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Slightly worried

12 Nov 2019 12:59

Hello all. New here so please forgive any mistakes. 

Had an abdominal ultrasound this morning and found it extremely painful. Have never experienced pain with a scan before and am little worried why it hurt so much. It normally is uncomfortable during a scan but this was real pain I felt. Person doing the scan wasnt ond of the nicest people I've met which is a shame as most NHS staff have been amazing in my experience. 

Thank you in advance for any help x 

Slightly worried

13 Nov 2019 00:48 in response to Tlew11


It does depend on who does it sometimes. I had one about 18 months ago and it was really uncomfortable. He pressed extremely hard, aggravating the gallstones which they thought I had, I did ! I completely understand your concern, did they tell you when and how you would get the results? It is so hard waiting to hear, I truly hope you hear soon and all is good x

Slightly worried

14 Nov 2019 12:02 in response to Tlew11

I wouldn't worry . It seems like the lady doing the scan was not gentle with you. 

Hope your results are good at least. Xx