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Smear test and colposcopy

18 Oct 2019 17:24

Hi there , 


I have recently received my third lot of smear test results in the last 18 months so they have all come back with changes, this will be my third one which came back on Tuesday saying there are changes that now need further investigation. Then two days later I have got a appointment to go for a colposcopy . 
my mum went through all of this in her thertys and ended up having a full hysterectomy done so of course my mind has went into overtime thinking the absolute worst! 

is there anyone out there who has been through this I would love to have someone to talk to and maybe this won't all seem so scary , at the moment I am in floods of tears assuming the worst possible outcome. 

I haven't had any symptoms of cervical cancer but I know it's known as the silent killer and most ppl don't get any symptoms at all until it's progressing 



thanks in advance 


yours leeanne xx 

Smear test and colposcopy

20 Oct 2019 22:17 in response to Scotishmum79

Hello Leeanne, 

I just wanted to say hello and welcome you to our friendly community. I've noticed that you have already made contact in other threads with other ladies who find themselves in a similar situation and I hope that it will have reassured you a little to feel that you are not alone. It is normal to fear the worst as you also remember what your mum went through but try not to draw any parallel between what happened to your mum and your own situation which may well be completely different. So many ladies have abnormal smear results but this really doesn't mean that they have cervical cancer. You can find out more information on our website about what it means to have abnormal cervical cells and you can also read more about what to expect from the colposcopy here. I hope all this will reassure you and that talking to other ladies here who have been there before will help. Should you wish to have a chat with our nurses, you can call them on this free number 0808 800 4040 - their line is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to talk to you about all this. 

Best wishes, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator


Smear test and colposcopy

21 Oct 2019 11:22 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hi lucie 


tanks for your reply and the links to the information, I am glad to see I'm not alone in feeling anxiety over this situation it seems there are a lot of ppl out there going through the same thing. 

I am trying to remain calm and positive. 
can you tell me if they would automatically send me for a colposcopy after having 3 tests in a row with minor changes ? I am super lucky that I don't have to wait to long for the colposcopy only another two days and I will have a clearer picture of what is going on, I guess it's just a massive fear of mine and always has been with everything my mum went through. 

many thanks 

leeanne xx