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11 Aug 2017 16:11

it's a beautiful day for once,no rain or wind lashing against the conservatory roof. I take hubby a cup of tea and say Let's have a drive and some lunch to our favourite pub past Leyburn.   I leave him co comfy in bed and dash off for my three yearly mammogram (need to take care of me as well! ).  Back home and off we go. Beautiful road to Leyburn and stone houses set into the hillsides overlooking rolling fields and red cattle that neither of us knows the name of.  The pub squeezes us in for lunch and a drink.  Leisurely drive back home for a cup of tea, hubby is suffering with his prosthetic leg by now due to losing so much muscle over the last four months.  I sit him in his comfy chair and get the newspaper, can I have my specs he asks, I haven't got them, you used them in the pub to read the menu, whilst I carried two drinks, my handbag and moved the table so he could get in!  Yep you've guessed it they're on the bar.  Another trip out on Sunday to retrieve them, I wonder if Sunday lunch will be included, after our fifty mile round trip!!  I'll let you know!

Stay Strong

11 Aug 2017 16:22 in response to Dor06

I would say those glasses were planted deliberately for a return trip and to enjoy a Sunday lunch.....go for it Happy

Stay Strong

11 Aug 2017 18:51 in response to Exilenumber53

Hi to you, not sure about deliberately left as still managed to shift the blame on me for not remembering them. Men!!

Stay Strong

12 Aug 2017 06:58 in response to Dor06

Hi Caz, he sounds even cleverer than I initially thought. 


Us men men need to stick together sometimes...:-)

enjoy your Sunday lunch Happy

Stay Strong

12 Aug 2017 16:12 in response to Exilenumber53

He's not sure he can handle Sunday lunch but I have a feeling that when he smells the food he'll change his mind, anything that stops me having to cook is good