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:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

20 Oct 2016 12:32

Phone just rang seen name mam my heart sank because everytime she phone me always bad news. I was right she told me had bit blood when she went to toilet she phone the doctor they told here if she heavy or clots she got to phone ambulance straight away. They also told here because she got turmour it could be from that as she got bowel cancer for the first time when I listen to my mother telling me I here'd how scared she is in her voice I never forget. She been so brave and taken everything what's been thrown at here. My head been racing is she going to die now or is this the start of it I'm in bits I don't know what to do.she told doctor she don't feel bad she got little pain. She still eating and drinking I'm just looking for signs. The doctor told here to stay in bed and no lifting I can't get it out of my head hearing here voice she was so scared. I got the phone by the side me just hoping she don't phone to say it's gone worst. I have txt here she said there nothing so far she even scared to go to toilet. Just phoned my partner he gass engineer told him to be on stand by just incase my head racing. I even don't know why I'm writing it down for it don't make no sense. update to this my mother was rushed in hospital Friday she had all tested done and they told here it's not here bowel. She been waiting to see gynecologist she finely seen  doctor yesterday she had more test done she booked for scan today the waiting terrible they got to find out where the bleeding from. The doctor told my mother why here bowel cancer is inoperable because the turmour pressing on blood vessels I don't know how many more blows my mother can take is one thing after another. I just wish they can do something for here wishful so angry in the way she been treating my head feels like it's going to explode it's so hard when you can't do anything just be there is so hard I feel so angry where have the doctor been all this time they have left my mother to long we wouldn't be in this mess. Sad

:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

20 Oct 2016 14:31 in response to Gemini39

Im sorry about your mother.

Im terminal myself, and even though I had pretty much surrendered and made peace with my fate, watching my body breaks down slowly and horribly is a really really really scary feeling, so I think you are right about your mom's feeling.

Most of the time i keep my most horrible symptoms to myself as I don't want to upset my loves ones (also I don't want to see any hysterical reactions - its a pretty stressful to be honest). But some times, opening it to someone that is strong enough and understanding enough to remain calm, compose, and positive, really really really helps me in relieving my fears. 

So im pretty sure that listening to your mother's story is doing her a lot of comforting and lot of help which is very very very good

In the same way, just vent your worries on us here, the community is here to listen.

:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

20 Oct 2016 15:04 in response to JoyfulofJourney

Thank you so much joyfulofjourney for you kind words and advise.we don't live far from my mother I was going to walk up to her but she stopped me not to walk with baby it's to cold to bring him out that my mother for you always putting others first. Got to wait for my partner finish work and take me up just txt here she said she ok she just had food. Sorry for your situation as well hope you feeling ok thanks again x 

:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

20 Oct 2016 16:56 in response to Gemini39

Hi Gemini, very sorry to hear of the most awful situation you are facing with your dear mom. I really have no words but I know you will be there for her as much as possible. That's really all you can be right now, it's hard to accept but it's out of your control. I am no Dr but I should imagine blood in the stool would be a common symptom in bowel cancer. 

You are both in my thoughts xo (hugs)

:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

21 Oct 2016 10:04 in response to Antoni

Thank you Antoni seen my mother last nite she was ok. Just had phone call she been rushed to hospital early hours this morning she was hemorrhage. The doctor seen here they told here it's not her bowel. She haven more tested done to find the cures my head racing . 

:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

21 Oct 2016 11:38 in response to Gemini39

Oh dear sorry to hear of this news... hope she will be ok please inform us of any developments... keeping you both in my thoughts x

:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

21 Oct 2016 13:54 in response to Antoni

HI Antoni my mother just spoke to me on the phone they keeping here in and they waiting for her test results to come back and they also waiting for gynecologist doctor to see here.everything seem to be happening so quickly we jut waiting to see what this doctor say now. Thanks again for you kind words x

:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

26 Oct 2016 10:27 in response to Gemini39

Just update on my mother she been treating for the bleeding she on hormones cream it's nothing to do with bowel cancer . She came home yesterday spoke to here on phone she ok. What few days it's been hell still bit upset because they can treat this but not cancer is so upsetting I'm trying to be strong it so hard I wish someone could turn around and say we can treat you if is just to pronglong her life there nothing that makes it so hard to ecpect. I been reading about bowel trailers that no good because it's in her blood.then I been reading about different things on the Internet they seem to good to be truth I'm just stuck again. If anyone have tried different things they self I would really like to here from you. 

:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

26 Oct 2016 11:39 in response to Gemini39

Hi Gemini,

Ten years ago I lost my mother to breast cancer which spread to her brain. I know what you must be going through; It's so hard watching someone you love suffer from this cruel disease. I have never felt so helpless in my life for there was nothing I could do to stop the cancer. When I was young, she always helped me get better when I was ill but I couldnt do anything to help make her better. Alltogether I have now lost ten family members to cancer and have had prostate cancer myself so I know what it feels like from both sides of the fence I lost my father who lived in Canada and brother in law (who like me lives in the South of England) at about this time last year both to prostate cancer.

I count myself as being very lucky to have made such a good recovery so thats one reason I spend time on this friendly forum.

Sending kind thoughts and best wishes to you, Brian..



:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

26 Oct 2016 14:27 in response to woodworm

Thank you Brian  you have been though a lot youself. Take care thanks again . 

:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

26 Oct 2016 16:06 in response to Gemini39

I'm glad that it's something they can actually treat and not related to the cancer itself. But what a huge strain this must be on you and the family. 

I can only send best wishes to your precious mom and to yourself for strength during this awful time, Antoni...

:(Scared:(mother in hospital:(

26 Oct 2016 16:18 in response to Antoni

Thank you so much for you kind words . Yea it's been tough for my mother last few days only wish they could treat the bowel cancer I still can't get my head around it that there nothing they can do . Thanks again