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Ringing the Bell

8 Sep 2022 22:33

Hello all. I hope everyone is doing okay and coping well? I have a question.

I'm currently 3 weeks through my 6 weeks of radiotherapy for a benign tumour. I'm super grateful for the fantastic healthcare and well-being care I've had. It has been a journey much easier than expected having such lovely staff and other patients to support you. Along with family and friends.

I may sound silly for this but I wanted to know when my 6 weeks are finished if I'd be allowed to ring the bell? As my tumour is benign I don't know if it would be the right thing to do. 

Out of respect for others I wanted to ask first. Thank you all in advance. Sending lots of love, positivity and healing to everyone xxx

Ringing the Bell

9 Sep 2022 06:22 in response to jessicaag

Of course you can ring the bell think of it as your treatment is finished. Some places don't have a bell and patience are upset by that. 

When I finished chemotherapy i was tempted but I've still got cancer if my cancer is ever cured I'll ring that bell so hard it'll break. 

Good luck with your treatment and best wishes for the future. 


Ringing the Bell

9 Sep 2022 08:03 in response to Billygoatt

Hi Billy, thank you for your reply.

I really appreciate it. I will ring the bell now for sure.

Praying all works out for you, sending love and light your way.

Jessica x

Ringing the Bell

9 Sep 2022 19:01 in response to jessicaag


Hi just read your post and YES DO RING THAT  BELL ,once your treatments are over,if the hospital has one ,the hospitals I had my Radiotherapy and chemotherapy, two different hospitals both had them,I had 8 rounds of chemotherapy, andv15 sessions of Radiotherapy, and yes i rung that bell,and all the people who heard it clapped ,it felt so good to do it,as my treatment were done and I was so pleased about that. Have fun and ring that bell ...loud and be proud,its a lot to go through  and you deserve to ring the bell. 

Ringing the Bell

9 Sep 2022 21:27 in response to Jassoscared

Thank you so much. Thanks for advising me of this and reassuring me.

You're doing amazing and I truly hope you're well. Thank you for your kindness.

Jess x

Ringing the Bell

24 Nov 2022 23:58 in response to jessicaag

Thank you too,and I hope Al is going well for you.