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Scared I will be sacked

19 Jul 2019 17:00


I am scared I may get sacked.

My Dad passed away suddenly from cancer at the end of May.

I was on holiday when this happened. So extended my holiday to make use of the company 2 week bearevement policy. I then returned to work on a phased return (over a 4 week period) as per advise of my doctor. After this period work simply piled on the pressure and said there was an expectation on me to deliver and help cover another persons workload as they were off. I hadn’t been feeling able to concentrate at work over the 4 week phases return and decided to see my doctor again. We discussed a continued phased return as well as taking some time off to grieve properly. We decided it would be best to take another 4 weeks off.

My work have referred me to occupational health.

in the back of my mind I am worried they could try and get rid of me. 

Looking online at appears as if they would be within their rights.

Thoughts/experiences of others pls?

Scared I will be sacked

19 Jul 2019 17:52 in response to Sammy123456

Hi there i i thi if your under drs orders i wouldnt worry it they tryed to get rid of you then there not worth working for . Plus the bad publisity would scare em if it got out .best have a word with citzens advice they should help . But on the other had sat at home you may have been worse . The thing is a few weeks off work is not enought some cope some cant sounds like your in the middle try and get plenty of sleep drink and eat healthiery we tend to neglect ourselves and that makes it worse have you tryed bereavement counciling .if your struggling theres te samaritons there there for everyone not juat people who are contemplating doing somthing number free open 24 hours a day your in a queue system but genraly you dont wait i lost my partner so was alone and they kept me sane well a bit anyway just hang on to the fact that every day it gets slightly eisier as you get your emotional energy back and start to get your lodgic head on .regards .paul 

Scared I will be sacked

21 Jul 2019 12:43 in response to Paulus

Thanks Paul.

I am now in a deep dark depression and don’t care for my own life anymore.

Life is horrible and I am alone and finding it hard to do anything.

Screw work for now as I need to focus on my own health.


Scared I will be sacked

21 Jul 2019 13:14 in response to Sammy123456

Yes get yourself ok the rest will follow but do go see your gp if you are depresed its hole you cant get out on your own  .me when my partner passed all our dreams stopped instantly but i came back thats how it works we think lifes over but its not for me ive just started to cme back and start with new things life is never the same how could it be but its not over if you let it get you then cancers taken you to and thats a no no .keep your chin up it gets eisier no matter what we think at the time .best wishs .paul  ps keep coming on here theres lots going through it so your not alone on here your to important to this world to get lost in it