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Scared About Cervical Cancer

16 Sep 2021 16:45

I am so scared right now.

I had my daughter via C-section in Feb 20 & have suffered with pain during intercourse since. Initially I believed it was due to having a baby & recovering from the section but then I also started to bleed.

I had my smear in July which came back clear but went to see my gp last Friday. She examined me & said that my cervix looks red & inflamed & that I'd need swabs to check for infection. Today my swab results came back clear so I'm on a referral to Gynae. I'm terrified that I have CC.

My gp said it'll come out to be 1 of 3 things. An infection, the condition where the cervix comes away (begins with E but can't remember the name), or cancer. One result has come back negative so I'm now 50/50 that I have cancer.

I've been struggling with nausea for weeks but never thought anything of it. I have pains in my stomach & they've now moved to just below my ribs. I'm convinced I have cancer & it's already spread.

I lost my dad to leukemia when I was 3 & my biggest fear in life was to have children & that happen to them. Now it's all I can think about happening. I always wanted kids. My daughter is only 19 months old & I can't stop thinking that I'll never see her grow up. I can't bear this.

I'm only 31. I'm just so worried.

Scared About Cervical Cancer

16 Sep 2021 19:21 in response to Everdreamer

Hello Everdreamer

Please take a deep breath...I wonder if you are talking about an ectropion? This is where cells that are normally inside the cervix grow on the outside, but it is NOT cancer. It can cause bleeding however, it doesn’t mean that the cervix is coming away. The fact that you have had a recent clear smear is a hugely positive factor for you, as almost all cervical cancer is caused by the HPV virus and starts with abnormal cells which should be picked up by a smear. It’s VERY rare to have cervical cancer which is not caused by this. 

You will have your referral to gynae where things can be more closely examined, but PLEASE don’t leap to a conclusion of cancer at this point, far less that you will not see your child grow up. Your anxiety will doubtless be playing a huge part in your symptoms-the mind is very powerful when we’re anxious and we can assume all sorts, never usually correctly! 

It’s 3 years since I was diagnosed with cervical cancer the first time round and I’m very well these days. I'm very glad  my doctor was not so scary to me when I first went for an appointment-I feel very annoyed that they suggest cancer before a specialist has even examined you. It’s very frightening to do this and unfair on the patient. I hope you’ll find out that you have an ectropion and nothing more than that. 


Scared About Cervical Cancer

17 Sep 2021 08:23 in response to Everdreamer

Hi @Everdreamer ‍ 

I am going through a similar thing at the moment and have the same concerns.

I have an appointment with Gynaecology on 29th September so I will keep you posted. I was diagnosed with Leukaemia just 12 months ago and now this. I'm not sure I can cope with much more but praying for a much more positive outcome.

I think the waiting is the scariest part isn't it?

Sending hugs xx

Scared About Cervical Cancer

17 Sep 2021 10:25 in response to KatCan2021

Thanks for replying. Yes it's the waiting & not knowing which is worse. My GP has done the referral today so now I wait until I receive my appointment.

It's my birthday today & I'm on holiday but my mind is elsewhere & my parents keep looking at me with worry which I hate. I just want to be by myself.

Scared About Cervical Cancer

17 Sep 2021 11:18 in response to Everdreamer


I have only just started my own journey with this, but I felt I had to reply as I feel really alone. I had a baby in June 2020, and have been having similar symptoms since. I don't have an inflamed cervix though, but I have found a lump. I have have bleeding and pain too. I've got an urgent referral booked for the 13th, I have no idea what that appointment is even for, if it's to go over history or some sort of exam, I'm feeling very lonely and scared. I know what it's like to have this hanging over your head when you have such a young child. Just wanted to reach out really. 

Scared About Cervical Cancer

17 Sep 2021 14:21 in response to Everdreamer

My medical file now says urgent referral for suspected gynaecological cancer. Seeing those words written down like that makes me feel sick.

Scared About Cervical Cancer

17 Sep 2021 15:16 in response to Everdreamer

It’s also a quick referral to rule out cancer by doing the necessary tests and examinations. Not everyone referred has a cancer diagnosis-most people will find it is something much less serious.