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24 Apr 2019 18:00 in response to Dor06

Deat Carol,
I have heard that after losing limbs you can experience phantom pain, never realised the pain could be so severe.  Glad at least that is feeling better.  The low platelets doesn't sound good, I've heard of it happening but we didn't have that with Neil so don't know much about it.  Hopefully they can correct that issue without too much trouble, or discomfit for Norman.  Things can change so quickly, and it sure does bring to back to earth.
I forgot to mention also at Rotary lat night I won a game (first one they have played while I've been there).  We all put in a dollar to play, and two stood at the front, basically tossed the coin and said whether it was heads or tails, prior to them doing that we had to place our hands on either our heads or tails, or one on each.  They kept going till only one was left, which happened to be me, so I won $20.  Small meeting lat night because of the holiday weekend (yesterday was still a public holiday). It was fun.
When I think about it, it is beautiful here, and we get quite a lot of tourists to the area.  There are 3 wineries each within 10 mins of home, numerous waterfalls, 3 are really pretty.  Lots of boutique foods, cheesemakers, ice-cream, berry farms.  We have a blues and blueberry festival in February..  One day when you have nothing to do, search the Otways Victoria and Great Ocean Road.
We are hoping the weather doesn't get too miserable on Sunday, they have predicted cold and wet.  We are still going though regardless, Deana has told me to rug up as there is no shelter.  My umbrella might be used finally.
I don't feel like I've done much today, I looked after Eli at Deana's then tonight went to aqua balance.  I did get Nick to come and get the bird out of the chimney.  Every couple of months almost I get a bird stuck in the chimney, I think they sit on the edge of it and if there is a gust of wind they fall in, then they can't get out.  The cats go silly as they can hear it scratching to get out.  There is a plate nick can remove to get it out.  We just open the door nice and wide, I have a triple sliding door at the back onto the porch, and they usually just fly straight out..
I'm home tomorrow, what will I do to fill the day.  There's lots actually, ironing, I've got a nice big pile of that.  Other things I'd rather do.  Time will tell.

Take care and I hope Norman improves.  Love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

25 Apr 2019 19:30 in response to AusSue

Dear Sue, I will have a look as it sounds so beautiful.  Norman has not had a good week, his immune system is attacking his joints again and he was in a lot of qpain last night, but better today.  My gardener came and chopped back the laburnum and centre tree that wa sabout 30 foot high, it looks neater but I don't mind it looking a little wild, it'll soon grow back.  We have had a really heavy rain storm but we needed it, its been so dry the fields couldn't take it so the roads were flooded.  Off to town to meet Mary for coffee in the morning, not much else to report   Take care, love Carol x

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26 Apr 2019 00:51 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
I've just got home from a Melbourne trip  with Deana to get flowers.  It's cold so I've put the heating on today.  It was warmer in Melbourne and the closer we got to home the colder it got and the showers got heavier.  My garden isn't all that old yet and the only plant that could do with a prune is one of the yucca's.  I'm not game enough to do it though, although everything I read say it's not difficult.  I have a rock garden at the front, and I suspect it's nothing like your gardens in England.
Hopefully Norman will improve shortly.  I hope he has something for the pain he is in.
Talking about where we live, I think we become quite blasé when we see the sights often or everyday. 
Going to search through some recipes, thinking I will make a zucchini slice as part of our lunch for Sunday.

Take care, love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

27 Apr 2019 18:42 in response to AusSue

Hi girls, I've had a busy few days, hubby is looking better and is back on folic acid, this should help, the phantom pain has subsided and he's rested more.  The weather is very wet but I braved Tesco and bumped into Carole who Ii worked with at Court then Fred walked past he was an Usher I trained up but he got bowel cancer.  He'd been a Marine in Northern Ireland and had been blown up by the IRA, they couldn't remove the shrapnel and as time went by it irritated his inner bowel.  Such a brave man and he now has prostate cancer, life is so cruel at times.  So catch up over and in store I bump into Christine who has a wrist strap on, what have you done I ask, she'd had to have a 24 hour heat monitor on, got up in the night, missed the toilet seat and ended up going sideways whist trying to grab the equipment on her and ended up in A & E!!  Lisa is now coming home for May Bank Holiday with Harry which is lovely as I will see them twice in one month, a rarity for us both, she'd had a roofer in and it turned out her gable end was on the verge of collapse, the original house is 1950 build, then a new extension, so an expensive job.  We've had a home made pork rogan josh for tea, I'm absolutely stuffed, I'm not even sure if I have room for wine!!  Xx

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28 Apr 2019 12:35 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
It's good to hear that Normal is both looking and feeling better.  Going shopping seems to be a social outing for you running into so many you know.  Will be lovely for you to have another visit from Lisa and Harry.  Your pork rogan josh sounds lovely, I can't complain though we had a really delicous pasta that Bree cooked when we got home from fishing... mind you I was left with a terrible mess and dishes for 9, which I'll start shortly.  Can't expect much more from 4 kids all under 6.
The day fish was actually quite enjoyable, although cold and it did rain quite heavily.  I had a waterproof jacket on but the rain ran down my back and pooled on the seat, didn't notice while I stayed sitting but when I got up it was most uncomfortable with a wet bottom.  Deana and I both managed to catch 2 fish each, mine were both undersize, but 1 of Deana's we could have brought home but it got a reprieve and it was thrown back in to fight another day.  Too much like hard work to clean and gut it.  Had a yummy picnic lunch with zucchini slice and fresh rolls with salad and chicken, ham or salami.  We were all so full we didn't even both with the snacks.  Stopped at Apollo Bay at the ice-creamery for beautiful ice-cream, they have so many flavours.  Quite a good day overall.  They have all gone home now, so will get my house back into some sort of order.  Can't remember my kids being quite that messy.  Neilo would have been 60 today.  Deana said she was thinking just the other day that we should have been planning a 60th for him instead of a picnic lunch for us to remember.  (Deana used to help a lot when we had bigger parties or BBQ's, from memory for my 60th we had about 60 here for BBQ/spit roast.  Neil's would have been bigger.)
Tomorrow Deana and I are off to Geelong for Eli's 2nd hearing test.  With Bree's kids hearing loss, they check Eli very thoroughly just to make sure his hearing is fine.  His last test was fine, he seems to hear well, so we aren't expecting anything from it.  Then he has another when is over 2.
Last night I went with a girlfriend to the Piano Bar, had a really good night.  We all request what gets played so it depends a lot on who is there on any given night.  It gets quite lively as the night progresses.  I'll be looking for some quiet days by Wednesday.  Tuesday I'll have Eli as usual.

Will close now and start tidying up, and the pile of dishes.  Get the wet clothes washed as well.

Take care, love to all.  Sue xxx

Stay Strong

28 Apr 2019 14:53 in response to AusSue

Hi Sue, what a very busy weekend you've all had, lucky fish surviving another day, the piano bar sounds brilliant I love nights out like that.  My friend Pauline lost her husband to brain cancer aged 60 years, she just said the other day it's 13 years since he died, I remembered because it was Norman's 60th, like it would have been Neil's and we were in London seeing the family, we came back, got changed and made it to the Wake.  Norman has now got a urine infection so we had a bad night wondering if we should ring the doctor, except you now have to ring the NHS and go through a triage system, so we did that this morning and got an appointment with our GP in the morning. What a farce, poor Norman even had to answer questions on his sexual activity, it's ridiculous and Embarrassing   He's asleep in the conservatory and is a little better, antibiotics should help when he finally gets them.  I did ring our McMillan nurse but once again got no reply!!  I've been to our little Mall about 7 miles away and bought some lovely soft slip on flat mules at TK Maxx, popped into the pound shop and got a Frisbee and some shuttlecocks for the children coming  home.  It's good that they check Eli, Ella has the same with her eyes as she has. Lazy eye, it runs in our family and unfortunately both my girls and Ella got it.  I'm going to check on hubby now and see if he wants tea and a custard slice, honestly he's ruined!!  Speak soon.  Xx Carol 

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29 Apr 2019 11:06 in response to Dor06

Sorry to keep disappearing; I went away for a couple of days to stay with friends during which time I tripped and cracked a bone in my right arm (osteoporosis strikes again) and had to stay there until I could comfortably drive myself home.  It is not very comfortable now the cast is off so I am trying to keep typing down to a minimum.  I had to come back eventually as a new mattress I had ordered was being delivered (I had been going to buy a laptop to carry around but decided the mattress was more urgent as the old one was not very comfortable).  When it arrived (all rolled up) it was so heavy that the combined efforts of Paul and myself could not get it upstairs (what with his chest and my arm that was not surprising) so one of his pals from the pub came and carried it up for me.  As soon as it came out of its cardboard wrappings it opened up in every direction (it's a memory foam one)  - I should have got Paul's pal to take the old mattress downstairs first but he was in a hurry as he was going to see his mum in hospital.  Anyway, it eventually sorted itself out and is absolutely wonderfully comfortable.  Thanks goodness for that as I would never have managed to return it!   I am not going to post too much as my arm still hurts and for some reason - I have abdominal pains which I am hoping were only caused by a new pair of denim jeans I have been wearing in - they are always too tight at first.  Sorry if my general grouchiness translates into this post.  It will be easier if I just sit quietly and catch up on everyone' else's doings.  Annie

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29 Apr 2019 13:22 in response to Dor06

Carol, just wanted to say that I am sorry that Norman has had his ups and downs (although I giggled at the sexual activity questions).  Hope he is improving.  Carol, so pleased you are getting out and about and good news about the rotary.  Annie

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29 Apr 2019 15:04 in response to Dor06

 Hi Carol and girls. Sorry Norman is poorly again. Hope the antibiotics are kicking in now. I think not only the cancer lowers you but the treatments really leave behind a load of problems. I get aches and pains I never had before and I have not got back much energy yet. I cleaned my oven and cleaned and tidied the kitchen and had to have a break before I could hang the washing out. But I’m grateful I can do things now and my hair is really growing well. I’ve had my blonde back in so bits of me are coming back I feel. We had a wonderful time in the IOM over Easter for Connor and Charlie’s Christenings. Two of my dear little great grandsons. Lovely weather and great family time. Stayed in a beautiful hotel just outside Douglas in pretty grounds with a lake and golf course. I really felt it when we came home and they dropped me off and I shut the door behind me. That’s when I miss Dennis most. Sue I know just how you feel. Can’t say it ever goes away, nor do you want it to but the hurt softens a little and you somehow learn to live without them. It’s been 13 years since I lost my soulmate but something reminds me of him every day. I feel him with me especially in the garden. We have a lovely sunny day here and the chap that does my garden has been and it’s looking good. Loads of buds coming out everywhere. Looks like it’s a good year for clematis and the wisteria is looking good too. Find the garden very healing. Can’t do as much as I used to but still love to potter. Hope every one is ok and enjoying the spring weather at the moment. Lots of love. Gloria xxx

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29 Apr 2019 17:29 in response to gloden

Dear Carol, Annie and Gloria,
Eli's hearing is fine, no problems with that, although they did find he has fluid in both ears so another appointment in August to check that.  If still there then probably a referral to an ENT specialist.  It's good they aren't taking any chances and if it becomes a problem it will be dealt with sooner rather than later..  If there is a lot of fluid it can affect their hearing and you don't want that in their early years when learning to talk, which is what happened to Stevie. A lot of what she says isn't pronounced correctly, it's improving as her hearing has improved, but so much better to avoid it if you can. Eli  loves balloons, so while in the shoppng centre we passed a shop that sold them so after lunch I bought him one.  So cheap and the fun he had with it while we were driving was well worth it.
Mr Higgins is a funny cat, I'm apparently not allowed to have a bookmark in my book, most nights he takes it out to play with, but this morning when I woke up it was in the water bowl.  The things that amuse him.
Gloria, I think I'll always miss Neil, but already that really raw loss has passed.  Some days are way harder than others though.  Sunday even though the kids (grandkids) with their antics made it a lot easier than it would have been, was still hard, it would have been his 60th and of course we were doing something he so loved doing. none of us forgot why we were all there. It's good though that you sound like you are feeling more like your old self, even though you still tire.  Wisteria is beautiful, and gardens are healing.  I wish we had spring weather, not long till winter here though, and have had some really cold miserable days.
Annie, we can't afford to fall, just hope your arm heals quickly.  It so limits what we are able to do.
Carol, Hoping Norman continues to improve and is back to his usual before long.

Heading to bed, as I have Eli tomorrow.  Take care, and love to all.  Sue xxx

Stay Strong

29 Apr 2019 20:31 in response to AusSue

Hi my girls!  A really boring stressful day here, doctors this morning to get antibiotics so up early, then off to James Cook for his RA check up, the drop off was a nightmare and car parking is traumatic, at least by the time I got back a kind nurse was pushing him to the reception.  Gloria the Christening sounds so beautiful and what glorious weather you had, my garden is looking good and we managed to sit out when Faye came home, I'm pleased you are feeling more like you, I think it takes its toll on you having treatment Norman has been struggling all week.  Annie, you've done my favourite trick, fell over, you don't sound grouchy just fed up, I wish I'd been there to see the mattress malarkey!  Sue, you have coped so well since losing Neil, but you have carried on, helped others along the way and getting your social life back on track.  I'm going to have to ring friends now as the Jazz night has been cancelled due to lack of kitchen staff, so annoying though it will be on again.  So love to you all.  Xx Carol 

Stay Strong

30 Apr 2019 19:19 in response to Dor06

Hubby is a little better today but lacking energy, it's a gorgeous day so he just rides to Richmond to admire the scenery and doesn't bother having a coffee as he can't be bothered to talk to anyone.  I do my dance class, Chrstine is still in a wrist band after falling off the toilet and they can't tell if it's cracked as it's too swollen.  Dorothy tells me she did what I said last week and did her favourite dance, I want to Boogie without watching the instructor, she's very pleased with herself and I tell her I'm. Impressed that she remembered what I'd said a week ago. We have a laugh about that!  Back home next door are having new windows so I pop and ask if they would have time to check two of mine, I need a security man to pull them shut.  He comes round, fixes them and says no charge  It just goes to show that a nice smile and pleasant behaviour goes a long way, hubby says it's my big boobs and blue eyes that swing it every time!!  He's told me today he's a very lucky man having married me, I agree with him!!  Love to you all.  Xx

Stay Strong

1 May 2019 16:05 in response to Dor06

Up and ready for zumba, check phone, it's been cancelled, Kimberly's asked me to let people know, I think her Grandma is dying.  So Margaret and I head off to Wynyard Hall, have lunch, meander the Glass House, full of beautiful candles, flowers, wine glasses and other gorgeous goodies, but very expensive, they're getting the gardens ready for the summer.  Pumpkins, corn on the cob, cauliflowers all to be turned into soups for us to eat at a later date.  I got lost coming back but ended up meandering through pretty villages until we spotted a sign for home.  The GP has just called to book another appointment for hubby, that's about six in the next month, oh joy!  Finally got hold of Chris to say Jazz night cancelled, she's been in Valenzia, a last minute booking she says, soo jealous, a trip away would be a dream.  So girls hoping all is well.  Catch up soon. Xx

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2 May 2019 14:14 in response to Dor06

I think this husband of mine is pulling the wool over my eyes!  He has an appointment with the copd nurse at 9.30am, he doesn't feel well he says, he's hot and thinks he has a temperature, I feel his head and disagree, he's wheezy and feels horrible. So I keep calm, leave him alone and off he goes.  Thirty minutes later he's back home, blood pressure spot on, oxygen levels. 97%, breath flow 98% and no chest infections.  So basically healthier than me!  I mow the lawn, sweep up, chop the fir tree down that is overhanging the bins and drips on me constantly, sweep up again and Norman next door starts laughing at me, apparently I have fir tree stuck to my head, what are you doing he asks, so he gets his Strimmer cuts it all down in five minutes flat and tells me off for not asking for help!  Hubby decides to nod off in the conservatory and within a few minutes is snoring and wheezing away, bless him he does look worn out.  So another daughter visiting this weekend, here we come the Bees Wing Pub, I'm not cooking again!!  See you soon. Xx

Stay Strong

2 May 2019 19:37 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
Car parlking always seems to be hoorrendous at hospitals.. you would think as they have people visiting who usually aren't well, they would all have more close to the hospital.  Some of ours have multilevel carparking with lifts so you can get off at the floor you need in the hospital.  It should be mandatory at all.  I ahree with Norman the big boobs and blue eyes played a part but I think the smile and being pleasant help a lot too.  It would have been a good day lunch and then your walk through the Glass House, it.  It is neverending appointments with cancer, whether you are have active treatment or not.It's goo that Norman is doing well despite his claims of feeling horrible,  It was lovely of your neighbour to help.  I did a search of strimmer (never heard of it) and we call it a whipper snipper.  I used to hate when Neil used ours.  He used to go over everything, plants and all,. More visitors, can't say I blame you saying you'd eat at the Bees Wing Club.  Visitors while love ly to see are a lot of work.
Its been a couple of days since I responded.. been busy yet again.  Tuesday I had Eli, then that evening I had Rotary.  Yesterday I was running around paying bills then had aqua balance last night and today had my nails done.  Called in to see Deana after that and bought a tunic for winter.  Looking forward to a nice quiet day tomorrow washing and ironing.  Can think of lots I'd rather be doing but it needs doing.
Still catching up from all the early mornings I've had.  Glad at least I don't have to go with Deana to the flower market in the morning.
Off to bed will see you tomorrow.
Take care, and love to all.  Sue xx