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secondary thyroid cancer - chemotherapy

7 Dec 2017 02:54

I started chemotherapy almost a year ago for secondary thyroid cancer which had become very active after being stable for many years. I experience many, major side effects from the treatment and now lead a much more sedentary life.For the last few days I've been suffering with a headache from hell which doesn't improve with any medication, it's 24/7 and nothing I take helps in any way, it might be high blood pressure caused by the chemo or something else.. Sometimes the side effects are more severe than at other times. I will have to stay on the chemo long term but have now been told that I can have a week off every eight weeks. The side effects take over your life and you become a different person with numerous issues to deal with as a result of the treatment, it affects your daily life in a big way. But at least there is a treatment, the chemo I take has only been available for a couple of years and as I have had the secondary cancer for over 20  I'm grateful for this as there is no other treatment, I had four radiotherapy sessions many years ago but they stopped working. I originally had a thyroidectomy and removal of some lymph nodes, and also part of my left lung where some of the larger tumours lived. I would love to hear form anyone with advice, things that helped them or any similar experiences to mine. Quilting, knitting and dog walking, when I've got the energy, keep me going, I believe creative hobbies are good for cancer, particularly knitting.

Re: secondary thyroid cancer - chemotherapy

9 Dec 2017 08:12 in response to Devonsew

Welcome to Cancer Chat, Devonsew, and thank you for sharing your story and positive views on your treatment in spite of the side-effects you had to go through and which you are still experiencing.

Hopefully some of our members will be along shortly to share their experiences with you but until then feel free to join the conversations already taking place on the forum. Everyone here is very friendly and I'm sure they'd be happy to chat with you.

Wishing you the very best,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator