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Small mobile lymph node

28 Nov 2022 19:28

I've had a small reactive mobile lymph node in my groin for about 4/5 months, it's not grown but I'm just confused why it is there, now it is movable but I'm unsure whether jt is hard or soft, I've had a lot of other health issues but I did mention it at my GP and she did said she could feel it but said it was normal, I don't see how it can be normal when it has just appeared out of no where, I occasionally get groin pain once every couple weeks as well. If any one has any advice please reply xx

Small mobile lymph node

29 Nov 2022 11:28 in response to charliepants4

Hello and thanks for your post,

I am sorry to hear that you are worried about your health.

Swollen lymph nodes are common and come up at the sign of an infection. Sometimes they can remain slightly swollen and just be part of our anatomy. The main thing is that you have seen your GP, had her expert opinion and the lymph node has not got any bigger. GP's do have guidelines when patients present with symptoms so try and put it at the back of your mind if you possibly can.

I can't say what is causing the groin pain but it sounds like it is probably not related to your swollen lymph gland. 

No one can diagnose you on the forum as your symptoms are specific to you. If your still worried then do make an appointment with your GP so you can discuss your concerns. You could always see another doctor in the practice to get their opinion.

I do hope that this has helped reassure you.

All the Best,