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Stage 2 Melanoma Brafv600e positive

2 Feb 2023 14:09


My husband has a stage 2 acral melanoma on his foot, breslow thickness of 1.05mm, he had a SLNB a week ago and WLE. we are waiting for the results which is agonising, but we've recieved a hospital letter through the post which says he has a braf mutation v600e positive and its stage 2, what does this mean? This wasn't mentioned or discussed with us at the appointment, does this mean he may still recieve treatment anyway? They didn't tell us the exact staging too is this common? We feel its maybe so he doesn't worry but it's on the paperwork?


Stage 2 Melanoma Brafv600e positive

2 Feb 2023 14:51 in response to Bec1234

Hi Bec,

All melanomas are tested for the BRAF gene. 50% of patients have the mutant gene and are classified as BRAF positive. The good news is that BRAF positive patients have two drug options should their stage make them eligible but BRAF negative patients only have one treatment option. All melanoma patients who are eligible for drug treatment are offered immunotherapy whilst BRAF positive patients can also be offered targeted therapy (targeted doesn't work on BRAF negative patients). Drug therapy is the main treatment for Stage 4 patients. It's also available for Stage 2 & 3 patients in order to prevent melanoma from returning - it's given for either 1 or 2 years. So if your husband's stage is confirmed as 2 he will probably be offered either of the drug treatments.

Staging isn't usually confirmed until after the WLE and SLNB. The staging he's been given will have been assessed from the original mole removal but it may change dependant on what, if anything, is found from the WLE and SLNB. Stage 2 means the melanoma was over 1mm in depth. 

I hope this explains the letter. I have sent you a friend request. Meanwhile, I hope you aren't waiting too long for the results and an adjuvant treatment plan is put in place quickly.

Angie (Stage 3 melanoma patient since 2009)