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22 Apr 2019 20:29

I have been suffering with pain in my breast for the last 5/6 months now, no lumps that the gp can feel. Pain is constant but sometimes is more intense that other days, about 6 weeks ago I took up the courage to go to the doctors we’re they ran full bloods which came back normal, they said they were still going to refer me to breast clinic as I have been Experiancing slight discharge aswell at this point (but still no news). Since going I have had 3 red spots appear on that breast too and also at times it becomes very itchy. I can never get an appointment to see my gp and the last I heard the referral hadn’t even been sent. I’m thinking the worse here as I have two little girls and due to get married next year, anyone got any advise or similar situation. 


22 Apr 2019 22:23 in response to Kentgirl123

Hi ya ..

Think it's time you went to your G Ps surgery and be more assertive , don't loose your temper but stand your ground .. tell them there's a two week refural by the government guideline ... 

If no luck, make a formal complaint .. this is your life, your health .. don't give up .. if no joy phone McMillan and explain to them and ask for advice .. their numbers on their home page .. the nurses on here have a number too .. 

Saying all that, keep in mind 8.5 out of 10 lumps are fine ... so don't panic but do push for that appointment. . How dare they not send it .. you can do this .. put your brave head on .. think of those little ones and do it for them ..

Let us know how you go .. Chrissie x