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Referral letter

12 Apr 2021 21:24

I received a copy of my referral letter today and I was really unsettled with the contents. 

The dermatologist said that scc was probable or it could be porocarcinoma.   She did not mention this at all at our meeting.  Also she referred to my forearm in the letter and it is my foot. 

of course I looked it up and I am heartbroken I didn't see this coming after being told by my gp and nurses that it was common and nothing to worry about

I have an appointment with the specialist on Thursday but I'm not coping well and keep having breakdowns

I know it's not long to wait but after having breast cancer I just wanted to have some good times

thank you for letting me vent I feel like I'm bringing everyone down around me







Referral letter

12 Apr 2021 21:53 in response to Doglover60

Hi juile

I hope your ok  (silly question I no) 

I have also received my referral appointment today and I am beating myself up after having a scan and finding a massive cyst on my ovaries and getting all clear for ovarian cancer to be referred to a specialist gynaecological oncology on Wednesday I am so worried to what the outcome could be 

Stay strong lovely im sure everything will be ok 

I'm hear if you ever want to chat 




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13 Apr 2021 08:24 in response to Kaz1279

Hi Karen

thank you for your reply.  I know I only have to wait until Thursday but it seems like an eternity. I never thought I would be in this position again especially when one of the options is rare.  

Good luck for your appointment on Wednesday I hope it goes really well

take care



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13 Apr 2021 21:14 in response to Doglover60

Oh Julie


so sorry to hear this - it must be such a worry for you, I can understand that feeling of 'bringing everyone else down' but you have every right to feel worried or be upset if you want to be. I wish you the best of luck in your appointment and hope that it is indeed nothing serious and the doctors are just being extra careful due to your past medical history 


with love



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14 Apr 2021 12:26 in response to WeeOne90

Thank you for your reply

i have only got until tomorrow to wait until I see the surgeon and hopefully get a plan of action and a nights sleep

will keep you updated.

Julie x

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14 Apr 2021 13:38 in response to Doglover60

Good luck Julie! I am waiting for an appointment at the breast clinic which isn't until the 29th and I understand how tiresome it can be when the anxiety and nerves are in over drive while waiting, please do update us and good luck again 


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16 Apr 2021 08:13 in response to WeeOne90


I had my appointment yesterday and the surgeon who was lovely has decided to excise the growth as soon as possible. When I asked him he said it looked suspicious and needed to come out but the problem is due to the shape - it is about the size of a 10p he isn't sure how to close it.  Before I left he also said he has only seen one like it in the last two years.  So I am none the wiser.


I stupidly looked it up on google and had a meltdown when I was in my own.  However I have decided that getting upset won't help anyone and I have to wait to get my biopsy results to see what I'm dealing with.  

I just feel very angry that it was left so long and I was told it was a harmless wound that I should put a plaster on.


Rant over. Back to the real world