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Sister has cervical cancer diagnosis

28 Jan 2023 19:13

Hi, it's my first time posting. My sister has just yesterday discovered her back pain and irregular post natal bleeding is caused by cervical cancer a tumour affecting her kidneys. I am so sad for her, this situation, and worried about her road ahead. There's so much uncertainty right now with more tests and scans to come, and while I'm trying to be calm and supportive I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach. I feel so emotional as well as my mum who has been to her appointments so far and is also quite upset as it was such a shock to hear. I'm 4 hours drive away and just want to go over and give my sister and my mum a hug. don't really know what to expect writing it down and I don't have a question as such but I think I might feel better sharing my thoughts.. 

Sister has cervical cancer diagnosis

30 Jan 2023 14:40 in response to Devongirl

Hi Devongirl,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. I hope that the forum can be useful for you, and as you say it is often simply helpful just to write things down and to reach out to others who understand.

This sounds like a difficult situation and I am sure it is tough being further away. The uncertainty is never easy to deal with - I hope it's not long to wait before you can all get the information you need regarding next steps, and then hopefully this will help in terms of being able to manage things.

I'm sure your sister and mum know you are there for support and hopefully you are able to see each other soon.

We're always here for support if you need it. Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator