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Removed potential asbestos floor tiles

23 Jun 2022 07:41


Looking for some advice about something that's started worrying me recently if anyone can help please? I lifted laminate flooring in my 1950s built house back in 2016 in the small front hallway and discovered brown/black broken tiles underneath. They only partially covered the floor, a lot were already gone. Not realising i broke up the ones that were left, some were still stuck down and it created quite a lot of brownish/black dust as they were quite crumbly. I threw them all away and cleaned up by sweeping and wiping everything. I didn't think anything of it until someone mentioned something recently about asbestos in old floor tiles and it's got me worried now! I've had a look online and they looked very similar to pictures of asbestos tiles. Just looking for any advice on the potential risks?


Removed potential asbestos floor tiles

25 Jun 2022 10:46 in response to Lislou

Hello Lislou, 

A warm welcome to our forum. 

I'm sorry for what has happened and for the worry this is causing. There have been quite a few discussions about asbestos in the past so hopefully some of our members who have found themselves in a similar situation will offer their advice to you soon.

In the meantime, I hope this information I've found on what to do if you think you've found asbestos in your home and what to do if you think you've been exposed to asbestos will help.

Best wishes,

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator