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Scared/waiting for urgent gynaecologist referral

4 Feb 2023 09:46


i had a private MRI a couple of weeks ago for ongoing back issues, part of which they carried out a pelvic mri, which revealed a 6cm left complex adnexal cyst with multiple fat locules.  When I went back to the consultant (who was an orthopaedic one, as physio thought the back was spine related), he said that there were no significant issues with my spine other than wear and tear and a bit of inflammation that might explain the right buttock, lower back and hamstring discomfort I was having.  He casually mentioned the complex cyst at the end, quickly showed it to me on the disc provided and was very dismissive of it, saying i had probably had it for a while and that it didn't look sinister to him but it wasn't his field and he wouldn't know, and that I would need a gynaecologist referral.

Basically I have been driving myself up the walls ever since and can't relax.  On the MRI report the radiologist said that the cyst wasn't typical of a dermoid or endometrial one and it needed further MRI dedicated to pelvis and a gynaecologist referral.  I phoned my GP the next day (as they will only accept calls in the morning), and he has red-flagged it for an urgent gynaecologist appointment.  I have been running back and forward to the GP a lot over the past few years with ongoing bowel issues and a pressure on my lower right (not the side the cyst has been found) but was dismissed as it being IBS (which I was diagnosed with in my 20s - I have just turned 49).  I had a negative q-fit test in august last year and a normal CA-125 at the time.  I have had a female profile blood test, along with a range of other ones a couple of weeks ago due to a strange thyroid blood test result (I have been hypothyroid since I was 40) - all of these came back satisfactory, including the thryoid one which was repeated.  I am on antihistamines also at the minute as i have had a sporadic itchy rash in patches predominantly on my upper torso, arms and neck, with my eyelids sometimes also jaggy and swelling, since the start of December.  All blood tests in relation to my pituitary gland, sugar profile etc also came back satisfactory a couple of weeks ago.

I'm sorry for rambling so much, but i'm just plain terrified that all of the above is connected and that I'm going to be told I have late stage cancer.  Unfortunately I still have very clear memories of my ex-partner's struggle with breast cancer a few years ago (though thankfully she is still alive and healthy) and my aunt, who passed away quite quickly from a different form of cancer a few years ago.  My mum also had early stage breast cancer when she was 69, and is now also cancer-free after surgery and radiotherapy.  The idea of going through this myself is terrifying, and also the stress it will put on my lovely wife and my elderly parents.  We have two dogs and a very small circle of friends.

Anyway, has anyone experienced anything similar? I guess that's enough for now, please forgive my lack of brevity!



Scared/waiting for urgent gynaecologist referral

6 Feb 2023 09:39 in response to lmorrissey

Hi lmorrissey,

I'm sorry to hear of your worries and I can understand the uncertainty and waiting for information is difficult.

It's good to hear that you've had various test results coming back clear recently although I can appreciate you still have questions.

It sounds like you have an appointment coming up via your referral, which is good and should mean you get answers - as well as an opportunity to talk through your questions and concerns.

I hope it's not too long to wait for the appointment and that you get the information you need soon.

In the meantime if others here have similar experience to share then hopefully they'll be along soon.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator