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Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

22 Jan 2019 09:44 in response to Anxietyman29

I'm sorry about the impact your anxiety is having on you at the moment Anxietyman.

Despite your good intentions, it isn’t always helpful to spend time on a cancer forum like Cancer Chat as it can have a tendency to heighten a person's anxiety and make worries worse.

I know it's difficult but the doctors have reassured you and are trying to find out what is causing your symptoms so try to remind yourself of this when you find your fear is getting the better of you. 

We know that you have received some valuable help and support via private messaging already but there is a really good organization called Anxiety UK who may be able to help as well. They have a lot of handy tips and advice on managing anxiety on their website as well as a contact number you can call so do have a look when you can as it may prove useful at this time.

Fingers crossed you'll get some answers soon Anxietyman.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Scared I have pancreatic cancer... freaking out

22 Jan 2019 14:23 in response to Moderator Steph

Update- has a very pale stool today and my urine was dark orange. Ultrasound is booked in for tomorrow morning