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Results From Neck Scan - Left feeling a little bemused

13 Jan 2022 11:27

Hi all,

I have had an enlarged lymph node (classic pea sized) for about 3-4 months. Had it looked over, GP said he didn't see anything that worried him but sent me to get a blood test. Bloods came back fine (had to ring them after a week to get results).

The lympnode did not go after another month so I was booked in for a UT scan, in that time I had another lump develop just above the lymph node which the GP pescribed me with antibiotics over suspected ingrown hair which did go down and is now just a very slight bump.

Had the UT scan and rung my gp today after 3 days of waiting and the reception said the results came back satisfactory and the lump was an enlarged lymph node (which I was aware of anyway) but the worry was that cancer was causing the enlarged lymph node.

I guess what im left a little confused at is, what does satisfcatory mean? Are there 'Good' results? And, I assume if there was any cancerous lumops beneath my skin they would have came up on the scan (he did scan my whole neck and take a whole bunch of photo's. The last thing is that I've now had an enlarged lymph node for 4 months and theres been no evidence as to what the reason could be.

Results From Neck Scan - Left feeling a little bemused

13 Jan 2022 13:54 in response to Luke_H

Hello and thank you for your post.

I am afraid that we are not able to clarify what the receptionist meant when she gave you the result of the ultrasound scan. I think the best thing to do is to make an appointment with your GP to go over these results. Your scan results will have been done by a consultant radiologist (this is a specialist doctor). Ultrasound scans are a really effective way to see what is causing the enlarged lymph node and if it shows any concerning features, such as a possible cancer. 

The fact is that most lumps and bumps are not caused by cancer. So, if the report of the scan does not say there are signs of a possible cancer you should be reassured. You really should discuss the result with your GP so I hope that this can happen soon for you. 

I hope you will be okay.

Take care


Results From Neck Scan - Left feeling a little bemused

13 Jan 2022 16:28 in response to Luke_H

Hi Luke_H. Welcome to the forum.

I'm not a doctor, but I've had plenty of scans and tests over the years.

"Satisfactory" is the medics' way of saying that everything is fine and no action is required. 

Most of the time an enlarged lymph node is just an enlarged lymph node.  Usually they go down within 4 weeks of fighting off an infection, but sometimes they remain swollen, as a silent reminder of a battle they fought against an infection which you probably never knew you had.  Rarely, a swollen lymph node can mean lymphoma, but every ultra-sound sonographer knows exactly what to look for, and no doubt yours looked very hard but couldn't fine any issues. 

You may not be aware but you can ask your GP practice for a copy of the report - my GP is so well trained she automatically emails me these things without having to ask.  I suggest you contact the surgery and ask the receptionist.  Possibly they will want you to speak to your GP first, and if so then you ask for a copy and discuss it at the same time. Note that some practices will charge for a printout, but may make electronic copies available for free.

If there's something you don't understand about the report, then ask a new question here and with any luck someone will be able to provide an answer.


Results From Neck Scan - Left feeling a little bemused

14 Jan 2022 22:36 in response to telemando

Thank you! That did put my mind at rest and answered the questions I had!

Results From Neck Scan - Left feeling a little bemused

14 Jan 2022 23:19 in response to Luke_H

Glad I could help.