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Reconstruction help

24 Aug 2019 16:11

I’m looking to see if there are any other ladies like me out there who may be able to give some advice. I had a voluntary bilateral mastectomy 9 years ago due to the family history of Breast cancer in my family. Both my parent lost to the terrible disease and my aunt currently fighting it, along with 5 other family members all with BC. Part of my operation was the back muscles used and my breasts are now not looking so good and have been back to the hospital for advice. I have been given the option to have them reduced, and at the same time also been advised my implants are now no longer available as there have been some cases of women getting a lymph cancer and there have been some deaths because of this. My Dr not panicking yet but is advised that a reconstruction of a reconstruction could cause it own issues, or could be ok. As with all surgery no guarantees. Has anyone else out there had their reconstruction done again? 

Reconstruction help

26 Aug 2019 10:43 in response to Wendy-w

Hi Wendy-w,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. Sorry to hear you've been having these difficulties recently.

While I'm unable to help with your question, my reply here will boost your post so more people will see it and hopefully others with similar experience will be along here soon.

Do also feel free to search the forum to find other similar threads, which may be helpful.

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