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Stay Strong

2 Sep 2017 13:50 in response to river56

Live in the moment.

Well said river.




Stay Strong

2 Sep 2017 15:31 in response to river56

Hi River,  I think I am just going to do what I have been doing since diagnosis and live each day as fully as possible.   My Grandad died of lung cancer when I was expecting my first daughter and the image of his five and a half stone body in stripey pyjamas has stayed with me forever,  this was my first image when hubby was diagnosed, I couldn't bear that for him.  A holiday sounds marvellous our daughter is talking about sending us away after radiotherapy,  that would be lovely if I can persuade him to go!  Many thanks for your upbeat message.   Caz

Stay Strong

2 Sep 2017 15:32 in response to Taff

Short and to the point Taff,  my kind of man!!

Stay Strong

2 Sep 2017 15:44 in response to Dor06

Hubby is upbeat and says he is feeling good.  The chemo seems to have worn off and he is moving around a little better, he has dressed nicely, but not shaved as it is white like his hair since chemo, I have to rub my hands over his chin so he can prove his point!  It's a beautiful day so he goes to Richmond to check his golf buggy,  people have been using it with his permission friends have told him and using his petrol.  Very annoyed he states, just because it hasn't moved for many months doesn't give them the right to use it.  I get a letter from Solicitors saying I am being sued for negligence after my minor bump before chemo the other week.  Great another problem to sort out, especially when I wasn't at fault! Talk about spoiling a good day.   Stay strong all of you out there.  X

Stay Strong

2 Sep 2017 16:44 in response to Dor06

It's a gift.

Stay Strong

3 Sep 2017 16:58 in response to Taff

We sleep in late, I am exhausted after moving the lawn, cutting back shrubs and sweeping the whole lot up.  We have decided our neighbours cat Dexter is deaf!  ▪We have two cat scarers in the garden which has got rid of them all but him!!  He's  just a young gun and I'm wondering if his hearing hasn't developed fully yet, mind he seems to hear me shouting at him well enough.  Hubby is basted in vaseline with the usual my hands are cold.  Sunday Papers,  coffee and toast and he is strong enough to go for a beef baguette , roast tatties and gravy to one of our favourite village pubs.  We arrive to find an old lady asleep and tucked up with a blanket on the window seat, a little weird we both say quietly to each other! !  Turns out she's the land ladies ancient Grandma and has been brought out for a treat.  I nudge hubby and say that will be me in twenty years, when our grandkids want to go drinking but have to take me, we giggle and I tell him I'll be fine as long as they keep me supplied with vodka!  It's lovely to go out together again,  we eat and make our way home, cup of tea, fruit cake and in time for the Grand Prix, a normal day in our world of cancer.xx

Stay Strong

4 Sep 2017 15:10 in response to Dor06

Our grandaughter starts school today, they face time us to show her in her school uniform, blue and white gingham dress, matching headband and new shoes from us with red flashy sparkles in the heels for dark mornings to come.  Where has the time gone?   I can remember her Mummy starting school like it was yesterday.   Who knew all those years ago What life would throw at us.  Hubby is collected for his radiotherapy, nine sessions to go! We pray this is working so we can live a more normal life. I just sit down to have a quiet coffee and my neighbour knocks, he's come to cut the hedge, so my quiet time turns into raking the hedge cuttings up, getting a sweat on, thanking him for all his help.  What would we be without friends in this tough time, they are a blessing.   I am hoping for half hours peace before hubby returns and the moisturising starts again!

Stay Strong

5 Sep 2017 15:58 in response to Dor06

Well my half hour peace lasted until 5 pm by which time hubby still hadn't arrived home.  I call James Cook hospital and it is so late there is no one there.    I wouldn't normally panic but this cancer scares me to think the worst.  He finally turns up saying they had forgotten to put him on the first pick up so he had to wait,  I tell him to take his phone next time to save me worrying! !  He is coping well and there is no sign of any burning,  that's probably because I baste him like an oven ready chicken each day.  Our younger daughter calls,  she is safely back from Greece and has handed her notice in at work, final interview today for a job they interviewed her for on holiday, I ask if she wore her bikini for the first one!   She is beautifully endowed I say, no wonder she is in the final few.   Anyway they' re coming for their 12th wedding anniversary in 10 days time and we are really looking for to seeing them.  Sunday lunch out is on the cards and a few drinks!!  Hope you are all staying strong. Xx


Stay Strong

6 Sep 2017 14:11 in response to Dor06

Hubby is now suffering acid reflux ad the tumour is blocking his windpipe so they are targeting that area, he is coping so well that I keep having to remind myself the severity of the tumour.  I fear I am becoming a little too used to this feeling of everything will be OK and that the rug will be pulled from under our feet again.  Everything else slides off my back like water off a duck.  Car crashes,  people trying to sue me, people reversing into me and not leaving notes at the hospital, all these trials and tribulations are nothing compared to this fight with cancer.   I have to go now as my car is in for repairs again!  Another £75.00  we'll never see again.  Take care all of you out there, we are all fight for the same thing.  Caz

Stay Strong

7 Sep 2017 15:23 in response to Dor06

Our neighbour comes in to borrow our long secateurs, go and say hi I say as I am just off to the chemists for hubby, it will do him good to have a man natter!  Back home he tells me that our neighbour is glad to see him looking so well, he is right, apart from the hair loss he is now looking more like his old self (less of the old he says).  His skin is in the best condition than it has been for a long while, we decide to carry on basting even when he doesn't need it.  His moustache is getting some colour back and he now has  badgers streak on his head!!  It would be lovely to think that we are entering the last phase of this black disease, we know it's not curable only treatable but we have always hoped for the best outcome, I Pray this will be the prognosis at the end, 7 courses to go!!

Stay Strong

8 Sep 2017 16:20 in response to Dor06

Hubby calls me from the hospital he needs a review and as he has the begining of a sore throat he wants to see the person involved.  He calls me again he had waited one and a half hours, missed his lift and still hadn't been  seen.  He calls again at 6pm he is on his way home.  So for a ten minute treatment and a two minute review he had been gone over five hours.  We are both starving when he gets home so I go for fish and chips.  We wolf them down, have a cup of tea and he tells me about the review.  How are you?  Fine he says slight sore throat but nothing to complain about, well there will be he is told and a prescription is ordered.  Talk about being upbeat on the professional side!! Why do some of these professionals have no bedside manner?   This takes us back to the diagnosis when the Dr.  Asks us what we think is wrong.  Smiling whilst he asks that question our hopes were raised,,  how stupid were we? I really think some more training is required and having read other posts, I don't think we are alone in the way we were treated with the worst thing you can be told, CANCER. Stay strong. X

Stay Strong

9 Sep 2017 16:09 in response to Dor06

Hubby is looking so much better so we book Sunday lunch for next weekend for when our younger daughter comes home, we decided to go to the Shaun the Sheep pub, this is not its real name but our little grandson loves it because it has lots of sheep figurines inside and he's always loved the Shaun the sheep stories!  I text daughter to say booked, she texts back Harry has nits!  He's only been back three days at school.   Hubby shudders at this news and jokingly says don't bother coming,  I point out that we would soon see them on his head because he still has no hair.  I'm off to see nephew tomorrow before he goes on holiday but it's not looking good as they are off to Disney world and all the states connecting which may no longer be there by next weekend.   8 sessions to go, this is flying by, however we don't get any information until many weeks after the finish as it carries on working it's magic.  Stay strong all of you. Xx

Stay Strong

10 Sep 2017 18:11 in response to Dor06

Hubby has a bath and I check him for burns, but there are none,  the vaseline is working, we assume that as he only has nine sessions to go that we may get through radiotherapy relatively unscathed.  Hope is a pure thing and has kept us going through all the traumas over the past six months.   People seem amazed at how we are coping but in reality we really haven't had amy other choice, sink or swim, it's as easy as that.  Knowing he is fineI I set off to see my nephew and his Mum to see how the house is coming along.  No sign of nephew just a Mum and Dad on their hands and knees trying to decide where the floor tiles are going., he had forgotten to tell them he was playing in a pro am golf tournament this morning, they have been left with the debris!  It looks like a bomb site and is no where near finished but young people being full of enthusiasm they have invited friends to stay the first week of October! ! Well I say, you have to look on the bright side!!  I make my excuses and leave them to it. 

Stay Strong

12 Sep 2017 17:01 in response to Dor06

Monday was a lovely day, I arranged for a friend and me to have lunch, our nails done for her holiday (another one abandoning me for sunnier climes!).  I check that hubby is OK with this,  he says fine as he is getting collected earlier and earlier by the voluntary drivers as there are so many people with cancer travelling to James Cook that they end up going all around the county!   We decide it's a day out for him and meeting new people,  they have all been going so long now that they have a communal table whilst waiting for treatment!   I'm not quite sure what we are going to do with ourselves from next Thursday when the treatments finish, I can't quite believe I have written that!  FINISHED.   My friend and I have lunch and a laugh, which is the best medicine.  Home to cook tea and hear the latest tales from the dark side.   Roll on Friday,  daughter home and staying longer than intended, bliss.

Stay Strong

13 Sep 2017 22:08 in response to Dor06

Hubby is feeling better and looking to the future, free of hospital appointments, blood tests , toxic infusions and being targeted by radiotherapy.   He has even planned to try and get his buggy out before it snows!  It's great to see a light at the end of the tunnel.   March seems a long time ago, the diagnosis,  the shock to both of us, my tears in private and his anger at being told he had smoking related cancer. Our family have been marvellous,  friends there when we needed them, kindnesses from strangers and hospital staff who care.  I have looked back at some postings I have made and our progress has been amazing.   I only hope that the end results will give us our lives back for some time to come, but I know this is not the end of cancer for us, but it's a good start. Stay strong my fellow friends. X