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Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

12 Jan 2020 15:22

Hi. I’m currently experiencing some really odd symptoms. Started with passing out back in October,then noticed my appetite was really poor. Felt full quickly. I’ve had post nasal drip for years on my left side only and sometimes rib pain on the left side. I put it down to the PND making my stomach sore or even it getting on my chest. So roll on 6 years and the odd symptoms started. 

I’ve no appetite but have tried to keep eating, then noticed that every time I would eat, I’d feel really dizzy. Then pain in left rib got worse. Breathlessness too and heart palpitations. I’ve been to A&E twice and they said it was Costochondritis. 

Last week I passed out again and went back to the doctors. There she felt my stomach and said that it feels hard. I’ve also had Diarrhea and have lost 8 pounds in the last 4 weeks. So she has sent me for an urgent endoscopy. I’m awaiting to hear when my appointment will be. But meantime my symptoms are getting worse. I can no longer eat anything without feeling extreme pain that radiates to my back. Also the dizziness. And the nausea that come with it too. I’m scared to eat anything larger than a couple of mouthfuls, because if I do, the burning sensation in my chest knocks me for six. My heart races and I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. I have so many dark thoughts. I’ve been a smoker for 25 years and I have a 7 year old daughter. I can’t bare all of this and the waiting. I don’t feel well enough to leave the house it’s that bad. 

Night sweats and lump under left armpit too! Feel really out of it and nothing seems to help  

Any advice out there would be welcome with open arms. My chest, stomach and back hurt so much. 

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

14 Jan 2020 00:10 in response to Earthgalwen

Hi I have some similar symptoms, but I've currently been given a non urgent referral for endoscopy and colonoscopy.  I've got horrible rib pain all particularly on the left - have you got pain under the armpit too? I was also told costochondrtis then you think um why now, along with stomach symptoms etc?!

Keep posting and let us know when your endoscopy date is - I am trying to get mine moved forward its not till 6th February! BTW did your GP suggest you try anything like lansoprazole or omaprazole?

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

14 Jan 2020 09:15 in response to MrsElephant

Hi. I have no date set for my endoscopy as yet. It’s making me feel really anxious as everyday I am feeling even worse. I am losing a pound in weight each day. 

I was told not to take any PPI as it will effect the endoscopy. 

I get intense heat in my arms and chest too. It all feels very odd. 

Are you still able to eat? I’m really struggling to at the moment because every time I do I feel faint and feel breathless. 

How old are you and how long have you had symptoms? X

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

14 Jan 2020 12:54 in response to Earthgalwen

How long ago did the GP promise to sort out the endoscopy? can you chase them up?


I am 57 and have had problems with my stomach since I was a child, 10 years ago I had a cancer scare but it wasn't as bad as this and now I have blood in the stools as well as stomach pain.  It all started (this time) back in late November I thought I had a bug, I had blood and diahorrea just as if it was food poisoning, and then I thought it would pass, but a few days later things werent right just a nagging feeling and constipation - I NEVER have constipation.  I thought the colour had changed too bit odd, course now I realise that was the blood.  Then the stomach pain started, very familiar to me, and just before christmas I noticed very dark blood and I thought oh no, made an appointment for 27th December, it took the shine off Christmas a bit.

Was trying to remain calm but its only 3 and a  bit weeks since 27th and I am now practically hysterical with fear, every night i barely sleep with the pain, terrible nightmares.  I've lost maybe half a stone no more than that, definitely eating less, but I am very overweight anyway.  That worries me even more because at this weight, if I do have cancer my outcome will be in doubt as cancer feeds on body fat Sad

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

14 Jan 2020 13:05 in response to MrsElephant

Hi both I'm quite scared too my anxiety is through the roof at the moment mine as been ongoing since October I just made my first post on hear really worried I've had an eddoscooe about 12 years ago had the sedation it was just like having a nap nothing to it but the thought of having a colonoscopy teriffes me really freaked out about it I've been passing no blood but like small black flakes and tiny tiny black grit I had ultrasound last week for kidneys liver and gallbladder was clear I did two FOB FIT tests come back a very faint pink line for positive now I'm so scared it's cancer 

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

14 Jan 2020 13:17 in response to Newbie45

Hi Newbie, so many similar posts on here, most people seem to be having bowel/stomach cancer scares.  The colonoscopy is better than endoscopy I found, I've had 2 (when I was having the scare I mentioned above, 10 years ago) so going for the hat-trick now.  


What has your GP said so far?

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

14 Jan 2020 13:40 in response to MrsElephant

Hi @MrsElephant ‍ yes just really worried if I have to have a colonoscopy read so many horror stories - 

ive git to see another Gp in the morning not happy I'm down on routine thought they would fast track because of the two positive FOB test kits I've done at home - the receptionist said another dr wants to see me in the morning to discuss my take some more bloods? But I had full bloods in nov and may want to do another FOB FIT test, but I did three in December which were negative on three separate days but I did two at the weekend which were showing a slight pink positive line hidden blood in stool so goodness knows what next I'm a wreck with worry and anxiety if they can't refer me sooner il pay go private to see a gastro consultant NICE guidelines state two week referral for a positive FIT test

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

14 Jan 2020 13:57 in response to Newbie45

I see, interesting @Newbie45 as I had a positive test FOB and a raised ESR and CPR showing inflammation, and my GP was saying stuff like you are too young to be considered for cancer - 57?!  What she means is you are old and fat and I don't want to waste any money sending you to the hospital.


I looked at NICE guidelines and as you say, it says two week referral path for positive test BUT only if your GP doesn't suspect some other illness.  So basically they can just say "IBS" and that's the end of that!! 

I've got a form of private health insurance whereby I can talk to another GP and also get a referral sooner, but its still not 2 weeks.  I might then call my GP back and say look can I ask you to reconsider.  If not, then I will go with the private insurance and should be seen within 4 weeks.  I already have an endoscopy booked for 6th February so I am thinking there is nothing much I can do, and probably not worth trying to bring that forward.  


I'm in such a state now though my head might have exploded by 6th February Cry

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

14 Jan 2020 14:10 in response to MrsElephant

Hi @MrsElephant ‍ thats so wrong of your GP can you get blood though or microscopic hidden blood with IBS? 
hope u go on ok do please keep in touch

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

14 Jan 2020 14:19 in response to Newbie45

I will thanks Newbie.  As far as I know blood isn't the main factor in IBS and even then NICE guidelines say any instance of new onset IBS in women over 50 should be investigated for cancer of the womb etc., so had the GP pursued the IBS idea she would have had to refer me on the 2 week pathway.  Maybe that's why she suddenly decided it wasn't IBS!!!


Everyone should update when they can as its a huge help to others when people posting like us get a positive outcome, which I am sure we all will xx

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

14 Jan 2020 17:45 in response to MrsElephant

So I went back to GP today and asked her to reconsider giving me an emergency 2 week referral. I have private health insurance and the insurers' GP said that it was not on to not get the 2 week pathway he couldnt understand it.

At the surgery my GP went through the NICE guidelines with me on her computer screen, she was very kind about it, but I could see that she was completely misinterpreting them.  I was like WTAF!  She was looking at the tickbox of things to refer for: First one that said anyone over 50 with unexplained rectal bleeding and then the next box said anyone under 50 with anemia, change of bowel habit and stomach pain and she actually argued that I needed to have ALL of that. The word "and" wasn't linking the boxes but she was insistent.

I patiently listened and then she said to me do you feel reassured?  So I said no, I respect your opinion but I don't agree with it, and she said she was prepared to do the referral - there was no argument or upset and I felt very touched that she had listened to me and discussed it with me -even though it seems to me she made a mistake in the first instance, she was willing to work through it.

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

16 Jan 2020 13:08 in response to MrsElephant

My appointment has come through for my endoscopy on the 24th January xx

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

16 Jan 2020 13:11 in response to Earthgalwen

Good news.  How are you feeling today?

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

16 Jan 2020 13:14 in response to MrsElephant

Any news on more tests @Newbie45 ‍ ?

Scared & very unwell. Stomach cancer?

16 Jan 2020 13:25 in response to MrsElephant

No my doctor referred my to colorectal 

14 day urgent wait I've rung them today they said 3-4 weeks before seen someone because they have had a back log, so I've just contacted pals 

I have a private appointment tonight with a gastro consultant