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Rectal pain pressure

8 Dec 2020 17:47 in response to RS467

It's all to do with stress .my story this year is I was getting so stressed with work then it makes your immune system very week then the flu comes mixed with anxiety then pains in the body then then I was having Sharp pains in my bum when I opened my bowels .. I'm hoping next year would be better .. I have changed my diet and started excised


Rectal pain pressure

12 Dec 2020 08:54 in response to Jas20


just reading your post and wondered what other symptoms you have had please? I have been experiencing looser stools most mornings and I am passed myself with worry at what it can be. I have had bleeding a couple of times this year and doctor has said piles. 
I have a rash that will not go away I had some blood tests done and they have found low B12. 
I have been feeling pressure in bottom for last few days and last night it woke me. 
I am constantly googling my symptoms and it's taking over my life.

Thanks in advance x

Rectal pain pressure

4 Jan 2021 09:53 in response to Lyn37

Hi all,


for the last three weeks I've had lower stomach cramps constantly. Not noticed any blood in stool or had loose movements. I am making myself sick with worry spending hours on google. I have had bloods done and rectal examination. Bloods were all fine except inflammatory markers slightly raised but GP didn't seem concerned. I'm also having pain in the rectum like shooting pains and hurts to sit for a long time. I am so anxious it's taking over. I am barely eating due to the stress. 

any advice appreciated x

Rectal pain pressure

16 Jan 2021 05:01 in response to RS467

I have all of your symptoms. Everything you have said, about your GP I also was not taken seriously. I went to A &E  about 25 times about my symptoms. I had  6 MRI scans and 15 CT scans all over my body. One symptoms I told them about was that in my urine there was white segment bits. They told me they could not see them. I  told my GP. He asked me to bring him a sample and point out the segment. He seen it and sent it to be analised. It was gross microscopic hematuria. I now have only 2 months to live. All of the times I went to hospital and told them they did not believe me and was treated like a crank. My name is Terence.

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Rectal pain pressure

6 Mar 2021 23:05 in response to RS467

I have had the same pain for a year had Signoidoscopy and found nothing now they think it's spinchter pain a spasm. The pain is excruciating at times and I am sick to death of it .

Rectal pain pressure

17 Mar 2021 00:05 in response to Liggy123


I have developed painful firm tiny lump on  the anal midline . It causes me severe pain throbbing like. Had it for past week with once bright blood in tissue paper. Had normal colonoscopy two month ago. But the pain is like severe burning especially after BM. Any thoughts 


Rectal pain pressure

3 Apr 2021 16:10 in response to luck_favours_da_braves

Hi everyone,

I have been experiencing same problems for the last 2 weeks never had anything like it!! Suffer from anxiety also.

Mine started out as thrush and BV and then the following week felt the most harrendous burning sensation in anus! Feel like my bowel are always full even when ive been for bowel movement i usually go 2-3 times a day no blood in stool. Best way to discribe is feels like ive got a tennis ball stuck up there!! Feeling doesnt go away and keeping me awake at night. 

Stomach pain left hand side of abdomen above hip. Feel so unwell and uncomfortable. Orange mucas in stool and have had this for a long time thought was IBS! 

Rang doctors 3 times and 3rd time finally managed to get in to see the doctor face to face. He examined me and said something not right  says didnt want to alarm me but showing signs of cancer. Done an urgent referral for colonoscopy within the next 2 weeks. Im worried sick im only 29. 

Rectal pain pressure

12 Apr 2021 22:08 in response to S_hal


So I wanted to write this message as I have been glued to this forum for weeks now. 

I am 27 y/o and had severe stomach pain in left side and bloating which was so painful at one point I went to a &e they checked me over however said I was all fine and must have been a case of IBS. About a week or two later I started to have blood in my stool but, it was only little bits here and there so I would do it one day and then not for the next and think amazing it’s gone away but it would come back and eventually it came everyday more and more. The shape of my bowel movement had changed and I either was going loads during the day with a need of urgency or not at all - usually I only go once a day and my stool shape is consistent. So, I started to get really worried and concerned so I phoned the doctors straight away and had an examination. The doctor couldn’t feel anything obvious that could be causing the bleeding on the examination so he referred me for an urgent colonoscopy. I think I got it as an urgent referral because I have four family members who have diverticulitis and my dad had a perforated bowel with it (extremely rare but serious). Of course in between each appointment I was Googling my symptoms having severe anxiety, sometimes near on panic attacks, I couldn’t sleep, I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it and was crying almost everyday. My symptoms started to worsen and I became obsessed with monitoring my stools. A few days before my colonoscopy the bleeding seemed to stop as for what I could see, however, I was starting to get constant rectal pain and butt cheek pain. Everything on Google was telling me I had the big “c” so this only added to my anxiety levels and I was convinced it was something serious.

Anyway, I went for my scan and turns out I had an internal hemmorhoid. The relief I felt was immense. I’m so incredibly thankful.

But this post is just for anybody going through any of the above because, all of your posts have helped be get through the last month or so. 

Always get checked out as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary. Push and push your doctor for a colonoscopy if he isn’t taking you seriously because it puts your mind at rest as all the worrying and stress is not good for your health either. Take care all x 

Rectal pain pressure

12 Apr 2021 22:47 in response to Leah5164

Sorry I've not monitored this forum for a while and I should have as I always wished, when I read these forums, that posters would follow up and put the minds of anxious people at ease!,

Reading your comments I truly sympathise with the anxiety and stress. It is truly horrible and then you get into a vicious cycle of 'do the symptoms drive the anxiety, or does anxiety drive the symptoms?' And you can drive yourself mad on Google and it consumes your life. It nearly cost me my marriage.

I still have pretty much the same symptoms as I did years ago, loose bowels in the main, sometimes real urgency and explosive diarrhea after intense exercise or a meal, the odd accident, occasionally a normal stool movement which brings real joy (!) sometimes thin stool, sometimes it feels like ill never have a normal movement and then you obsess over every motion and that's not good.

The rectal pressure remains, for sixth months I've had pain in the rectum, constant urge to urinate, pelvic and genital pain, and I've driven myself literally mad Googling every rare cancer, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease etc I've spent thousands of pounds I don't have on every conceivable scan you can imagine, been seen by a gastroenterologist, urologist, neurologist privately etc and nothing has ever been found nor have they suggested it's anything other than sensitive bowel, prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain all of which are stress related and that intense exercise aggravates it. Diet for me plays little part. I could mounds of chocolate one day and be fine then the next an agg will send me straight to the loo! 

All I can is that I'm trying to trust the doctors and not believe its something sinister and carry on best I can! I truly sympathise with everyone on here! 

Rectal pain pressure

13 May 2021 09:32 in response to stefjarm

I had a full feeling in my rectum which was worse when sitting in a certain position.  I went through all sorts of worries; the main ones being that it could be cancer or a prolapse.   I started doing pelvic floor wxcervises but I think I did too many and my symptoms got worse.  I felt like I had been kicked up the bottom!  

I was referred to the colorectal team and had a colonoscopy and a barium x ray where I had to poop a substance out in front of a camera (and team of people).   The only thing they found was a normal polyp but they didn't think that was causing the symptoms and they didn't remove it.  

my symptoms went away over time.  My stools have been pretty normal although recently I have been a bit former than usual.  My symptoms have now returned several years later.  It's so hard to explain them to people.  I have tried OTC meds for piles but these have no effect.  I'm now on stronger piles cream.  My GP said to give it a couple of weeks and I'll be referred if no change. 

readjng this forum ha a made me think that it could be linked to anxiety.  Although how I deal with this,  I don't know!! I've tried salt baths,  early nights,  exercise and keeping calm. My diet is pretty good;  I could drink more water maybe. Nothing seems to work and I'm really hoping it will pass as it did before. There are moments where the feeling isn't there or times when I think it's may be getting better but then it comes back.  


it is having a real negative effect on my life and is SO uncomfortable!  I'm sure everyone else here feels the same!