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Stay Strong

15 Aug 2017 17:18

We have had a good day.   Hubby looks nicely dressed and I ask him where he is going, nowhere he answers forlornly,  I have loads to do but think that can wait, he needs to get out.  Let's go to Hartlepool headland, look at the ships, then drive along the beach...OK he says, he used to work in that area on fork lift trucks so knows it well.   He remembers a fish and chip shop so we hunt for that, it's still there!   Fish and chips twice,  drive to headland and munch on them, delicious he  says.  We have a little walk (hobble)  to the front and there is a gallery open in one of the houses.  I leave him with binoculars watching the ships whilst I go into the Gallery, it's the artist's house and the water colours are superb.   I buy some prints, one of  Hare with Seal a sands in the distance and she tells me about the RSPB sanctuary that is there.  So we drive to the bird sanctuary and have ice creams and look at the lakes and the many wildlife.  Such a good idea of yours he says I've had a lovely day and my leg doesn't hurt.  We drive home, cup of tea (wine for me!).  We have decided he needs to use his legs more as he is losing muscle through lack of exercise.   We have managed to push the cancer out of our lives today, and it has worked.  

Stay Strong

16 Aug 2017 23:55 in response to Dor06

Hey caz really liker eading this snippet of ur life reading it made me appreciate even more the precious moments the simple moments i've got with my sis so thx

Virtual hugs xx Sandy

Stay Strong

17 Aug 2017 15:33 in response to sandy.w

Virtual hugs back Sandy, thank you for reading them.  It's nice to remember the good days and not just the bad! Carol  x