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6 Dec 2017 20:11

Hi I’m very new at doin anything like this not even on social media.. but once again I’m in the unknown feel I have just been told I have lumps in my neck already tomorrow I have an mri next week a biopsy I only saw the doctor Wednesday hascanyone else been seen so quick ? 

Re: Scared

6 Dec 2017 22:39 in response to Pp


That's pretty good going, don't be scared by things moving so quickly. It's probably a coincidence that everything is falling into place so quickly. 

Most people are worried that it is taking too long for scans or tests to happen and for the results to come through. The scariest part is often the not knowing.

Good luck with the MRI and the biopsy.

Best wishes



Re: Scared

8 Dec 2017 17:00 in response to davek

Thankyou the mri was done and yes it’s the wait they said I have to wait a couple of weeks for results to be checked by radiologist but by then my biopsy Wld be done so hopefully all be done at same time