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Stay Strong

16 Aug 2017 17:55

I am awoken at 5.00 am by a neighbours diesel car left running! I shove my head in the pillow,  I NEED MY SLEEP! 7.30 am the council decide to send the kerb cleaning machine around our Culde sac, ,  I give up, go into the garden to test the grass, it's too wet to mow, this was one of the jobs I put off yesterday along with the ironing,  so I take hubby a cup of tea, come downstairs and start my chores.   My little six year old grandson calls me as it's Daddy's birthday and they re going out for lunch.   I love you Grandma he sys, and I'm blowing you kisses out of the 1 window to your house, that's lovely I say,  I hope they make the 270 mile trip!    I miss him so much but cannot leave hubby to see him and have hugs nd kisses, the cancer is ruling our lives and I am missing the best part of his childhood.  Hopefully when the radiotherapy is complete I can make the October half term, my heart aches for his little body.  Hubby looks tired and is coughing again. I hope last week's scan shows good news,  I couldn't bear it if the news was bad.  Say a little prayer for us both.  

Stay Strong

16 Aug 2017 18:12 in response to Dor06

Hi im steve and I do wish you well and your hubby, I loved my nan she was my rock, I split from my wife and my daughter stayed with her and see her every 2 weeks, I will think of you and hope you get to see him soon, im here if you need a chat, my old lady friend I used to live next to is 77 and we get on so well, she lost her hubby 3 yrs ago but she says a hug and chat from me does help, make sure you take care of yourself to, x

Stay Strong

17 Aug 2017 15:39 in response to Smileydays

Hi Steve, thanks for the kind thoughts. We try to live each day according to his health.  Carol

Stay Strong

18 Aug 2017 10:16 in response to Dor06

Hi carol, your most welcome, im glad you are ok and both living each day to a full with his health, think of your grandson to keep you strong, I know it hurts to because he's not there as much as you would like but make the most of it, steve x