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Recovery after Oesophagectomy

17 Jan 2021 16:04

Hi folk, 

Husband is now 4 weeks post op(keyhole) Oesophagectomy. Physically, to look at he is okay, BUT absolutely'done in'.

He is usually a pretty fit bloke, and did a huge pre op workup,but even walking up and down the road exhausts him. Now the mental health effects are starting to kick in- going back over the rollercoaster of the last 5 months, shock of diagnosis all the treatment. Anxiety through the roof. He is well miffed at his new eating 'regime'. He is also coughing a LOT (not a Covid cough!)

i know it will take a while, I keep telling him it is early days, but what is realistic here and what can we do to make it 'easier'




Recovery after Oesophagectomy

17 Jan 2021 18:02 in response to Hilts

Hi Hilts, good to hear from you, your husband sounds like a fighter, its early days, amd must be a massive adjustment. You like me, want to know what to expect from all this, I cant help you with that, but wanted you to know I am thinking of you and am sending you a big hug. 

Recovery after Oesophagectomy

17 Jan 2021 18:25 in response to Daisy71

Hi Daisy, 

Thanx. I normally post on my 'other 'thread, but put this out for general 'consumption' (: as I guess it applies to all cancer diagnoses and surgery.

He has always loved his food, large, long meals were order of the day. He is hating the 6 smaller meals a day and that just fuels all the mental health effects, he is also suffering with 'dumping syndrome' the early one , where he has basically over eaten, again fueling the mental health stuff.

I tell him, it is trial and error and time, BUT I think he is hoping for a quick fix, doesn't get it that there ain't no such thing.

Recovery after Oesophagectomy

17 Jan 2021 18:32 in response to Hilts

Hopefully someone here will have some similar experiences they can share which may help.