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Stage 3 moved to stage 4 within weeks

12 Oct 2019 05:59

Dear all,

I had posted before about my husband's stage 3 advanced prostate cancer diagnosis. We had a Surgery planned next week and we got a call yesterday to say that the doctors looked at the MRI scan again and they believe that the cancer has spread to the wall of his bladder. So Surgery would be not advisable as it would add to complications. My husband's PSA level is only 10.6 and Gleason score is 7. Has anyone got an advanced stage 4 cancer getting just the radiotherapy ams the hormone therapy? How long can you live ? Thanks 

Stage 3 moved to stage 4 within weeks

12 Oct 2019 06:49 in response to Goodluck

Hi goodluck has anyone mentioned cemotheropy, i was diagnosed stage 4 gleason 8 psa 1581 in Feb 2016 it had spread to the lymph nodes, spine, ribs, pelvis and a lung, its noncurable, i was put on hormone therapy rest of life, and had six sessions of cemotheropy, i have three monthly blood tests and scans, apart from that living fairly normal. Cemo not very nice but it does work as long as he is fit enough and healthy apart from the cancer, hope something is sorted for your husband best wishes... Billy

P.s good luck sorry just realised you were on last month so sorry hope treatment works this time.