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Some good news, bad news and awaiting scan results

19 Jun 2019 19:11

Hi all, 

Today I write this with mixed emotion a few weeks ago I found out I was pregnant (not planned) was a complete shock, but a good shock because as I told my mum the news I saw her eyes light up and she smiled and was so happy... something I've not seen in her for a while now and she straight away got the knitting needles out and starting knitting cardigans. 

Mum had another scan last week so next Tuesday is the results to find out if the trail tablet that shes taking is still working, I'm not looking forward to the answer because with every day that goes past she seems weaker, more tired and at the moment she cant keep anything down, she is down to 8st and I wonder how much more the cancer can take from her. 

Anxious times ahead x x x

Some good news, bad news and awaiting scan results

21 Jun 2019 13:42 in response to rice1986

Hello rice1986

Congratulations on your news although I understand that this is somewhat of a bitter sweet announcement. Whilst the coming weeks and months will likely be difficult for you, it sounds like it has really lifted your Mum's spirits. Having this news will hopefully give her something else to focus on. 

I hope that the appointment on Tuesday brings more good news. We'll be thinking of you both. Pop back and let us know how you get on. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator