovely, is falling apart. I've been looking for a new one for a while and they are hard to find in the shops.  Today I've got to go to the supermarket, I have to make something to take for supper for the Rotary meeting tomorrow, it's a combined meeting with the other Rotary club and there is a guest speaker.  Different venue, so we are all taking a plate.  Not even sure what I'll make yet.  Then have aqua balance this evening also.  Our class on Wednesday has been cancelled for both this week and next.

Best start looking for a recipe.  Talk soon.  Take care, love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

20 May 2019 13:46 in response to AusSue

Hi all my girls, what a time we are all having, we just get over one hurdle and an even bigger one is out in front of us.  Gloria I'm so sad to hear that you are still struggling the chemotherapy seems to have long lasting effects, it certainly has with hubby. Poor little grandson, please, please let us know when he is well, I will say a special prayer for him.  Dear Sue, a marvellous day by the sounds of it, fog, I hate it.  During the late sixties we used to go to a club called the C & B at Reeth which is way up in the hills.  One night with me driving our original little mini we set off home, hubby drunk as usual and drove straight into fog, it was so bad he had to stick his head out of the window and shout, left, left, right, right, as there was a sheer drop on my side!  Everyone followed us in a lconvoy which scared me even more because if we'd gone over the edge they would have followed us like Lemmings, such a scary memorable night. But as you can see we made it home!  Norman and I went for a drink yesterday afternoon as he'd been stuck home alone, I had five glasses of rose wine and thoroughly enjoyed my chatty afternoon with us all reminiscing about the olden days.  Norman has a terrible wheeze and it's worrying us both, I can hear it across the kitchen even with the TV at 90 decibels!!  Our bedroom window is stuck open again so I've had to use the cancer get out clause to get someone to come today, it's the only thing it comes in handy for when you want something doing immediately.  Enjoy rotary Sue, our Sue is off to stay with Lisa this weekend. Then she's going to my Step Mothers for a few days, the one that calls her daughter in law a *****, such a lovely person.  Then back up to see Faye, I'm actually jealous as she'll see all the home improvements that Lisa has had done whilst I'll be lucky to get down there any time soon.  So off to get my feet sorted out so I can clump around London and the V & A museum on Saturday.  So nice to keep abreast of what you are all up to.  Love Carol x 

Stay Strong

21 May 2019 19:33 in response to Dor06

I've just been to a cricket match between two schools and to meet my friend who has struggled with mental health basically since she was a young lady, it was so cold when the sun went down that I've come home early before I catch pneumonia. I haven't seen her for two years due to hubby's cancer and her health but it was like old times and we are going to meet for lunch soon for a proper catch up, where kids can't eavesdrop on adult conversations!  Hubby has been out all afternoon at his club, had a scrumptious sausage and onion sandwich he tells me, I may have toast later he say pointedly, looking at me, OK I say, I'm off to watch TV.   Us zumba girls are going to see the new Elton John film, have tea and a few drinks after half term because like me they have grandchildren to deal with.  I rang Faye, Ella has decided she's vegetarian now, but has already had meat for lunch, it was beef she tells Mummy, well we're having chicken for tea, that's the same she replies, no its not beef is from a cow. Apparently she shrieks and asks if it's a baby cow, no a grown one Faye says, oh that's OK then she says I'll have the chicken. Faye says she can't cope anymore!!  So hope you're okay, see you tomorrow. Xx

Stay Strong

22 May 2019 15:29 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
Fog can be scary, at least my drive home it's a good road, two lanes each direction and divided highway, so if you are careful it's ok, but those roads you were driving years ago with a sheer drop. not sure I could have kept going.  It gets like that on the drive to Apollo Bay, through the hills and drops on the side in numerous spots.  Just as well there are some advantages with having cancer and you were able to quickly get the windown seen to.  Although annoying as it would be, you'd rather deal with the window than the cancer.  The Rotary meeting was really interesting, with the speakers being 2 doctors a pharmacist and 2 people impacted by having a family member addicted to drugs (prescription).  Had had no idea it was such a huge problem.  I was pleased the slice I made for supper turned out well.  I cook, but don't tend to make sweets much.  I was able to bring home an empty plate.  Then last night I spent the night at Deana's, so I was there this morning when Eli woke up, gave him his breakfrast and got him ready for day-care.  I had to laugh on Tuesday when I went to Deana's to watch him,  I came in and he threw himself on the floor (upset), as he realised then that Deana was going to leave him.  Nick comes home 4.45, Eli is so happy to see Dad, so I gather up my things to go and Eli again throws himself on the floor as I'm going.  He never likes me leaving.  So cute.  You'll get up to visit Faye and see her home improvements.  Ella;s vegetarianism probably won't last, but will be a challenge for Faye if Ella sticks to it.  It's difficult to prepare meals that meet needs that all the family love.
It's lovely to have friends like that, who you may not see so often, but it's like it was only yesterday that you saw them when you do catch up.  The clips I've seen of the Elton John film look really good.  I want to see it also.  Love his music, and have seen him live a couple of times.  So hope you have a lovely night out when you see it with the Zumba girls.
Tomorrow I'll get my nails done as appointment last week was cancelled..  Then Friday off to Melbourne, lunch with Bree.  Then hopefully a quiet weekend I think.  I'm hoping to do a bit of cooking.

Have a great day and take care.  Love to all, Sue xxx

Stay Strong

23 May 2019 14:31 in response to AusSue

Hi girls, I'm sat at James Cook again as his foot is not working  properly so he's struggling .  It's a beautiful day, the lawn is mowed, everywhere tidied so the children will be able to play out if the weather holds.  My spare Norman is going to put my new curtain pole up when we get back and has said he will watch hubby for me.  There is a big family day out at Walworth on Monday. Rides. Archery, donkey rides etc. This will be great if it's sunny as it's only five miles to Walworth Castle, they do food as well so I may avoid cooking, hooray.  Ella doesn't know what vegetarian is, its something  they talk about at school, she's a big meat eater so it wont last.  Eli sounds adorable, Harry hated leaving me on Saturday and Daddy said, he does miss his Grandma.  Lisa is now trying to get us to move South and pulled a face when I said no. What would we do, no friends, no one who knows hubby's health problems and no money to buy a house down there, we'd end up in a converted garage!!  So short gossip today but I need to check the car as the ticket machine is playing up, you watch we'll get a parking ticket then I'll have to fight that!! Xx