Review our patient information on stomach cancer

26 May 2016 10:04

We’re currently creating a whole new look for our online patient information about stomach cancer. To make our information as helpful, understandable, and easy to use as possible we need your invaluable feedback. 

If you’ve had experience of stomach cancer as a patient, carer, or relative, we need you to join our reviewer panel. We’ll contact you to ask for your feedback on our web information for people affected by cancer. The information includes written content, diagrams, animations and videos. We’d also welcome your stories about your experiences of cancer and suggestions for coping with it. These can be inspiring for other patients and relatives.

How to take part

You can get involved from home by phone or email, so if you’re interested in helping us review our patient information on stomach cancer or have any questions, please email or call us on 0203 469 8777 by Monday 30th May.