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Scared of Lymphoma

16 Jul 2019 09:42

Hello I am a 21 year old female.

I've been suffering and I mean suffering for the last 2 months with extreme fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, UTI'S, B12 deficiency, muscle aches, itchy skin, shakes, swelling in my ankles and rib pain, strange watery sensations in my arm pits, pains in my nodes, headaches, chills, you name it I've probably suffered it, I've been to the GP about 10 times approx in the past 2 months, they took a really long time to diagnose my UTI but ever since that UTI I haven't felt myself, extremely Ill in my opinion, I had a ultrasound of my bladder because I was scared about it but everything came back normal, also had bad chest pain and went to A&E they did a chest xray and said everything is fine. I've had about 5 blood tests and everything is normal I'm having more on the 22nd, I've had lumps behind my ears and cysts for a really long time at least 5 months, they are big and arent painful but they are visible, also under my chin I have a big one that hurts when touched and when I swollen I can feel my nodes moving I'm sure I can and if I turn my head to the side and I swallow its extremely difficult and it makes a clicking sound, I was diagnosed with having GERD too, but i cant shake the feeling that all these deficiencies and GERD, infections and everything are due to something more sinister and its killing my mood and I can openly admit I am depressed about my health but my doctor keeps telling me that I'm fine and nothing is wrong with me, shes felt all my lymph nodes all over my body and saying that it's ok and it's just stress but in my head I know it's not but she wont send me for further testing. It's really getting me down and I feel like I'm being fobbed of, she even sent me away with anxiety medication but I've suffered my whole life with anxiety and I know what it feels like and I've never experienced all of these symptoms before and I feel like I cannot rest without getting further testing.

Scared of Lymphoma

16 Jul 2019 13:39 in response to Lani1221

Hi there - I do think this is anxiety (I suffer from it myself so I know the symptoms). Unlike you I don't suffer from health anxiety & when my GP tells me I''m ok I believe her. I do know that anxiety can create physical symptoms or make them much worse & I guess this is happening to you. 

If I were you I wouldn't try to get more testing for physical symptoms but ask for some counselling to cope with the anxiety/get to the route cause of it. I'm guessing, that as you read my reply, you'll be thinking something along the lines of "she doesn't understand how bad my symptoms are/how ill I feel". Am I right? Counselling works I assure you. Even if you aren't sure about it wouldn't it be worth giving it a try to see if you can feel better? Your GP will sort it out for you if you ask.

All the best - give it a go? Happy

Scared of Lymphoma

16 Jul 2019 13:50 in response to purrfect

But I feel like I cannot rest until I know nothing is there, I wake up every day feeling worse and worse, my doctor just keeps pushing me of and it's making me super anxious but I'm only experiencing anxiety because of the way I'm feeling, this isn't normal for me, im normally a pretty fun energetic girl, my Dad passed away last September due to lung cancer he was 73 but nobody in my family has been diagnosed with something sinister this young but my aunt did have throat cancer in her 30s but if it is anxiety, why am I experiencing swelling and inflammation in my bloods (that's the only thing that wasn't normal) swelling in my face too it, alot of pain and sleep never fixes my fatigue or make me feel any better, or the painful cysts behind my ears? I feel like I 100% have lymthoma.

Scared of Lymphoma

16 Jul 2019 14:44 in response to Lani1221

Hi - I don't have any medical knowledge at all so I can't say anything about the swelling/inflammation you have. But, you say your GP doesn't think there is anything wrong. Have you tried seeing a different GP at the surgery? Maybe worth a try.

Re: your fatigue - this is something I experience too when I'm really stressed. I can sleep for 10/12 hours a night & then a couple of hours in the afternoon. I feel exhausted & I know it's an awful feeling. But, I know from experience that it's not a physical cause. Maybe this is you too.

You mention the relatives you have who have had cancer so it's clearly very much on your mind & if there is a medical problem it doesn't mean it's cancer. It could be any of number of things - truly it could.

I hope you don't feel I'm making light of your symptoms (I'm not because I know just how debilitating it can be), it's just that you admit yourself you are anxious & you talk about cancer & feel so sure you have lymphoma.

A few weeks ago I began having some really unpleasant symptoms & felt very unwell. But I'm not someone who goes to the GP often & I was going on holiday I thought a break would do me good & I'd be ok. 3 days after I arrived in Spain I had to fly home because my symptoms got worse. I went to the GP who put me on the 2 week cancer pathway because she was worried about bowel/lung cancer. You can imagine how scared I was. I thought I had it. My GP told me that 9 out of 10 patients sent for cancer testing come back clear. I had tests immediately & all came back clear. My symptoms started to improve almost immediately. I have 1 test still to do (it's tomorrow) but I'm more worried about the test than the result. My GP also said that anxiety makes the symptoms worse - given what happened to mine after the results she was absolutely right.

I'm rambling on about my own situation to illustrate just how powerful/toxic anxiety can be & the extent to which it can affect our physical state. Difficult to understand if you've never had the experience I've just had I know.

I do hope you manage to sort something out because it's clear you are having difficulty coping. Please don't feel 'fobbed off' - that's not my intention at all. x

Scared of Lymphoma

16 Jul 2019 14:55 in response to purrfect

I don't feel like you're fobbing me off, it's the doctors and I've seen at least 3 different gps but they seem to spend more time looking at the clock then actually trying to help me, I don't think they understand what stuff like symptoms can do to somebody with anxiety but I know if it was there family members or them selves who was experiencing the same problems they would kick up a fuss because it's not normal to feel like this, I've gone through many situations in my head of what it could be, the closest thing I've found other than lymthoma was hypothyroidism but I bought home tests for that and it was all negative but my bloods that I'm having on the 22nd are looking into that too, also CFS and Fibromyalgia as my mum suffers from Fibro and so does my other aunt but they all got Fibro at a late age in their lives 60 odd, these lymth nodes have been there for such a long time and they haven't reduced in size and I know from research that if they haven't gone down after a period of time they should get further testing and its aggravating for me because they haven't done further tests and its worrying me that if I do have something and they are prolonging the decision to get me further testing that it will be harder to treat.