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9 Oct 2018 15:01 in response to Annieliz

Firstly,  welcome back Annie, we missed you.  I've just written to Sue and her family have gone home at her behest.  Hubby is looking well and I think the fact that the tumour hasn't grown further has given him a new lease of life.  We are going to be telephoned on Friday by our nurse because the scar tissue is so dense they can't see behind it.  A meeting  is being held and our case reviewed.   I went to zumba this morning and one of the womens husbands came, he spent the whole class  prancing around, dancing in front of different people and generally being a pain in the arse!  One man totally disrupted a whole class who have been going for years!  I told hubby when I came home, you should have sat down and someone might ask you why, he said,   I'm not paying for a class to sit down!  So I used a golf analogy,  playing golf, a man starts throwing balls in front of your shot, then swings a club around your head whilst you hit the ball, he got the message!  7.30 pm last night, right in the middle of Corrie, the doorbell rang, I answered the door and a bloke in a bright white coat says, don't worry pet I'm not a chef, this threw me, he then shows me a badge hanging round his neck about Age, tells me they want to get people involved in looking out for Pensioners,  would I be interested in helping, No I say, oh why not, because I'm a pensioner I tell him, , he looks bemused but leaves anyway.  Hubby comes into the hall, who's that?  I tell him the conversation,  they're casing  the joint he says, lock the doors.  I love a man full of optimism! !  See you tomorrow 

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9 Oct 2018 16:14 in response to Dor06

Hello to everyone/anyone reading this.  I still have not got my new pc but my lovely next door neighbour (Lance) has loaned me a few bits and pieces until I do.  Sue, is it that you want to be on your own; I know that sometimes even people we love can be unsettling and we just need to be alone with our thoughts.  Carol, what is this about the scar tissue; I do hope that the wonderful news about the non-growth of the tumour is not going to be overshadowed by issues of scar tissue.  Regarding the dancing man could not someone have just kicked him in the goolies?  Accidentally of course.  If the man who called was casing the joint he will regret it the moment your hubby answers the door!  I have just got home from walking Muffin on Streatham Common - I cannot remember what I was about to say - it might be something to do with the glass of Baileys Irish Cream I have just downed.  Better stop while I am ahead (possibly too late).  Annie

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9 Oct 2018 16:15 in response to Annieliz

Hi Annie and welcome back. Thank you, he went downhill very quickly once the oncologist said all they could do was keep him comfortable and give pain management.  As sad as I feel, I can't blame him, he was suffering even though he was pain free, and it was earlier than any of us expected, but I'll get there.  I told Deana and Nick they should go home, they have their own place and shouldn't have to babysit me.  I know their cats would be missing them also.  So I had my first night here by myself, it wasn't so bad.  They don't live too far from me and only a phone call away if I really needed them.  Still a lot of things to do, I was searching today through paperwork as I will have to get his tax done.  Not looking forward to it but has to be done.  I'm wondering which photo you saw, the one of my grandson wearing Neil's (poppy's) hat or the one of Neil on what I think was his last reasonably good day.  You have had a busy week.  Taking photos on your new phone shouldn't be too hard, but I always have issues getting them from my phone to my computer.  The kids come in handy for that.  They are whizzes with technology.  It's good that you managed to get your fence fixed.   Moving is hard, but if you find the right house it does make it so much easier.  

Love Sue xx

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9 Oct 2018 16:37 in response to Annieliz

Have another glass Annie it will keep you warm.  We're you really thinking about moving, it would be a beautiful place to be but it's difficult moving in later life.  I could quite happily have taken your advice about the man, so annoying,  it's supposed to be a fitness and well being class, I didn't feel relaxed when I came home.  Norman has just come home and says he doesn't feel very well.  Well we managed three days without any problems ,  he aches all over, it's a good job he had the flu jab.  Xx

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10 Oct 2018 12:38 in response to Dor06

Hello all

I tried to post a couple of days ago -I don't know what I'm doing wrong....

Anyway, the wedding was wonderful despite Dave not being there.  It was a beautiful day and the hotel ensured everything went like clockwork.  A good time was definitely had by all.  Dave decided he didn't want to do the live link as he is in a ward now and not in a room on his own.  We showed him all the videos and photos the next day and he was fine. I'll try and post some photos!

Dave has to have intravenous antibiotics for 4 weeks before they will consider operating.  He is looking and sounding much better but the time is passing, at this rate it will 6weeks or so before he's home.  The hospital is pretty grotty - it is the one that's been in the news - the replacement building was half finished when Carillion went bust. But, the staff seem amazing.

Hope everyone is doing ok.  Good to hear Norman's good news and hope he is still alright.  Sue, you seem to be doing amazingly well. Love to everyone.


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10 Oct 2018 15:46 in response to Juliebmatilda

Julie, I'm so pleased you had an amazing  day with the wedding, I have learnt over the past 18 months to just go with the flow on these occasions.   Last year Norman missed everything, weddings, best friends 70th birthdays, other friends celebrations and I just went alone and shared it all for the two of us.  You get through it and at the end 8f the day as long as they are still here, who cares?  You are maybe trying to log on to an old site of mine, just look at the date and post on the most recent one.  It would be lovely to see some photos of you.  Yes we are happy with the stable news and hope it stays so, so there is always hope, you just have to live a day at a time and not think too far ahead.  That's a long time to be in hospital and tiring for you as well but he's obviously in the best place at the moment.  Sue messages me everyday, we have supported each other and it's always helpful to speak to those experiencing the cancer road.  So you're doing brilliantly and it's great to hear from you.xx

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10 Oct 2018 16:01 in response to Dor06

So last night he says he doesn't feel well, aches and pains and I look at him and he looks quite pasty, well we had three days of respite!  I've been invited to one of my Legal Clerks leaving do, she was only in her twenties when I started at the Court and is now 45 years old, she has trained as  a Salsa Teacher and adores dancing,  so from Legal Clerk to Salsa teacher, you couldn't get more of a career change!  Although I was nearly thirty years older than most of my Clerks I always got invited to everything and it's lovely to still be remembered .  Thoroughly enjoyed my class today,  no annoying men, isn't it funny , when men can't do what women can they seem to want to make us as unprofessional as them!  My brother is the same, very competitive but if he can't do it he larks about, especially in the game of Monopoly,  many a board "accidentally " upended if he was losing.  I've just popped to TK Maxx and bought a picture frame, I found a photo of my lovely Mum before dementia took her away, she is with Faye and it's now got pride of place in the front room.  I think I'm pretty strong in character because life has thrown quite a few curve balls my way since my Father walked out on us.  You learn not to expect much from others and make your own decisions,  all I can say is its helped me over the past year and a half.  Hubby looks better today, it's beautiful sunny amd warm so he's gone to Richmond, I said don't rush back as he's having a giant Yorkshire pudding with beef,  seeing it's a ready meal he can come home when he wants!   See you tomorrow 

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10 Oct 2018 18:12 in response to Dor06

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10 Oct 2018 18:54 in response to Juliebmatilda

Names please,  is that your son and you?  Xx

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10 Oct 2018 19:14 in response to Dor06

O yes sorry!  That is me and our son Michael. It took me a while to work out how to put the photo on. Will try some more tomorrow.


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11 Oct 2018 10:23 in response to Juliebmatilda

Reading the Sunday papers hubby sees an advert for rosehip tables for bad joints, his have not been good since the end of y raiment,  so he shows me the advert £30.00 for 120, that's quite expensive I say but if it helps  OK.  Anyway he finds them on line for half price and they arrived yesterday.   He opens the packet (well I did he couldn't open them!)  Sprinkles one on his shredded wheat, aren't you going to read the dosage, he reads nothing,  road signs,  how to put things together and so on, I take the box off him, six capsules per day for five weeks, so in effect we have three weeks supply!  He then proceeds to break them all in half handing me 12 pieces of plastic to put in the recycling.   I'll put them on my evening meal he says, that'll be good rosehip on giant Yorkshire pudding and beef..  I've had to wash his hair in the sink this morning because we still haven't got any taps!  I'm chopping trees down today,  you can help I tell him, but that's work he groans, yes welcome back to the real world I say.  If I haven't chopped him up and put him in the garden waste he'll be lucky!  Xx

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11 Oct 2018 10:28 in response to Dor06

Julie, more photos would be great and a full head even better! 

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11 Oct 2018 12:21 in response to Juliebmatilda

Hi Julie, So glad the wedding was wonderful.  It's a lovely photo of Michael and yourself.  Hopefully Dave will respond to his antibiotics and won't have to wait for too long once they are finished before his operation.  I feel I am coping well considering everything but do find nights much harder.  
Did your son and his bride plan a honeymoon or have they stayed nearby to support you and Dave?
Love Sue

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11 Oct 2018 12:50 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol,  That really is a change of career from Legal Clerk to Salsa teacher.  Don't this I've ever heard of a change quite that dramatic. Good on her.  It is nice to still be remembered when someone is leaving or some other occasion.  it's good your Zumba class wasn't disrupted this time.  I think that is a male thing, they are supposedly stronger than us females and will never let it shown that we are capable of doing something they can't.  But we are stronger that we think we are.  I can't believe Norman pulled his rosehip tablets apart and sprinkled it over his cereal, or that he said he'd sprinkle them on his beef and Yorkshire pudding  I couldn't think of anything worse.  I'll just stick with my rose and lemonade tea infusion.  I wouldn't even attempt to chop trees down, it wouldn't end well, not that I have any trees in the garden.  The one tree (magnolia) we planted here didn't surive, everything else did but the magnolia was the one I most wanted to do well.  It was planted in memory of my parents, they both loved magnolias and had a beautiful one in their garden..  Lots of love Sue xx

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11 Oct 2018 23:14 in response to AusSue

Hello all

Caz, I think if you click on 'read more' you get the full picture!  I'm still trying to work how to post more pictures.

The wedding was lovely and the happy couple had a few days in our apartment in Kendal, just to chill out.  They're saving for a big holiday next Easter so we will get to look after our granddaughter for a week or two. Thanks for kind comments about photo, though someone did say I looked like Jenny Sinclair

Dave is still improving, though the poor man does have pressure sores and swollen legs. He's trying to move around as much as possible to alleviate these.  He has a CT scan booked for tomorrow morning.

Sue, thinking about you especially at nights.  I too don't sleep well on my own. I hope it gets easier soon. Caz, let us know if the rose hips work!  By the way what happened to your taps?

love to everyone