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3 May 2019 17:11 in response to AusSue

Hi Sue, I was going to try and write before now but have been to Tesco for food, bought Harry two new T shirts and Lisa a bath towel as the hand towels won't go round her boobs!  It always amazes me when people want big boobs, they're so inconvenient and nothing falls properly.  I bought some Gordon's raspberry gin for us two girls to slurp, hubby just shook his head and said we two had turned into plonkies (meaning drinkers!) I then chucked a massive bag of ice cubes across the work top for the gin and he said he never thought he would see the day when I couldn't be bothered to make ice cubes.  Having crawled around on my hands and knees picking up dead crisps, bits of toast and all the other detritus he chucks under the breakfast bar, he's got a cheek.  He's a lot better today and has got his sense of humour back which is good omen for our weekend. You sound so busy and deserve a quiet day, my friend rang and said she never puts her feet up as its too boring, I felt like saying well live in my shoes for a few months you'd be begging to put your feet up!  I rang Lisa on her house phone this morning as her mobile reception is terrible, This is BT it said, call screening 8lis on this number, state your name after the beep,  having done that I got nowhere, so I called her mobile and said it was the Secret Service calling but I didn't know the pass word, is it Lisa's Mum. Harry's grandma or Tugs mum in law?  She rang me back in fits of laughter, Tugs changed it to stop his Mother calling at all hours, she has mental health issues and can contact him on his mobile, so has he banned me as well I ask laughing, she's decided she needs to read the instructions!  So forgive me if I go missing a few days of girly catch up, food, gin and keeping an 8 year old entertained.  See you soon.  Love Carol x

Stay Strong

3 May 2019 19:41 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol.
Sounds like you'll have fun with Lisa and Harry visiting for the weekend.  My 3 girls all have big boobs and complain all the time about them.  It is hard to get clothes that fit everywhere when one part of your body is not in proportion to the rest.  I gathered what plonkies were, we often call alcohol plonk.  It is funny though some of the different meaning of words, you have some I've never heard of and we probably have some you've never heard of.  I'll have to try some raspberry gin one day, it sounds nice.
It is really good that Norman is a lot better today and has his sense of humour back, hopefully the weekend won't wear him out too much so he relapses again.
I had that fairly quiet day today... just caught up with the washing, did some ironing but the pile has grown with what I;ve added today unfortunately.  Cooked some pasta for tea to go with spag bol I had in the freezer.  Maybe Sunday I'll make a pot of soup using the lamb shanks I have in the freezer.  Lots of veggies and barley.  It's great to come home to on a cold day.  We have had cold weather and lots of rain over the last couple of days.  A caravan park on one of the lakes had a tornado go through and it's caused so much damage, ruined 5/6 of the cottages, damaged caravans, lifted boats and dumped them in paddocks.  It's such a pretty spot on Lake Purrembeet.  I went to a Good Friday country music fundraiser there a couple of years ago.  It's only about 35k's from here.
Tomorrow I'll have to go to Bunnings (hardware shop) the light on my bedside table has blown.  I've replaced it with the globe from the other bedside table.  Have dozens of globes here to everything else but that one.  So annoying, I usually have spares.
Have a wonderful time with Lisa and Harry, and wee'll catch up after they've gone.

Take care and love to all.  Sue xx


Stay Strong

6 May 2019 19:07 in response to AusSue

We've had the loveliest of weekends,  Harry is so loving and his sweet face cheers us both up.  He's become a film producer whilst here, Grandma being behind the camera, a production on how to build lego, You Tube here we come!  Sunday lunch was very nice and Sue surprised us by treating us as she'd just received her 20 year service reward, three hours of food, drink and good chat, Harry had his Switch game with him, how lucky are children today, we would have sat there bored out of heads as children in our day.  Hubby has done well but got terrible cramp and screamed in pain, it's a good job we were home by then!  I think it's the low blood count but it's so stressful.  I've just noticed he's getting really thin on top, I'm not saying anything as he loves his head of salt and pepper hair.  I have eaten so much that I'm going to have to do an extra zumba class, except I'm off to the Metro Centre on Thursday then meeting a friend for  lunch on Friday, such a busy life, but as long as he's OK I'll keep going.  We discussed our Golden wedding plans for the first time, we need to let the family know so they can book time off, fortunately it's half term week, so very handy.  Lisa thinks she's in Las Vegas on business but is checking it out.  So feet up, just seen the news about Prince Harry and the baby, a brand new start, how exciting!!  Love Carol x 

Stay Strong

7 May 2019 19:30 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
So good to hear the weekend was lovely.  Grandchildren really are a joy.  I love my time with Eli, it's so special.  Bree's kids also but I don't see them as often as I do Eli.  Your Sunday lunch sounds wonderful.  Kids now are so lucky, we didn't go out for tea when I was his age, we were left with the people that lived next door.  I think I was about 12 when we first went out for tea as a family.  I still, even now, remember it so clearly.  It was a real treat.  Only occaisionally had take-away (fish and chips).  By the time I had Cass, she came even when she was just a toddler.  So glad Norman did well while you had your visitors.  Like you I have eaten so much tonight for tea.  Had Rotary tonight and  my meal tonight, despite ordering the small option (a lot of meals come in two sizes)  was huge, Ate as much as I could but didn't manage to finish it.  Watched Eli at Deana's today, he is getting so good feeding himself now, he sits at his table and chair and feeds himself.  He has 10 teeth now, Deana only realised when she stuck her finger in to see if there were any more about to appear, and found another 2.  Came through without any problems.  Went to aqua balance last night and will go again tomorrow.  Golden wedding anniversary, that's a real achievement.  Get in early so that can all come. I hope Lisa isn't in Las Vegas for whatever you end doing to celebrate.  It wonderful news too about the baby for Prince Harry and Meghan..  It's been all over the news here also.  Prince Harry was absolutely over the moon when he announced it.

Take care, lots of love.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

7 May 2019 21:20 in response to AusSue

Dear Sue, a bitterly cold day here and raining.  I did zumba and Dorothy had fallen out of the awning of the caravan she was in and landed on her lower back she looked really unwell and hardly moved.  We've stayed home all afternoon in the warm.  Grandchildren are a joy mine make me smile, it's only two weeks til I go to London so not long, then I'll see Faye the following weekend.  Dancing again tomorrow then Mary and I are going clothes shopping on Thursday.  I need a linen jacket for the summer.  Yes it's lovely about the Royal baby Harry looked very happy and proud on the TV.  So a quiet day really but I'm a little tired so think I'll have an early night and read.  Take care, love Carol x

Stay Strong

8 May 2019 06:36 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
It's cold here also, and we've had lots of rain.  I hope Dorothy went to the Drs after her fall. 
I'm here now as I won't be on later this evening.  I'll be at Deana's but she asked if I would go straight after swimming.  Eli has had a couple of unsettled nights with his cold.  Chances are tonight he will be fine but so Deana and Nick can both get a reasonable nights sleep and as I was going to be there anyway as Deana is going to the flower market at 4,00am and Nick leaves for work at 4.20am.  I'll go a lot earlier so I can settle him if he is unsettled tonight, and then when he wakes, give him breakfast and get him ready for day-care and drop him off.  I've got wool here so after hunting through patterns, I've decided on one and will take that to do as there isn't a great deal on tv.
Enjoy your clothes shopping on Thursday.  After not much sleep tonight (whether Eli wakes or not), I doubt I'll be doing much tomorrow will be catching up on some sleep, but should be able to post my Thursday evening.

Take care till then and keep warm.  Lots of love.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

8 May 2019 15:58 in response to AusSue

Hi Sue, we seem to have had a relapse today as for the first time in weeks I've been yelled at for no good reason.  He's then gone for bloods at 2pm disappeared un til 4pm.without any call as to where he was going.  I'm so mad that he can just get on with it, these outbursts are hurtful and only done to me, I'm not standing for it.  Miserable weather, even snow, Faye rang and is having problems with Ella and tummy aches, she's now had to send samples in, we're not sure if it's a nervous tummy or something wrong, hopefully the nervous tummy.  Faye sounds at her wits end with them both, it would be nice if I could help but that's life.  I'm looking forward to going out with Mary tomorrow and getting out the house.  Just seen the baby pictures of the royal newborn, he is gorgeous.  I HOPE Elis gets better soon, such early starts for Mum and Dad, they're lucky to have you.  Take care Sue, love Carol x 

Stay Strong

9 May 2019 17:19 in response to Dor06

Things are still a little chilly this morning, I'm getting ready to go out and he says he needs a new plaster on, it'll have to be done before I go out, where are you going he asks crossly as if I've just made up my trip out!  There is one way to do it  before I go, what's that he asks, get out of bed I reply and walk away.  This obviously hits home and he gets up!!  Trying to get a linen jacket was like pulling hens teeth, horrible creased linen in M & S for £79 I wouldn't give you the nine pounds, so Debenham is next, I've got one but not linen and for the first time in my life had to buy a size 16 to get it too fit!!  I've not grown as I'm still wearing my original linen jacket in a size 12 that I bought ten years ago, trust me the label is being cut out!  Back home my spare Norman pops in and puts my shelf back up that fell down on Tuesday, I've unscrewed the shower hose to measure the new one, measured my curtain rail as younger daughter yanked the curtains so hard she broke the hooks which won't come out so a new pole.  Oh and the ceramic cord pull managed to unsscrew itself, fall on the tiled floor and smash to pieces.  We've had an early tea, I'm now eyeing up the raspberry gin as my pudding.  Take care girls.  Love Carol x 

Stay Strong

9 May 2019 18:38 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol and the girls. So fed up with this wet and cold weather. Hope it improves soon. It was my Dennis’s birthday on Tuesday 7th May so my three lovely daughters and son in laws took me out to dinner and we did a toast to him. My grandchildren all got in touch and said they would never forget their dear grandad. He would be so touched and I am so lucky to have them all. So wish he was here though. Miss him every day. Hope Norman’s feeling better now Carol. I’ve not been so good. Dreadful back ache and cloudy head. People say it’s the after effects of the Chemo. Got a bit low too. Hope I get me back before long. Lots of love to all ? Gloria xxx

Stay Strong

10 May 2019 19:23 in response to gloden

Dear Gloria, so lovely to hear from you, family help a lot, lift us up and remind us why we fight.  No he's not good, feeling low and I'm keeping my head down, I've actually just hit the gin again, it keeps me calm!!  Had a good day with a long standing friend but oh my God she shouts, she's very deaf and obviously thinks she's talking normally, so a headache for which I'm taking two paracetamol with the gin!  Fixed all my household repairs, so a shower that does not spurt everywhere and pull cords with fixings attached, I think this is another bone of contention because I do everything, so apparently I'm picking on him!!  I'm sorry you feel low, it must be hard to not feel like yourself.  Did the hair colour go OK, that was lovely remembering Dennis, you must miss him.  Not a lot planned this weekend as I go to London next weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing my daughter again.  Take care all of you.  Love Carol x 

Stay Strong

11 May 2019 19:56 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol, 

I posted on Thursday night, have no idea where it went, and certainly can't remember what I said now.   It was the night after I watched Eli.  He was very unsettled that night so it was good that I was there as Deana and Nick both got an unbroken nights sleep.  He is over his cold now and has slept well since overnight.  Hopefully Ella's problem is only nervous tummy.  Baby Archie is gorgeous.  I like the name although it's not the usual royal name.  I thought I was going with Deana again yesterday to get flowers but a girlfriend of hers went.  It's good when there is two going when she goes so early, she would usually still be asleep.  She is going again tomorrow also but Deana, Nick and Eli are all in Melbourne overnight, they have gone and stayed with Nicks sister and her husband.  Deana will drive back after she gets flowers and Nick and his sister will drive back here later.  Deana has been busy as it's Mother's day.  Hence the reason for so many trips to the flower market.  She thought she'd bought enough but sales have been great so she went again yesterday and has nearly sold all those as well.  So still needed more for the morning (when she is open) and early next week.
I hope Norman has improved over the last few days.  Did you manage to get a linen jacket at Debenham's.  Just ignore the size tag, they all vary so much.  I have clothes that go over 3 sizes, and have to admit I feel great when it's the smaller size that fits but just ignore it totally if its a larger size.  Glad you got all your household repairs done.  Friday Grahame and his Mum came for a visit, Brian, Josanne, Grahame, his mum and I had a lovely lunch and really good afternoon chatting. Today has been a lazy day.  Deana has already wished me a happy Mother's Day, she will be in the shop so I probably won't see her.  Bree has rung me already as she is working tomorrow also, I will catch up with her next weekend when I go to Melbourne.  I voted the other day as we have elections here next Saturday, it will be interesting to see who our next prime minister is.  Not sure it really makes much difference, they both promise many things, and renege on 90% of them.
Gloria, That would have been lovely for Dennis's birthday, especially with the grandchildren all calling as well..  It's not the same as having our partners here though.  Hope you are feeling better, They do say the after effects of chemo can last a long time.  Did you get your hair done?  

Take care, and love to all.  Sue xxx

Stay Strong

12 May 2019 15:41 in response to AusSue

Dear Sue, sorry to reply so late but I've been busy gardening as its actually warm and sunny.  Norman is asleep in the conservatory as he now has a chest infection, he's talking about going to the Pub but apparently it will be wall to wall football as the season ends today, me I'd rather make myself a gin and tonic and stay home!  Happy Mothers day, its been on the radio here saying its other countries Mothering Sunday.  No I didn't get a linen jacket as they were all horrible, I bought a light coloured one in a washable material and I'm sure I will get lots of wear out of it.  It was so nice to hear from Gloria, she's obviously still struggling but going by the way Norman is up amd down I'm not surprised.  Annie is obviously still struggling with her internet/computer problems, she's not even answering other's posts which she has always done.  I'm looking forward to seeing Lisa next Saturday, it's only a day so I won't worry about home.  Norman and I will not vote in our elections this time as we have been betrayed by what we voted for last time, what's the point when it's overturned by the elite?  Pretty sad really as women have not long had a vote but we are all pretty disillusioned by this lot!!  I'm going toake a cup of tea for him before it gets too hot in there for him.  Take care Sue, love Carol xx

Stay Strong

12 May 2019 19:19 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
Poor Norman, he can't win at the moment, hope it will pass soon and he'll be feeling better.  Keep him hydrated.  I'm with you I would rather stay home with a drink that go to the pub with wall to wall footbal.  Your jacket sounds nice nice.  It's always nice to hear from either Gloria or Annie.  I'm not surprised Gloria still has some ongoing effects either.  I saw what treatments did to Neil, and you hear so many stories of lasting effects, even once the cancer has gone.  I really wish there was something else they could use that wasn't so harsh on the body.  Maybe one day.  Not long to go till you see Lisa.  We will both be seeing our daughters the same day.  I'm going to a dinner with Neil's old workmates and their partners but will go earlier and catch up with Bree before the dinner.  I hate elections, will be glad when it's all over.  Sick of their campaigning.  Hardly worth voting anyway, of late they don't stay in long enough.  Infighting within the parties and they get rid of whoever was voted in and we end up with someone else.

I've got to ring the vet's in the morning and try to get an appointment for Cookie, not that she seems ill at all, but she has a bald patch I've just noticed.  Everything I've read says it's most likely either ringworm or an allergy.  Doesn't fit the description of ringworm but would hope it's not an allergy either, but best get it checked.  She won't like me at all when I take her.  Apart from that just aqua balance tomorrow night.

Getting late so heading to bed.  Take care, love Sue xxx

Stay Strong

13 May 2019 18:08 in response to AusSue

Dear Sue, hope all went well at the vets.  A beautiful day here so lawn mowed, hanging baskets planted and all the washing is dry.  Hubby decided that my new 8 ball bird feeder was costing us money, I called him a scrooge!  So whilst I was out he tried to take it down, got hooked on my large rose Bush and ripped his jumper too bits, so for the sake of a few pounds a wool jumper costing forty pounds is now a right off, he said he thought  he would be stuck there until I came home, it would have served him right if he had been!!  I'm having a pedicure tomorrow then I can get my toe nails done, my boot worn feet need some pampering.  We've had tea, a nice chilled glass of wine and then feet up, I had a horrible night's sleep, nightmares about death, my hair falling out and other meaningless horrors.  So a little tired and hoping for a better night's sleep.  Love Carol x 

Stay Strong

13 May 2019 18:37 in response to Dor06

Hi girls. Beautiful day here.Dida bit of gardening, two lines of washing and changed my bed. Most I’ve done for a while. Tired and back ache now but so pleased with myself. Keep keeping cobwebs. Must sort them. These days as long as the kitchen and bathroom are clean and the bed changed I have to ignore the dust and cobwebs cause I run out of steam. These sunny days really help though and give you energy I find. Yes Sue I had my blonde put back in and it’s growing really well thank goodness. It’s a bit of me back. Just need these aches and pains to go away. Need some energy too. I see my GP on the 23 rd May and my oncologist on the 4 th May so hoping they can help. Hope Norman is feeling better now Carol. I need to make appointment for my feet too also at the opticians. Keep putting things off till I feel stronger. Lots of love and hugs to you all . Gloria xxx