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Stage 2 her2 positive breast cancer

16 Oct 2020 17:16

Hello, my mum got diagnosed with breast cancer in August after feeling a lump. Biopsy confirmed the cancer, she then went on to have a mastectomy in September. Today we finally got the pathology results after waiting 5 weeks for them: 

-The tumour is 48mm including breast calcifications

- it is Her2 + ve 

- ER +
- Stage 2 

- Lymph nodes are clear 

she now has to wait to start chemotherapy which will go on for up to 6 months and will receive Herceptin injections to target it all. And eventually have hormone tablets. 

She's 49. we are just looking for some reassurance and tips from others who have experienced or are currently  experiencing the same?                                            my mother is fearing the unknown and is worrying about the side effects aswell as losing her hair and eyebrows! 





Stage 2 her2 positive breast cancer

16 Oct 2020 20:16 in response to annamarieph


In 2018 I was diagnosed with 23mm cancer, grade 3, her 2 and er positive,  I had three cancerous lymph nodes.  Stage 2B.  If you look at my profile you'll see everything I've had and still having.  Includes all your mum is having and more.  As for hair loss I looked on it as a bonus..... No shaving legs or under arms Wink

It all grows back.  

Any questions or needing info please ask away.




Stage 2 her2 positive breast cancer

17 Oct 2020 21:47 in response to annamarieph

I don't know if this will help your mother but I was very worried about losing my hair 6 months ago when I started chemo. The first thing I did was get a wig via the NHS online. I was not keen but it has worked out well as I wanted to use it when I had meetings etc online. I looked into using the cold cap. I don't know if it would be available to your Mum. I have used it throughout to my last chemo this week. It is very painful for a short while and then your head goes numb and I found it bearable. Not everyone does or opts for it. I have gradually lost a lot of my hair but there is about 20% left, not thick enough for a tie back. I decided not to cut it short as people often do to help manage the hair loss. Now that I am finished I will cut it short and look forward to the regrowth. Eyebrows and lashes went. I found websites for makeup lessons helpful. I guess I adjusted over the months to the gradual loss and am amazed that I still have hair. I have to wear a hat/cap as it very fine hair. Best of wishes to you both. 


My pathology profile is a bit different, stage 2, grade 3, no nodes estrogen pos.