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Really worried

30 Dec 2017 14:27

Has anyone on here had a mis diagnosis of cysts in the breast ?????because i just dont feel right in myself at all and my family are really worried they keep saying i just dont look right

Really worried

30 Dec 2017 15:27 in response to Jellybean38

Hi Jellybean,

I don't know about the misdiagnosis question but I do know that the stress of going through testing and waiting and worrying for results can really take it out of you.   Give it some time and if you still feel out of sorts, check back in with your doctor.

Feel better!

Laura x

Really worried

31 Dec 2017 19:43 in response to Jellybean38

U know ur body really well. If u think there is something going on that the doctors missed, I say u should go for a second opinion. Maybe ask for scans this time or ultrasound of the breast just to make sure u relieve all that uneasiness and worry. Good luck and I hope everything works out. Happy

I did get a miss diagnosis of a cyst and later found out it was a phylodees tumor in my breast so I do know how it feels.


Really worried

21 Feb 2018 22:32 in response to Seapalmers

Hi sarah havent been on here for a while im still being fobbed off left right and centre i have a real hardness just below my collarbone which has been there past 3 months cant even wear a bra irritates me all i got told at breast clinic was thats not even breast tissue  dont worry about it didnt even ultrasound it or do anything im now awaiting a 2nd opinion which was meant to february but they cancelled it to march.thank u for your reply meant a lot.x

Really worried

1 Mar 2018 01:18 in response to Jellybean38
I’m really sorry u have to wait so long to find out what this lump means. My fingers are crossed that u get in as soon as possible with a great team of doctors and ur lump is something manageable. Best wishes Happy