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Severe dyskaryosis and high risk hpv

17 Aug 2019 12:16


I recieved my smear results.i have had 2 previous results of severe dyskaryosis and had the lettzs procedure twice.

I'm due to have another colposcopy soon and expect the lettzs treatment again.

What I cant seem to find out despite numerous Google searches is I have high grade (severe) dyskaryosis and high risk hpv. Are they the same thing? My previous result letters never mentioned hpv. Is the hpv part of the result letter new? Are they 2 different results or the same result just worded differently?

Severe dyskaryosis and high risk hpv

17 Aug 2019 19:41 in response to Georgiep

Hi Georgiep

High risk hpv means that you have one of the strains of the hpv virus which can cause abnormal cells, which is the severe Dyskariosis.

So they are connected, in that one causes the other,but they are 2 different things. Typically if you have abnormal cells, they will be caused by the hpv virus being active in your system. Hope this helps, but feel free to come back and ask more questions if it’s not clear. xx