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Rare Tongue Cancer

15 Sep 2021 01:07 in response to watsons

Well said Peter about Mary's Blog.

Rare Tongue Cancer

15 Sep 2021 01:21 in response to watsons

Hi Peter,

It's only this week, the ball has got rolling for me (which has made me very nervous and hope to have the will power to carry out this) as I have been waiting for MRI scan for a couple of weeks. Just waiting on a PET scan. 

How are u with eating. I am taken Fortisip drinks and like the peach and mango, I can manage Salmon, pureed veg. and potatoe mash. I dont eat eggs or chicken. So I am very limited.  It takes me a very long time to eat but I'm in no rush. I have taken up deserts, cheesecake, custard, rice Pudding. To build up some weight. I am in around 10st. 

Chat again Soon.


Rare Tongue Cancer

15 Sep 2021 11:52 in response to Mary5610

Hi Mary,

Glad things are moving, I'm nervous about what's to come as well and I find sleeping at night quite difficult due to anxiety, but then I think let's get this over and done with so I can get my life back so that thought gives me the strength to carry on.

I find eating a bit difficult due to the pain in my throat and also swallowing can be awkward but if I take water I can get most foods down, but wine and chocolate for some reason hurt like hell when I swallow!

Although I've been eating regularly I've still lost a stone in under two months and the weight is still dropping off dramatically which is a worry to me.

It's ironic that earlier this year to try and lose weight I'd stopped eating all the bad foods like buns, chocolate and biscuits etc. Now I'm back to eating these foods again to try and gain weight, but to no avail!

Best wishes


Rare Tongue Cancer

15 Sep 2021 22:02 in response to watsons

Hi Peter sorry for delay we're just at Portsmouth waiting for ferry to Spain yes life does go on after this waft cancer. Just to give you some hope it will feel doom n gloom just now I know I've been there. The ct scsn will help pin point where to do the biopsy so don't worry it's a week trodden path. I know it seems slow but it's hiw the planning etc is. Like I've said I was 63 days from putting on pathway to treatment starting. If I can help I will. Thsnk you for kind words re blog. 

Rare Tongue Cancer

15 Sep 2021 23:52 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel,

It's great to hear your getting your life back on track again, hope you a safe journey to Spain.

Had a rough day today with the sporadic sweats that seem to be a regular feature now plus the pain under my armpits which I presume will be lymph nodes trying to cope, at least I hope that's what it is!

Once again thanks for your reassuring words, my two scans are next Tuesday and Wednesday so hopefully things will start to get moving soon.

Enjoy your stay in Spain.

Best wishes






Rare Tongue Cancer

16 Sep 2021 19:10 in response to Mary5610

No problem Mary snd Peter will help both if you snd hopefully you can help each other. The waiting is truly the worst part once treatment plan is in place everything comes together. Once biopsies and results are in then the planking gurus step in snd do their work as all our treatment plans are tailored to each individual. 
from the calm bay of Biscay proofing life goes on. 
Hazel xx