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Return to work

17 Jan 2018 17:42

how long have people had off after finishing chemo and before returning to work? 

Return to work

17 Jan 2018 18:35 in response to Mazfee

Hi Mazfee,


Wow - that's a good question! I guess it depends on the type of chemo and how it is delivered. Mine was via an intravenous infusion every three weeks and then daily tablets.

I stupidly stayed at work for my first three rounds of chemo, taking just Thursday and Friday off work for my infusions on Thursday, recovering over the weekend and back to work on the Monday. I say "stupidly" because I ended up exhausted and stressed out. Initially the routine of work helped keep me sane, but the cumulative side-effects of the chemo caught up with me. After my last round of chemo, I waited three months for the side effects to clear and for my white cell count to return to normal. 

Different chemo regimes have different physical side effects and we all react slightly differently to each chemo.

Best wishes



Return to work

10 Feb 2018 20:00 in response to Mazfee

Hi, I went back 2-3 weeks after my last chemo, this was too soon. I wanted to get back to "normal " and thought I would be OK as my return was phased in over 6 weeks and I was in an office job. I was OK when I was still part time, but I was soon overtired by the end of the week when working full time. In hindsight I would say another couple of weeks off would have helped a lot. I think I needed to build up my strength a bit more before returning. A couple of weeks of fresh air, good food and light exercise would have helped a lot. Take any help you are offered, don't rush things. Good luck.