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5 Nov 2018 18:35 in response to AusSue

Hi all you lovely girls. Been to tkmax today with my daughter Sally. Lovely Christmas things. Bought a couple and Sally bought a beautiful fairy for the top of her tree. Love tsk . You never know what you will find. Felt a bit weak and wobbly in there but came out got fresh air and trolley and had another few minutes. It was good being out. I’ve got another lump appeared on my back but not panicking as the last one on my breast was not the cancer and pet scan showed clear. Give it a few days and see how it goes. I said to my girls , is this how my life’s going to be , every little lump and ache or pain I start to worry. That’s a devil Norman having R A after Chemo Carol. My lovely dad suffered with that. So much pain. I’m worried about the aches I’ve got. Hoping they get less or go away. This Chemo has got a lot to answer for. Yes kills the cancer but leaves behind a lot of trouble. Love to Annie Julie and Sue. So lovely to chat with you. Really helps . Lots of hugs xxx

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5 Nov 2018 19:10 in response to gloden

Well done Gloria a little shopping TLC goes a long way.  Whenever I felt down last year I took off to TK Maxx just to wander around looking at pretty things gets you away from the hum drum life.  My friend Maureen has been clear of breast cancer for many years, yet she still worries about aches and lumps, so maybe it will just be something you need to accept,  it's hard but you have got the all clear.  Hubby's cold is sending him bonkers, he asked me for the Daily Mail, it's on the table I said, No that's the Daily Mirror.   So he makes me go outside into the recycling because I've probably thrown it away, I haven't , the conservatory coffee table, No, in the front room , No.  I'm in the middle of cooking tea so exasperated I tell him I have no idea where it is,  I pick up the newspaper in front of him, it's the blooming Daily Mail that he's had me hunting for!!  He's also shouting at me as his ears are blocked, I'm hiding in the front room!  Take care xx

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5 Nov 2018 22:47 in response to Dor06

Hi Gloria, Carol, Annie and Sue

Thank goodness for retail therapy.  It really does help take your mind off things for a little while.  Gloria you are bound to worry about every little ache and pain - you are super aware of everything that's going on in your body, and that's a good thing.  I hope you find that as time goes on, you relax more and worry less.  My surgeon gave me good advice (after my mastectomy, 13 years ago).  He said that at the end of treatment, you have got to believe that you are cured.  I know everyone's experience of cancer is very different - sometimes advice helps and sometimes it doesn't!!  Maybe retail therapy is the answer

Carol, I hope hubby's cold gets better soon! Men with colds.......sorry, just managed to read the last few posts (this thread seems to be playing up tonight).  Poor Norman has RA to cope with now as well as everything else.  Chemo really is a poisoned chalice.  Presumably he has been prescribed something to help?  Not a good day for both of you.

We had a bit of a mix up with the hospital today.  We thought another scan would happen this week, but it had been cancelled/postponed by the kidney clinic.  His scan won't happen now until 22nd Nov. with results on 28th.  The dye they use could damage Dave's kidneys more so they don't want to do it too soon.  I can't help but think that due to this delay that the cancer will become inoperable.  I know he's thinking the same.  It's horrible to contemplate but I know we'll soldier on and make the most of his being relatively well.  Him being in hospital over Christmas is the least of my worries just now.  He is really well and getting stronger each day.  

We had a lot of visitors yesterday, including our son and granddaughter.  Son had the wedding photos on a pen drive, all 800 of them!!  We had to see them all, don't envy them having to choose which ones to print out.  Ah things were much simpler in our day...

Carol, have you enjoyed your birthday celebrations so far?  Sue and Annie, how are things with you?

Love to you all,

Julie x

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6 Nov 2018 13:47 in response to Juliebmatilda

Hi my lovely . strong girls, I'm struggling to type today as I've had nail extentions and they are a little longer than my own!   Very pretty though and they are a beautiful berry pink,  hubby has had to help me pull my trousers up as I was afraid they may ping off.  The things we do to look our best !  So the cold is now a full blown chest infection,  I just knew that I wouldn't get through this week without a problem,  but he's being very stoical telling  me not to stress as he'll be OK.  It's so upsetting  when the treatments don't go to plan, you feel that everything is going awry but kidneys are important, I think the only time I cried in front of Faye was when hubby was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure due to chemo,  I thought If the cancer doesn't get him the kidneys will finish him off!  Still we got through it and lived to tell the tale.   Christmas is not worth worrying about when husbands are ill, they really aren't that bothered anyway,  mine makes me laugh,    it's such a carry on he tells me,  all this shopping,  writing cards ,   wrapping presents up blah, blah, he actually writes a card for me, gets the girls to wrap my present and eats the Xmas lunch we've shopped for,  Men!!  Crikey 800 photos, I think I may have been yawning by the end,  we had something like thirty and chose twelve,  we couldn't afford anymore! So feet up, nod off before I go to the theatre, have a drink and fall into bed again.  Lots of love,  Carol xx 

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6 Nov 2018 15:27 in response to Dor06

Hi Laides,

Gloria, Sounds like a lovely day shopping., and it does take your mind of everything else, even if only for a while.  It's only natural to worry I would think after cancer, but hopefully the worry will become less as times goes on.  I used to say to Neil the cure was almost worse than the disease.  I saw what it did to him,
Carol, I do things like that, look everywhere for something and it was right there where I first looked.  I hope Norman recovers quickly from his chest infection.  Christmas does involve a lot of preparatioln for 1 day.  I usually love the shopping, wrapping and cards, not so keen this year, but I have given out 1 card already, to my brother and his wife.  
Julie, it's awful when they change/postpone appointmentws on you.  The fact that you have to wait another couple of weeks must be so frustrating.   The fact that Dave iis getting stronger each day has to help him.  It's hard to believe there were 800 wedding photos.  They have lots to chose from for their album. but I have no idea how they will chose the photos that will eventually go in their album.  we had about 100 and that was bad enough.  

Today was the Melbourne Cup function, which was an enjoyable day except the sad news of the horse (Cliffsofmoher) that was euthanised just after the Melbourne Cup was run, due to a broken shoulder.  Such a beautiful horse.  Another busy day tomorrow as I'm going to Catch up with my daughter Bree and have a mammogram in the afternoon, anad catch up with a girlfriend in the evening.  May not be on the conmputer tomorrow at all as it will be late when I get home.  So all have a wonderfuol day.

Love to all, take care.  Sue xx

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7 Nov 2018 15:55 in response to Dor06

It's he big day!  Hubby has coughed a lot in the night so I'm  little tired, but I opened all of my  wonderful cards with  knife as I haven't worked out how to use these fingernails yet!  Off to zumba,  Mary gave me a card with an IOU in it and I have lots of chocolates,  spa goodies,  wine, trinket boxes, and more flowers!  I've just had lunch with my brother and hubby has gone to get his elbow done again. Lisa is having a spa day in celebration of my day, got to love these girls, poor Faye can't lock her front door so she's stuck in waiting for a locksmiths arrival.  Dracula was amazing ,  we all jumped out of our seats with fright when it began,  very scary and actual rain coming down at the end onto the stage.  So I've got  couple of  hours before I go out, so  a nap is in order for this old gal.  Take care all of you. Xx

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8 Nov 2018 14:26 in response to Dor06

I hope you can see the new photo, it's me last night wearing sunglasses to stop the glare of the 70 candles!   A wonderful night, good friends and lots of love all around.   Hubby suffering from a chest infection still picked us up and I was tucked up by 1 am.   Jean kept directing him left when I knew we should have turned right (she's left handed and gets them muddled up) so every time I tried to correct her I was told to be quiet as Jean knew where she lived needless to say we had an interesting journey home!  I have felt so loved this last fortnight it's been a joy.  So I'm catching up on Coronation Street and eating chocolate.   I was going to have cake but we asked the restaurant to cut twelve slices to serve us and they cut the whole cake meaning we ended up with enormous slices on our plate!  Mis communication between us and Italian waiters.  I hope you are all doing well.  Love Carol xx 

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8 Nov 2018 15:27 in response to Dor06

Happy Birthday for yesterday Carol.  Hope it was a wonderful day.  It certainly sounds like it was.  So many wonderful gifts, 2 nights out, and wonderful friends and family to celebrate with you.  Dracula sounds great.  Great effect to have rain failling at the end.  Hope that Faye managed to get her front door lock fixed, this day and age you can't just leave your fron door unlocked, but I remember when youj could. .Love that you all got big slices of cake, although it was a shame you couldn't have any later, although I'm sure the chocolate makes up for that,  You did make it home after your mixed up directions and interesting hourney home.  They didn't really have 70 candles of your cake did they?  Did they have a few lighting the candles, as they first would have been burning a while nefore the last had been lit.But we can make out the photo, 

I've had a quiet day today after a busy day yesterday.  I caught up with Bree and we had lunch at a lovely little cafe/wine bar.  Really lovely food.  Then I went and had the mammogram.  then once that was done I caught up with my girlfriend who had cooked tea for us both.  Got home really late and went to bed.  

Hope everyone is doing well.

Love to all and take care.  Sue xxx

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8 Nov 2018 17:31 in response to AusSue

Just to clarify there were not seventy candles, I think the fire alarm may have gone off!  Just the number 70 was lit courtesy of my lovely daughter Fayes contribution. Xx

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8 Nov 2018 22:59 in response to Dor06

Sounds like a wonderful few days/weeks Carol!!  Am I right in thinking there is more to come?  Enjoy x  Very cool photo!!

We've had a quiet few days here, Dave actually drove for the first time in a couple of months so that's a step forward.  We had a phone call from good friends tonight (from Cornwall) - good to hear from them and Dave spoke for so long (mainly about rugby and Man U...) and his voice got back to normal!  His voice has sounded strange over the past few weeks.  

Hope everyone is doing ok.

Julie xx

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9 Nov 2018 09:15 in response to Juliebmatilda

That's sounding positive Julie, Norman loved talking to his mates it's difficult having only women around you all the time, they need some man cave time with men!!  Norman is not well but won't let me get a GP, he's self diagnosing and says it's a virus on his chest.  I am leaving early tomorrow morning for London, but it's just the day, I've just seen my neighbour and he said he'll take me but Norman will not let that happen as he's too stubborn.   I doctored the photo, I didn't really have sunglasses on in the restaurant! !  So I hope Dave gets stronger for his operation,  you're obviously doing a brilliant job,  trust me I know how hard it is to get them to certain stages, so we'll done Julie,  you should be proud of yourself.   Carol xx

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9 Nov 2018 15:31 in response to Dor06

I'm up at 5.45 am as hubby is coughing badly, , I made him tea and gave him an ibuprofen and asked if I could call the GP.  So basically it's like talking to an elephant , no,no ,no.  I'm so cross I shut both bedroom doors, lay right over the other side of the bed and fall asleep until 8.30.  I go out to drag the recycling out with bed head hair, pyjamas and a dressing gown and my neighbour calls happy birthday as he never saw me on Wednesday .  I tell him hubby is not well and he offers to drive me tomorrow morning,  I tell hubby and I can see the relief on his face.  Faye calls to say, wear comfy shoes, don't bring to much and wear a cross body bag to be safe, having reached my dotage I need looking after.     I don't have a cross body bag, I live in the North East, we sling our bags over our shoulders!  So I begrudgingly drive to TK Maxx  (you know me well, this is not a chore!).   Ten minutes later I have a bag and my bossy daughter will be happy .  I've just had a catastrophe,  the bedroom stank of vick and sick people so I flung the window open wide,  he's going to freeze to death as I can't shut it!  Kill or cure was my Mother's motto, it must have rubbed off on me.  So girls I hope you are all coping with what life has thrown at you,  I'll let you know how my weekend goes.  Love Carol xx 

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11 Nov 2018 09:36 in response to Dor06

So after an 18 hour day and seven of them on a slow boat to China (supposedly LNERservice) seven hours sleep I'm up as hubby is not well and is not going with me today for the Remembrance Day wreath laying and lunch. My lovely neighbour took me for the early train yesterday in his brand new Mercedes a so at least the first part of my journey was in style! I met Gordy  and Faye at King's Cross and Ella's face was a joy when she saw me, we had forgotten that the RUGBY! LORD MAYORS SHOW AND REMEMBRANCE SERVICE! We're all on so got taxi to the Lyceum and met Lisa at the restaurant.. The weather was gorgeous and lunch with all my favourite people made me happy. By two we had to walk to the theatre and Ella broke her heart that she had to go home. Lion Kong was spell binding and we had plastic glasses of champagne! All our plans went out the window when we left as the weather had turned to monsoon mode whilst we were inside. I have never  been so wet in my life, it was horrendous and so busy, traffic jammed, horns honking ambulances trying to get round the traffic jams, Covent Garden was a wash out and we dived in to the M & M store, basically three floors of sweets, expensive T shirts, and rubbish goods. By seven we went to get a tube back and every entrance was blocked due to water and congestion so we weren't allowed access, So we walked all the way to Oxford Street in the rain and that was jammed as well, I was panicking by now as I only had half an hour to get my train home. So a taxi was hailed and I explained to the lovely guy what my problem was about getting home and it turned out his 77 year old DAD has lung cancer so he got me there with ten minutes to spare!! The train home ran out of alcohol, the hot urn broke down our carriage door was jammed half way across so it was freezing, my mac was so soaked  I had to take it off and I had no food, but I'm here to tell the tale, Hubby is dog rough and glad to have me home, next time I'm missing London out!! Take care all of you, Carol xx

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12 Nov 2018 14:07 in response to Dor06

I didn't have time to write yesterday.   I was up and out again for the special REMEMBRANCE Sunday lunch that hubby had arranged for us to attend despite my being so busy that week, he then managed to miss it because he was still unwell.  This self diagnosed cold has now been ten days of illness, him shouting at me as his ears are blocked again, so what with tiredness and him yelling at me (not intentionally ) my head was pounding!  Anyway the lunch was marvellous and we had our own veteran aged 99 years old who lives in the village and had suffered many trials during his many years of service,  he was also the only survivor of his ship that had been sunk delivering goods to Russia.  A rousing sing song by us all, waving flags and belting out all the old wartime songs.  We had a singer who told us stories of her Uncle  who aged 38 years volunteered to go to fight, leaving a wife and seven children behind .  He was killed and apparently every Friday night she sent for a jug of ale, got drunk and toasted him in anger, allowing each child to throw something at his photo!  She felt betrayed and so this lady  (his neice) had composed a song titled "Whose the hero now".  It was heart breaking but showed the other side of war and death.   So I arrive home and he's asleep in the conservatory and not the least bit interested in what has happened.   I'm cross with him this morning because this cough could have been handled better and has put more pressure on me.  He thinks he's being stoical,  I think he's being stupid and I know whose right!  He keeps asking me what is wrong,  last time I told him he got cross with my reply,  this time I'm keeping quiet!  I haven't heard from some of you for a few days, so I hope you are all OK.  Love to you all.x

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12 Nov 2018 23:16 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol. Gosh what a busy life you have. London sounded awful busy and what a shame the weather broke for you. Glad you got home safely. Sorry hubby not well again. It’s worry worry it seems. I’m really worried about this latest lump on my back. It’s gone bigger and weeping but I suppose the others all did that including the last benign one. Dr at haematology knows about it and I am seeing him on the 27 th Nov. Taking that he dident ask to see me urgently am trying to be positive. Praying that it is another benign one. Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I’ve done quite a bit on line but can’t get into the mood yet. Going out with Cathy my daughter tomorrow. Hope it will take my mind off it all.  Lots of love to all the girls on here. Hope you are all coping with life. Hugs to all xxx