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Secondary cervical cancer

7 Dec 2017 07:30

I was diagnosed with secondary cervical cancer in May this year had chemotherapy and my ovaries and tubes removed scan come back clear but it did the first time I got cancer I'm so worried it's only a matter of time till it comes back again what is the prognosis for secondary cancer can't find any information has anyone been in this position 

Re: Secondary cervical cancer

7 Dec 2017 22:53 in response to Col97

Hi Coll ... your not on your own hunny, I think once we have cancer, the thought it may come back is always there ... but at least we know a little more of what to look for ... so dont worry it's quite normal ... big buddy hug ... chrisie xx 

Re: Secondary cervical cancer

8 Dec 2017 14:34 in response to Col97

Hi Col97 and welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry to read about your situation and can understand your concerns. I've included some general information we have on our website about advanced cervical cancer and survival for this diagnosis for you to have a look at but would suggest giving our cancer nurses a call to discuss this in more detail.

Their freephone number is 0808 800 4040 and are available Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator