Together we will beat cancer



22 May 2019 15:10

i have a black mole and have been referred under the 2 week wait , they called today less than 24 hours I’m so scared it’s bad .

i have had the mole for a few years but it has grown I think , any advise ???


22 May 2019 16:07 in response to Em123

No advise on what to expect but I saw my GP on Monday and I’m still waiting for my appointment to come through. Same thing, I have a mole that is suspicious. 

I think the main thing to remember is that most people who are referred do not have cancer, so do try to stay positive ❤️ 

Sending love x


22 May 2019 17:01 in response to Misty768

thanks I appreciate your reply your right and I know I would be saying that to someone else , I should take my own advise !!!